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1954 Triumph Renown Mk2
Marple: Endless Night (2013)
dsl wrote ... but I also don't think it's a Limousine as no division apparent.

Yes, I was unsure about that also.

From earlier comments and the Marple episode itself, I assumed it was a Limousine.
2014-11-21 12:44
1954 Triumph Renown Mk2
Marple: Endless Night (2013)

My original typo... 'KX' rather than the correct '799 UXK'... (I have an in-built blind-spot having owned a 'KX' registration).

-- Last edit: 2014-11-21 12:39:11
2014-11-21 12:24
Sakai SV-91
The Babysitter's Seduction (1996)
I fail to see any steam roller here (which I personally do like).

Road roller yes but less attractive than the steam powered variety!
2014-11-20 19:42
1940 Bedford OXD 30cwt
Vive la France (1974)
^ JCB - picky is good. :)

I failed to correct my comment after modifing the listing itself. :o
2014-11-20 19:38
1941 Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
Bataillon du ciel (1947)
Not a QLD general service truck but a Bedford QLT Troop Carrier 3-Ton 4x4.

The side access door at the front of the load area is visible and open.
2014-11-20 19:30
1941 Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
The Eagle Has Landed (1976)
Bedford QLT Troop Carrier 3-Ton 4x4.

In the thumbnail, the side access door at the front of the load area is just visible also the step by the fuel tank.
2014-11-20 19:25
1941 Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
Quatermass II (1955)
Bedford QLT Troop Carrier 3-Ton 4x4.

The side access door at the front of the load area is defined by the body side.
2014-11-20 19:19
1941 Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
Brideshead Revisited (1981)
Bedford QLT Troop Carrier 3-Ton 4x4.

The side access door at the front of the load area is visible also the step by the fuel tank.
2014-11-20 19:16
1940 Bedford OXD 30cwt
Vive la France (1974)
Bedford OXD 15cwt with O-type cab (not the basic MW cab) and wheels also typical of OX with MW front hubs being significantly larger and same as rears.

Link to "en.wikipedia.org"

Link to "www.klub-vm.eu"

[Image: 225.jpg]
2014-11-20 14:44
1972 Dennis F108 Emergency Tender
The Bill (1984-2010)
JCB wrote JHX13K
Dennis F108
Also seen in quite a few London's Burning episodes

Separate listing removed for rear view seen in episode 2.07.

[Image: i758280.jpg]
2014-11-20 13:48
1962 Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII [213E]
The Bill (1984-2010)
Some if not all, do have a large recessed surface on the bonnet...


2014-11-18 17:44
AEC Regent III RT 'Roofbox'
Look at Life: Under One Umbrella (1964)
As it should appear

[Image: whitehall.jpg]

Location Whitehall looking towards Nelson's Column and the National Gallery.

The Gabon flag if that is what it is looks to be the wrong way up...

[Image: 469px-photo_flag_gabon.jpg]
2014-11-18 14:33
1940 Bedford MW 15cwt
Stranger from Venus (1954)
Cab shown in thumbnail is typical of Bedford MW 15cwt. 2014-11-18 13:48
1940 Bedford-Scammell OXC
Every Day Except Christmas (1957)
The military tractor produceded in conjunction with Scammell was known as the OXC. 2014-11-18 13:43
1940 Bedford OXD 30cwt
České století (2013)
Bedford OX with body similar to the MW from Czech website here, possibly the same vehicle?

Link to "www.klub-vm.eu"

Wheel hubs also typical of OX with MW being significantly larger.

[Image: 225.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-11-18 13:57:09
2014-11-18 13:39
1975 Dennis F109 Pump Escape
The Bill (1984-2010)
1975 GYM 275N Dennis F109 Pump Escape

London Fire Brigade

Chassis: F3235/1/B/583

2014-11-17 19:23
AEC Mercury Merryweather Turntable Ladder
The Bill (1984-2010)
AEC Mercury Merryweather Turntable Ladder

2014-11-17 17:29
1940 Bedford OXD 30cwt
České století (2013)
1940 Bedford OX 30cwt truck (the OX is also the basis for the tractor unit). 2014-11-17 16:50
1965 Austin J2 M16 Walker Fineline Van
Lange Beine - lange Finger (1966)
Of those listed by Archive.commercialmotor...

1965 Thames 15-cwt 400E
1966 Austin J2 or Bedford CA

plus the Commer 1500/2000 Spacevan...

the Austin J2 wheelbase and large front overhang with the smaller rear overhang match the best.
2014-11-16 12:52
1965 Austin J2 M16 Walker Fineline Van
Lange Beine - lange Finger (1966)
The wheelbase looks longer than the Thames 400E example so more information required on the BMC, Bedford & Commer alternatives. 2014-11-15 20:39
1965 Austin J2 M16 Walker Fineline Van
Lange Beine - lange Finger (1966)
Unknown Walker Fineline Van - Therefore it could be a Thames 10cwt [400E] unless the hub-caps can be determined as being another make?

Link to "www.stilltimecollection.co.uk"


From August 1965 based on any BMC, Bedford, Commer or Ford forward control van

Link to "archive.commercialmotor.com"

-- Last edit: 2014-11-15 20:31:26
2014-11-15 20:19
1937 Leyland TL M Metz Turntable Ladder
London's Burning (1988-2002)
Also here DGJ309 in Let Him Have It, Movie, 1991 /vehicle_18529-Leyland-TL-M-1937.html

dgj309 wrote The vehicle is a Leyland TLM Chassis with a Metz 101' (30m) turntable ladder pump. Supplied new in April 1937 and was Posted to Soho Fire Station in Central London.
I have owned the vehicle since 1981 and took part in the film by driving the TL in shot and also operating the ladder in shot.
from 2014-04-30 dgj309
2014-11-14 13:09
1935 Morris-Commercial CS11/30F Ambulance
A 008, operazione Sterminio (1965)
1935-39 Morris-Commercial CS11/30F military ambulance, based on 1933-37 Morris-Commercial CS11/30F civilian truck.

One example possibly being restored in 2008 here (4th comment)...

2014-11-10 17:56
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate [C2]
London's Burning (1988-2002)
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate, then. 2014-11-07 16:54
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate [C2]
London's Burning (1988-2002)
Exiv96 wrote Another strange detail : the side windows are typical of a four door estate, but there are no handles on the rear doors ! The woman doesn't even try to open the rear door ; instead, she's placing her baby through the front door.

I wonder if this car was a one-off, non-running prototype for a Horizon Estate proposal, sold off by Peugeot after they closed the Chrysler UK R&D department at Whitley.

A close-up of the distinctive rear-door glass frame is the same as the Horizon's shape and size. The rear doors, if they are covered up would be the same as the saloon. Although its unlikely Chrysler UK would sell a static buck of a new design proposal (they are usually scrapped) perhaps in this case it was sold or given to the production company.
2014-11-07 14:38
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate [C2]
London's Burning (1988-2002)
The Horizon's 'groove' is just visible on the 'burnt' car's front wing I believe!

[Image: temphorizon.jpg]
2014-11-07 13:47
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate [C2]
London's Burning (1988-2002)
The Talbot Horizon's windscreen, 'A' pillar, front door glass, bonnet rear edge and panel form all appear to match.

The 'groove' panel-form through the front wing and the door is relatively easily filled and blended perhaps (to conform to the rear end?).

The rear-side glass frame section (double section) does not match the door glass frame (single section) and is manufactured differently - possibly from a different car on a Horizon front end?
2014-11-07 13:32
Talbot Horizon modified as a 3-Door Estate [C2]
London's Burning (1988-2002)
Japanese looks likely to me. I don't recognise the seat belt latch plate and I know most European seat belts from the 80s onwards.

Lock cylinder above the external door handle also unusual but not seen on Sunny Estate and unlikely it would be modified.

edit: - I have never seen the lock cylinder above a door handle (only under or to the side) and is so unlikely I think now it probably has been repositioned.

Are any interior views of a Sunny Estate available to match the passenger side dash area with the clip?

-- Last edit: 2014-11-07 12:42:00
2014-11-07 12:29
1929 AEC Reliance
Car of Dreams (1935)
SteveA wrote FWIW I think it is an AEC, but not a Regal - I think it's a Reliance - http://homepages.tesco.net/~greatnorthern/reliance24.jpg

Some years later,
AEC Reliance radiator does look to be nearer in design and AEC triangle may just be visible...

AEC Reliance
Link to "www.ltmcollection.org"

Morris Commercial Dictator
Link to "www.search.digitalhandsworth.org.uk"

-- Last edit: 2014-11-06 13:25:51
2014-11-06 13:25
1998 LTI TX1
Clocking Off (2000-2003)
LTI TXI (divided rear-side glass).

Obviously on a transferred personalised plate owned by the taxi operator.
2014-11-06 12:36
1948 Morris-Commercial FV 5-Ton Series I
The Angry Silence (1960)
The FV-series consisted of the following, and its not possible to say which engine (petrol or diesel) is used here...

FVS7/5 5-Ton 7ft wb, 6-cyl ohv petrol tipper or tractor unit
FVO7/5 5-Ton 7ft wb, Saurer licensed 6-cyl diesel tipper or tractor unit
FVS12/5 5-Ton 12ft wb, 6-cyl ohv petrol
FVO12/5 5-Ton 12ft wb, 6-cyl Saurer licensed 6-cyl diesel

In the case of the diesel engine, this manufactured by Morris under licence from Saurer.
2014-11-06 12:28
1936 Morris-Commercial C11/30 Delivery van
Eastern Valley (1937)
The radiator could be Morris-Commercial but not clear enough.

Around this time 1936 it could be a Morris-Commercial T3 1-ton and there are some similarities, but the wheel design, rear hubs, and the locations of side and headlights are more like the Morris-Commercial C11/30.

2014-11-04 20:02
Dennis F108 Dual Purpose Ladder
London's Burning (1988-2002)
JCB wrote Unusual rear body...

Looks like the wheeled-escape-ladder mount (if thats the correct name) as here.
Link to "www.flickr.com"
2014-11-03 10:22
1982 Leyland Terrier Super-G Cab
London's Burning (1988-2002)
Super-G cab confirmed by 1982 registration. 2014-11-03 10:16
1982 Leyland Terrier Super-G Cab
London's Burning (1988-2002)
The G-series cab was itself based on the Morris/Austin FJ and Pilot cab so dates back to 1964, the mirror dates back to the Pilot cab at least. 2014-10-31 13:11
1966 AEC Mercury Merryweather Turntable Ladder LFB TL32P
London's Burning (1988-2002)
TL32P is a 1966 AEC Mercury Merryweather Turntable Ladder registration JUL57D as identified here (edit: see comments regarding Regent V error)...


-- Last edit: 2014-10-31 13:00:39
2014-10-31 12:57
1960 Commer 1500 [FC]
Agente 077 dall'oriente con furore (1965)
Commer 1500 [FC]

Series I 1960-1
Series II 1962-63 October 1962 Commer 2500 added.
Series IIa 1963-65

(The Dodge K120, K140, K160 /Fargo F120, F140, F 160 badged versions not added until 1968 I believe. The Commer badge over the rear doors is also seen on some or all vehicles up to 1971, this is the earliest I've seen it clearly)
2014-10-31 12:45
1960 AEC Regal IV Clyde Engineering
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
From: http://fleetlists.busaustralia.com/stadisp.php?search=AEY

Chassis / Body: AEC Regal IV/Clyde
Entered Service: 3263 - 3458 1960
Total Built: 72

Therefore 3287 as seen in the movie should be in this range of fleet numbers:
2014-10-30 18:07
AEC unknown PMC bodywork
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
AEC Regant III?

However this one has a body by Commonwealth Engineering?


edit: body could be Clyde Engineering as thumbnail possibly shows 'Front Power Door'

AEC Regent III - Clyde H33/26D (1951-2) - Front Power Door



-- Last edit: 2014-10-31 11:31:11
2014-10-30 13:59
1960 AEC Regal IV Clyde Engineering
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
AEC Regal IV Clyde Engineering?


[Image: aecregaliv.jpg]
2014-10-30 13:52
1963 Commer 2500 Camper Van Series IIa [FC]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
... window shape looks like ambulance but lack of signage and rectangular side vent could be camper?

Also 2500 (1-ton) series II had the same 1592cc engine as the 1500 (15cwt), just uprated tyres and suspension but probably preferred also.

-- Last edit: 2014-10-30 13:39:21
2014-10-30 13:33
1963 Commer 2500 Camper Van Series IIa [FC]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
Commer 1500 (or 2500) Series IIa [FC] 1963-65 (the 2500 badge could be present but not certain).
The Series IIa introduced mid 1963 had the name Commer was in separate chrome letters rather than a single badge...

Applies to UK built versions - differences in locally produced version anybody?
2014-10-30 12:49
1955 Austin 5-Ton 503 [FE]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
The Austin and Morris FE forward control trucks were introduced at the same time as Austin and Morris WE normal control trucks 1n March 1955.
Link to "archive.commercialmotor.com"

Both FE forward control and WE normal control cabs used the same new lower front panels (with the necessary Austin or Morris also later a BMC grille).

I can find no Austin equivalent to the Morris FV series II (with the inverted heart-shaped grille) introduced in about 1954 and doubt its existance. However perhaps an example will turn up in the future with or without the same lower front panel.
2014-10-29 17:20
1955 Austin 5-Ton 503 [FE]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
DidierF wrote I disagree with you, Sunbar. It is not the sytling of 1955 [FE] but the one of '54 [FV II]. (All my knowledge lying upon the page linked before.)

The lorry grille is slightly better seen here, /vehicle_751885-Commer.html

DidierF, the Austin-Rover OnLine data is incomplete and has errors.

"the Series II also featured distinct styling for its Morris and Austin versions" - The introduction date of the Austin version was either 1954 or 1955 and the grille remained unchanged throughout Austin FE production.

"In 1955, after just one year, the FV was replaced by the FE (or Series III) cab. The FE saw the individual Morris and Austin styling replaced with a single corporate design, although it was still sold under both brands." Not true they were specific Austin and Morris grilles (the Morris grille is not shown /vehicle_434974-Morris-FE-1957.html). The BMC grille shown was used much later.
2014-10-29 13:15
1955 Morris-Commercial LD [LD]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
Morris or Morris-Commercial?

After the 1952 'inverted heart-shaped' LD 1-ton grille was changed its generally 'Morris'? This is the 1955 onwards Morris grille.
2014-10-29 13:04
Morris-Commercial Leader
Imperial Airways - The Definitive Newsreel History 1924-1939 (2011)
Not a Morris-Commercial P-type Leader I believe.

The full-width glass in the rear of the cab was about only a third of the width on the Leader and the wheels appear to have 5 slots whereas the P-type Leader had eight slots (in common with most Morris-Commercial trucks in the 1930s).

Leader P-type 2˝ to 5-Tons - for future reference (Commercial Motor Archive & www.iamo.org.uk).
1930-1934 2˝-Ton Leader 156" w/base
1935-1938 3-4 ton Leader 117" & 162" w/base
1937-1938 4-5 ton Leader 162" w/base (wheels eight-stud fixing)
2014-10-29 12:12
1964 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller [ADO59]
Grantchester (2014-??)
After October 1963 by the parallel wiper arms (previously 'clap-hands') in first thumb. 2014-10-29 11:48
1939 Bedford O-Type
A Town Like Alice (1956)
1939 Bedford O-Type for the reasons as above plus bonnet vents are just visible and front wheels suggest early military spec before OY introduced.

[Image: i726287adjusted.jpg]
2014-10-27 16:22
1933 Morris-Commercial C11/40
Five and Under (1941)
1933-1937 Morris-Commercial C-type most likely and a C11/40 as here.

2014-10-27 16:17
1955 Austin 5-Ton 503 [FE]
They're a Weird Mob (1966)
1955-9 Austin 3-Ton [FE] (it appears to have an Austin grille with two horizontal bars). 2014-10-27 12:44

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