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1936 Thornycroft Sturdy
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
A wild guess...

Thornycroft Sturdy?

2016-07-09 17:17
1927 Albion 4 Ton [34]
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
1927-1933 Albion 4-ton [34] I think (front chassis horn length, front wheel design, cab and scuttle form).

[Image: model34.jpg]

2016-07-09 16:49
1939 Leyland Badger 4 ton
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
Also 4-tons is probably right; if they are 224lb sacks of sugar then forty sacks is almost 4 tons I think (certainly not six tons). 2016-07-09 16:19
1939 Leyland Badger 4 ton
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
1935 onwards Badger 4-Ton or Beaver 6-Ton I guess, but I don't recognise the cab which is possibly influenced by war preparation?

edit: Perhaps Westburn Golden Syrup? One of 14 sugar refineries in Greenock.

It was also Abram Lyle's birthplace; one of the founders of 'Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup' but in the 1880s in London, not the 1940s, so perhaps a very small local competitor?

-- Last edit: 2016-07-09 15:35:30
2016-07-09 15:24
1940 Morris Series Y 10cwt Van Royal Mail
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
1940-49 Morris Series Y 10cwt Van

2016-07-09 14:42
Albion unknown
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
I don't believe I have seen that cab before with the fixed glass (framed upright) in the door... for future reference if it should be seen again. 2016-07-09 13:53
1936 Bedford WLG
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
Yes, WLG 1936 introduced November 1935, 2 ton 143" long wheelbase Truck 2016-07-09 13:08
1946 Morris-Commercial LC2 25-30cwt
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
1946-1948 Morris-Commercial LC2 25-30cwt
Previously 1939-1945 Morris-Commercial LC1 30cwt and after 1948 became LC3.
2016-07-09 13:05
Seddon Mk.5
Greenock Plans Ahead (1948)
^behind yes, 1946-1949 Austin K4 4-5 ton tipper; the K2 was not produced as a short (112") wheelbase chassis. 2016-07-09 12:52
1932 Leyland Cub Royal Mail
Cargo for Ardrossan (1939)
Possibly 1931 Leyland Cub by the overall appearance, front wheel and wing; although nothing to confirm it definitely and picture quality poor. 2016-07-08 13:41
Cargo for Ardrossan (1939) LMS Coronation Class in streamlined form not LNER Class A4 (Mallard or similar??) 2016-07-08 11:58
1936 Bedford WLG
Cargo for Ardrossan (1939)
Bedford WLG 2 ton 143" long wheelbase truck, by bonnet length and four side louvres, cab and windscreen. 2016-07-08 10:43
1939 Fordson Model N
Ladies in Lavender (2004)
[Image: fordson2.jpg]

chris40 wrote After all that ... the tractor on the left might be a Fordson N; in the days when they still used threshing machines driven by portable engines, they usually were.

Confirmed in another scene as Fordson Model N.

Registration: FCV230

Fordson N
Body Agricultural Machine
Colour Orange
Year 10-07-1939
Fuel Petrol
2016-07-05 15:23
1949 Morris Minor Tourer [MM]
The System (1953)
Agreed, late 1949 to mid-1951 (OK within a few months anyway I guess depending on source found).

1949 Production starts, 29,000 Minors made, Saloon and Tourer, mainly for export. Named Tourer and not Convertible until October 1951 when glass side-screens were fitted.
From October 1949 onwards, US spec cars now with 'highlight' headlamps.

Timeline (cached Feb 2013) http://theminorsite.co.uk/history/timeline.html
2016-07-03 14:43
1937 Bedford WLG
Falkirk (1938)
1934-1938 Bedford WLG long-wheelbase (or WHG if short wheelbase) on the right; single piece windscreen and long bonnet. The chromed radiator grille and headlights is possibly a 1937 or 1938 change but not definitely.

On the left 1934-1938 Bedford WTL long-wheelbase (or WTH if short wheelbase) two-piece windscreen, short bonnet semi-forward control.
2016-07-02 17:20
1936 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton [T3]
Falkirk (1938)
1936-8 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton [T3]

also possibly Bedford VX or VY van.
2016-07-02 16:27
Crofter Boy (1955) The first truck behind the croft and seen more clearly is a Bedford, a WHG or WLG probably.

The platform truck seen from the side is less certain; it could be a Commer Q3 Superpoise I think (or less likely Austin or Bedford).

The truck at 00-28 looks quite new (1950s) but cannot place it currently.

edit: Possibly another Dodge 100 'Parrot-Nose' - they appear to have sidelights mounted on top of the wing rather than lower down.

-- Last edit: 2016-07-01 19:01:13
2016-07-01 18:05
1951 Thames ET6 Mobile electricity board showroom
Crofter Boy (1955)
Commercial Motor Archive July 1951. ;) ;)

"Based on an extended Fordson 2-ton chassis, a mobile showroom has been put into service by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board for use in the isolated parts of its area where electricity is being supplied for the first time. At the remote farms it can be connected to the overhead lines by cable.

Because of the narrow roads over which it will be required to travel, the size of the van had to be restricted. This difficulty was overcome by providing telescopic sides which expand to form bays in which equipment can be displayed.

Internal wiring enables the equipment, which will normally include an electric cooker, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, fires, irons, kettles and lights, to be shown in operation. There are a 50-gallon cold-water tank and a 25-gallon hot-water tank heated by electricity. A 20-gallon tank is provided for waste water. This will enable washing and ironing demonstrations to be carried out without recourse to main water supplies.

A demonstrator will accompany the van when it is on tour. There is accommodation for 12 people in the van itself, hut there is provision for the erection of an awning for larger audiences."

Link to "commercial-motor.archive.netcopy.co.uk"

-- Last edit: 2016-07-01 17:33:19
2016-07-01 17:32
1925 Albion 30 cwt Royal Mail rural 'Mail car' [LB24]
Crofters (1944)
With the small enamelled badge this radiator design was first introduced on the bus chassis and later the truck chassis (both LB24) source: http://www.trucksplanet.com/catalog/model.php?id=958 the larger sunburst radiator full width badge almost certainly is later.

'GD' as a registration suggested by 'Skywatcher68' looks right July 1925 to March 1928.
2016-06-30 13:16
1925 Albion 30 cwt Royal Mail rural 'Mail car' [LB24]
Crofters (1944)
The inverted 'stirrup' type headlamp mount on the driver's side makes me think it originated from the 1920s; so probably another 1925-1933 Albion 30 cwt LB24? 2016-06-30 10:49
1945 Standard Twelve
The Saint (1962-1969)
Pierre wrote ... On the 'Flying Twelve' page alone, I see some 6 stills featuring models failing to pass Sunbar's A for Acid test - including a WWII Twelve utility in 'Il general della Rovere' (1959).

I'm no expert, I guess you mean comments by 'johnfromstaffs' and/or 'dsl'?

The 'Tilly' listing in 'Il general della Rovere' (1959) however has been updated.
2016-06-27 13:35
1932 Bedford WS 15cwt Van
Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Koffer (1962)
For the overall appearance, most likely a 1932-1940 Bedford WS 30 cwt Van.

At least one headlamp missing probably filmed in the 1950s?

Similar but not identical to this example.

[Image: bedws.jpg]
2016-06-25 14:38
1912 Hallford LA
Suffragette (2015)
Not Halford as in the above link, but Hallford seen here also...

2016-06-21 20:56
Operation Diplomat (1953) The Austin Seven Pearl Cabriolet added.

The Bentall's department store in Kingston upon Thames has been redeveloped but the location is recognisable from being opposite to All Saints Church.

[Image: bentallscompared.jpg] [Image: allsaintschurch.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-06-22 11:37:29
2016-06-21 19:45
1934 Austin Seven Pearl Cabriolet [AC]
Operation Diplomat (1953)
johnfromStaffs wrote ....
The Austin Seven is a Pearl Cabriolet.



dsl wrote

The A7 could be worth a page - we don't seem to have a Pearl in our collection.

2016-06-21 19:30
1932 Vauxhall Cadet
Operation Diplomat (1953)
Vauxhall bonnet flutes and looks like a Cadet but what year would pressed-steel (easi-clean) wheels and larger hubcaps apply to?

Unsure about the size of the third window (too small) but I am probably beeing too picky! :/ Is it a non-factory body perhaps?
2016-06-21 16:33
1912 Fiat Tipo 1 Taxi
Suffragette (2015)
Seen often before Fiat Tipo 1 taxi AL2839 2016-06-21 16:21
Operation Diplomat (1953) Alvis TA 14 Mulliner Saloon added. 2016-06-21 14:22
1949 Alvis TA 14 Mulliner
Operation Diplomat (1953)
Registered LPP 529 identified by johnfromstaffs

johnfromstaffs wrote Centre picture.

2016-06-21 14:21
1941 Austin K2 Rebodied from 2 ton 4x2 Heavy as an Ambulance
Operation Diplomat (1953)
The rear overhang has not been increased like most others so either built in wartime or converted immediately post-war from an ex-military ambulance chassis.

No body similar to this seen to date I think; the curved roof at the front and detail over the rear doors look less likely to be built in wartime.

Of course it could also be a converted van based on a wartime AFS, WVS etc vehicle, built by the movie studio.
2016-06-21 13:01
1938 Austin 12/4 Taxi 'Flashlot'
Operation Diplomat (1953)
I tried finding other details to confirm it on frames from the same scene but there is too little light.

I agree the windscreen height is closer to the 1938-9 Austin 12/4 Flashlot, than a normal saloon. So taxi it is.
2016-06-21 11:55
1952 Hillman Minx Phase VI Convertible Pre-production
Operation Diplomat (1953)
I suspect so as its given a lot of screen time, plus there is no reason given that the main character does not drive his own car (he is a keen driver) but borrows the nursing sister's car throughout the movie. 2016-06-20 22:13
Operation Diplomat (1953) More background vehicles...

[Image: operationdiplomat0-40-52.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-41-34.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-43-30.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-43-38.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-43-58.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-43-57.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-44-16.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-44-17.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-44-23.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-44-23_.jpg]
2016-06-20 22:09
1951 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat0-44-15.jpg] 2016-06-20 21:22
1938 Austin 12/4 Taxi 'Flashlot'
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomatcap-00114.jpg]

Picture adjusted for brightness and contrast,

It was used probably as a taxi, but not I think a 'London taxicab'.
2016-06-20 21:18
Austin FX3 Taxi
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat1-00-32.jpg]
01:00:32 [*][*]

Probably the same taxi but a completely different scene.
2016-06-20 19:58
1939 Bedford O-Type
Operation Diplomat (1953)
Headlamps do not match confirming wartime usage at one time later modified for peace-time.

O-type introduced July 1939

Bedford OLA 3-4 ton long wheelbase Truck & Luton Van
Bedford OLB 5 ton long wheelbase Truck

-- Last edit: 2016-06-20 19:52:21
2016-06-20 19:47
1932 Vauxhall Cadet
Operation Diplomat (1953)
The car at the back, not the Hillman Minx convetible; if it can be identified 2016-06-20 19:32
1945 Austin Sixteen [BS1]
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat0-49-16.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-43-31.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-40-32.jpg] 2016-06-20 19:04
1946 Wolseley 18/85 [Series III]
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat0-29-15.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-29-28.jpg] 2016-06-20 17:53
Operation Diplomat (1953) [Image: titles.1.jpg]

[Image: operationdiplomat0-38-20.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-39-45.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-40-18.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-54-04.jpg]
(1) Austin 7 convertible, also from above (2) two unknown ambulances (Morris-Commercial LC3 perhaps) and a van or estate car plus (3) a 1950s Austin and (4) another small van.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-20 22:02:29
2016-06-20 17:50
1941 Austin K2 Rebodied from 2 ton 4x2 Heavy as an Ambulance
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat0-38-23.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-54-00.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-39-03.jpg] 2016-06-20 17:47
1952 Hillman Minx Phase VI Convertible Pre-production
Operation Diplomat (1953)
[Image: operationdiplomat0-20-33.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-28-19.jpg] [Image: operationdiplomat0-29-34.jpg]

Another similar car seen briefly at 00:44:04
[Image: operationdiplomat0-44-04.jpg]
2016-06-20 17:41
1948 Leyland Tiger PS1/1
The Clouded Yellow (1950)
....very true, do not exceed the recommended dose.

2016-06-18 15:55
AEC Mercury
The New Scotland (1964)
[Image: aec.2.jpg]

AEC cab; also it could have an AEC badge on the rear in the thumbnail.


AEC Mercury?

-- Last edit: 2016-06-19 12:14:02
2016-06-18 15:38
1974 Seddon 16/4 28-Ton gtw Tractor Unit
Transport (1983)
1975 ('N' registered) Seddon 16/4 28-Ton gtw Tractor Unit, introduced 1966.


-- Last edit: 2016-06-18 13:08:13
2016-06-18 13:03
1951 Seddon Mk.7 3 Ton
Refuge England (1959)
Seddon Mk.7 3-Ton Diesel as introduced August 1950.

2016-06-18 12:32
1950 Thornycroft Sturdy Star
Peak District (1954)
1950-1951 Sturdy Star introduced October 1949
"A much improved version of the Thornycroft Sturdy 5-6 tonner... the Sturdy Star"

Replaced with the all steel detachable cab in early 1951.
2016-06-17 20:42
1952 Seddon Mk.5
The Bletchley Circle (2012-2014)
[Image: bc4_cap-00023.jpg] [Image: bc4_cap-00022.jpg]

Vehicle details
Vehicle make SEDDON
Date of first registration 20 October 1952
Year of manufacture 1952
Cylinder capacity (cc) 4730cc
Fuel type DIESEL
Export marker No
Vehicle status Tax not due
Vehicle colour BROWN

Previously seen here /vehicle.php?id=602033
2016-06-17 15:11
1952 Seddon Mk.5
Call The Midwife (2012-2017)
Vehicle details
Vehicle make SEDDON
Date of first registration 20 October 1952
Year of manufacture 1952
Cylinder capacity (cc) 4730cc
Fuel type DIESEL
Export marker No
Vehicle status Tax not due
Vehicle colour BROWN
2016-06-17 15:02

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