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1951 Seddon Mk.7 3 Ton
Refuge England (1959)
Seddon Mk.7 3-Ton Diesel as introduced August 1950.

2016-06-18 12:32
1950 Thornycroft Sturdy Star
Peak District (1954)
1950-1951 Sturdy Star introduced October 1949
"A much improved version of the Thornycroft Sturdy 5-6 tonner... the Sturdy Star"

Replaced with the all steel detachable cab in early 1951.
2016-06-17 20:42
1952 Seddon Mk.5
The Bletchley Circle (2012-2014)
[Image: bc4_cap-00023.jpg] [Image: bc4_cap-00022.jpg]

Vehicle details
Vehicle make SEDDON
Date of first registration 20 October 1952
Year of manufacture 1952
Cylinder capacity (cc) 4730cc
Fuel type DIESEL
Export marker No
Vehicle status Tax not due
Vehicle colour BROWN

Previously seen here /vehicle.php?id=602033
2016-06-17 15:11
1952 Seddon Mk.5
Call The Midwife (2012-2016)
Vehicle details
Vehicle make SEDDON
Date of first registration 20 October 1952
Year of manufacture 1952
Cylinder capacity (cc) 4730cc
Fuel type DIESEL
Export marker No
Vehicle status Tax not due
Vehicle colour BROWN
2016-06-17 15:02
Seddon Mk.5
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)
Seddon Mk.5

Larger quarter-lite and bottom edge is lower than on a Guy Otter.

A Guy Otter has a curved bottom edge on the side glass unlike the straight edge on the Seddon Mk.5

-- Last edit: 2016-06-17 14:53:03
2016-06-17 14:52
1946 Guy Vixen Tower Wagon - Liverpool Corporation Body
The Clouded Yellow (1950)
Edit(3): 1946 Guy Vixen Tower Wagon Liverpool Corporation

[Image: 17ea18ed14807e225f0f604a8e0062be.jpg]
source: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/346847608781677343/

The earlier Guy Wolf chassis as determined by Liverpool's probable filming loctation.

[Image: guytowerwagonliverpool.jpg]

The tower wagon is different in some details but the diagonally placed ladders look the same so possibly later than 1939.
Guy Wolf Tower Wagon Loverpool Corporation

"A new and original type of tower wagon, having a Guy Wolf chassis as its basis, formed a recent delivery to Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport Department. Designed and constructed at the corporation's Edge Lane works"

The Guy 'Vixen' tower wagon

[Image: vixen18towerwaggon.jpg]

Because Guy Motors was a major manufacturer of trolley buses, it must have been almost inevitable for the company to produce a vehicle to assist in the maintenance of overhead wires, and street lights. The 3-stage hydraulically operated tower wagon was designed to give an extended working platform height of 25 feet, and a minimum closed height of approximately 13 feet.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-17 13:16:14
2016-06-17 12:34
1935 Crossley Mancunian English Electric Body
Round Figures (1944)
...true not strictly necessary; the general exception being the listing of London Transport bus classes and specific numbers where possible. 2016-06-15 21:26
1924 Leyland G-Range
Man with a Movie Camera (1929)
Seen before possibly?

It looks like this to me...

2016-06-15 18:59
1946 Guy Wolf
The Ipcress File (1965)
1946 Guy Wolf (post war radiator). 2016-06-15 17:00
1935 Guy Wolf
Hospital de urgencia (1956)
Wolf introduced 1933 however this radiator dates from 1935. 2016-06-15 16:56
1935 Guy Wolf J.Lyons & Co. 2-3 ton Ice-cream truck
The City (1939)
Pictured in nzcarnerd's link is the 1935 Wolf 15-25cwt normal control van with single rears.


Wolf introduced 1933 however this radiator dates from 1935.

Guy Wolf with twin rears is 2-3 Ton.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-15 16:55:09
2016-06-15 15:33
1932 Guy 3½-Ton
Reach for the Sky (1956)
The Guy Vixen was introduced in June 1934 and replaced the Guy 3½-ton chassis with the earlier radiator seen here.

[Image: 19333_5ton.jpg]
2016-06-15 15:10
1935 Guy Vixen
Life In The Orkneys (1957)
1934-1939 Vixen but this radiator dates from about 1935.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-15 17:08:07
2016-06-15 14:18
1946 Guy Vixen
Jaguar (1967)
Post war guy production...
1946 Wolf 2-3 Ton normal control
1946 Wolf 2-3 Ton forward control
1946 Vixen 4-Ton forward control
1947 Otter 5-6 Ton forward control

Looks likley to be lighter than a Guy Otter I think, probably with a locally built cab.

Guy Vixen 4-ton?

[Image: guyvixen.jpg]
2016-06-15 13:03
Albion Victor
The Boy Kumasenu (1952)
Albion Victor? 2016-06-14 12:37
Albion Victor [FT39]
Jaguar (1967)
I believe you're right Kudos. Small badge on radiator and the headlight spacing and location looks right for the Albion Victor...

-- Last edit: 2016-06-14 12:34:19
2016-06-14 12:33
Bedford K-Type
Lease of Life (1954)
Although I don't recognise the van body maker, probably a Bedford K-type (KV).

Looks like 30cwt van but not Austin, Morris-Commercial, Fordson/Thames etc.
2016-06-14 12:01
1979 Leyland Reiver 6x4 Tipper G-series cab
If You See God, Tell Him (1993)
Scotstoun 6x4 tipper

March 1978 - September 1980 Leyland Reiver 6x4 Tipper G-series cab (22-ton & 24-ton in three wheelbases).

2016-06-12 18:56
1950 Commer Superpoise S Series 15-25cwt MkI
Jaguar (1967)
1950-1953 Commer Superpoise S Series 15-25cwt MkI 2016-06-12 15:34
Bedford M-Type
Jaguar (1967)
Bedford M-type 2016-06-12 15:21
1949 Morris Minor [MM]
Jaguar (1967)
... agreed bumper appears to have a joining plate. 2016-06-12 15:18
Bedford KZ
Jaguar (1967)
Bedford KZ 2016-06-12 15:16
1972 Austin 2200 Hearse MkIII [ADO17]
The Gentle Touch (1980-1984)
Agreed, I'm becoming more convinced (about 75%) that its an Austin 2200 ADO17, with the smaller wheels, raised roofline, possibly lengthened wheelbase and a customised front end. 2016-06-11 11:50
1972 Austin 2200 Hearse MkIII [ADO17]
The Gentle Touch (1980-1984)
The ADO17 is still the best contender, only the driver's door is probably recognisable however the rest is heavily modified I think.

There is also the possiblity the wheelbase has been extended by up to 15cm/6in; the door to wheelbase proportions look diferent to the base car.

[Image: combined2.jpg]

edit: My best possible match an Austin 3 litre ADO61 for the front end and quarter-lite in the driver's door - with an extended wheelbase and thinner, shorter bumpers.

Similar to this rust riddled example on standard wheelbase
Link to "platewave.com" http://platewave.com/content/plate/photos/resized/XPW336H_1391353341.jpg

edit 2: Craford Estate conversion has many similarities (notice small badge on rear wing) - either a hearse or perhaps an actual estate as the legs prevent seeing the rear door shut-line. Only the bumpers are different however.

[Image: scan0001.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-06-10 13:51:07
2016-06-10 11:52
1932 AEC 663T A-1 Class 'Diddler' Union Construction and Finance Co. body
Round Figures (1944)
dsl wrote
... Have entered as AEC 663T A-1 Class which googles better than just A-1 Class and because we have a handful of 661T and 664T for it to sit beside, but this can be tweaked as wanted.

AEC 663T confirmed.

The sixty London United/London Transport AEC chassis numbers were 663T006-663T065 December 1930-September 1931

Previous to these chassis No. 063T001-3 were demonstrators and 663T004 & 5 were supplied to Walsall Corporation in May 1931.

Source Google book result 'The AEC Story: From the Regent to the Monarch'
2016-06-09 18:17
1930 AEC ST
Three Strangers (1946)
First thought AEC ST


edit: Possible registration could be GF 720? with only 25% certainty (Looks something like ?F7?0? but I think GF ???? is possible)

-- Last edit: 2016-06-09 13:47:29
2016-06-09 13:40
1932 AEC 663T A-1 Class 'Diddler' Union Construction and Finance Co. body
Round Figures (1944)
Youtube/DVD movies of what appears to be from newsreel footage of the 'Diddler' trolleybus introduction in May 1931. Its possible parts of these may be used for future documentaries or may have been used in the past.

Twickenham to Teddington by trolleybus on the first day of operation May 16th 1931.

A short video showing Trolleybus driver training at Fulwell Depot in 1931.
2016-06-09 11:40
Along Father Thames to Shepperton (1924)
dsl wrote

... The only wheeled thing is this going over Kingston Bridge at 01-34
[Image: 01-34tbuskingstonbridge.jpg] [Image: 01-34tbuskingstonbridgeb.jpg]

- if it's a trolley bus and can be ID'd, it can have a page. But it could be a tram ....


johnfromstaffs wrote

It's a tram, one pole.

Link to "www.gettyimages.co.uk"

Trolleybuses not introduced until 16th May, 1931 in London.

The Kingston Bridge location should make this a London United W class open top tram. The tram service was later converted to trolley bus working using the AEC 663T 'Diddler' trollybus /vehicle_923076-AEC-663T-A-1-Class-1932.html

Both tram and trolleybus on the trollybus introduction day May 1931 Link to "www.britishcommercialvehiclemuseum.com"

London Transport Route 601 was London’s first trolleybus route (in the form of London United Tramways’ route 1), and ran from Tolworth to Twickenham via Surbiton, Kingston, Hampton Wick, Teddington and Fulwell.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-09 12:18:58
2016-06-09 11:33
1935 Albion 4 Ton Milk tanker [KL127]
Round Figures (1944)
From the 1938 Ford Eight [7Y]
dsl wrote Plate is probably FLB, FLC or FLG - all of which were London series at end of 1938.

London registration and appearance of the trolleybuses, filming of this piece could be London.

I know little about London Transport Trolleybuses but it is possibly the rear of a 'LT Diddler'
2016-06-08 13:22
1938 Ford Eight [7Y]
Round Figures (1944)
I have no detailed knowledge of LT trolleybuses but I would ask if the trolleybus is possibly a London Transport A-1 Class 'Diddler' and not seen yet I think on IMCDb? .......

-- Last edit: 2016-06-08 22:02:09 (dsl)
2016-06-08 13:21
1971 Bedford CF
Bluey (1976-1977)
"New black grille with chrome bumpers" introduced as standard from October 1976 on UK built vans. However black (not bright finish as shown in the TV series) arms and blades introduced previously probably mid-1975. Australia could be different I guess.

The white/cream coloured grille was often re-painted by users however; also I cannot determine if bumpers here are chromed, they look painted to me.

1970-1975 I think as I cannot see any other features clearly to determine dates.
2016-06-07 14:41
1976 Vauxhall VX [FE]
The Gentle Touch (1980-1984)
VX1800 or VX2300 differed in rear badges on the boot only I believe (even the tyre size was unchanged between engine sizes unlike the Magnum 2300 and 1800).

Interior had very minor equipment differences between the two models.

When the models were introduced, the small griffen badge on the VX1800 and VX2300 was on the left side on the grille, but a slightly larger centred badge on the VX2300 GLS. I am not aware of it changing later on.
2016-06-07 13:52
1935 Crossley Mancunian English Electric Body
Round Figures (1944)
Northampton is a town therefore not Northampton City Transport but Northampton Corporation Transport. 2016-06-07 11:59
1935 Albion 4 Ton Milk tanker [KL127]
Round Figures (1944)
Trolleybuses close to Wiltshire could suggest Portsmouth (1934-), Bournemouth (1933-) or Reading (1936-) but not Northampton I think?
WV series registration allocated to the Wiltshire area?

Albion yes, could be KL127 between 3½ and 4½ tons.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-07 11:48:18
2016-06-07 11:41
1995 Land-Rover Range Rover Classic Series I
Min misunnelige frisør (2004)
tore-40 wrote Have you considered the possibility of a body swap?

johnfromstaffs wrote

For the Range Rover, or Sunbar?

I wish I could!

But its not the body causing the problems at the moment, its the little grey cells.
2016-06-06 12:53
1955 Thames 5cwt Van with window conversion BEA [300E]
Master Spy (1964)
I guess all-round visiblity is a priority when used on the airport tarmac.

Adding windows to small vans would be sensible because of few 'road markings' to follow and avoiding colisions with other vehicles or aircraft would be desirable.
2016-06-05 13:21
1995 Land-Rover Range Rover Classic Series I
Min misunnelige frisør (2004)
Sandie wrote It's a shaded bit of glass above the handle. Not sure when they brought that in? Late 80s? No EU RR Classic should have a standard CHMSL as far as I know.

As for the wiper here's a late US one:
Link to "13252-presscdn-0-94.pagely.netdna-cdn.com" with the wiper on the same side as here.


I was able to check some facts this morning rather than rely on my (failing) memory :o

Rear wiper changes that involved new Land Rover part numbers were not visible externally after all.

Also, unusually for rear wipers, the LHD and RHD vehicles had different 'hands' of motor so parked on opposite sides. The only difference is a quality issue and some wiper arms tended to have more play, so would drop slightly away from the top of the rear glass. This one looks good but it only means its less likely to be an 'old' motor; however nothing visible here is conclusive regarding the rear wiper.
2016-06-05 12:56
1995 Land-Rover Range Rover Classic Series I
Min misunnelige frisør (2004)
Is that the chmsl by the handle in the top glass?

Does that determine any introduction date?
2016-06-04 22:25
1995 Land-Rover Range Rover Classic Series I
Min misunnelige frisør (2004)
That looks like a very old Range Rover rear wiper to me, it would possibly be before 1988 on the Land-Rover Range Rover Series I. edit: Changes later found not to be visible externally see later comments.

All from memory but I only remember the newer ones parking on the right side of the screen (both for LHD and RHD). I only have experience of the later version. edit: Later found that LHD and RHD were different, see later comments.

It was changed in conjunction with Discovery, Defender and Rover R8 and before the Rover 'Tomcat' development so about 1988 is possible.

Of course some older vehicles may be fitted with newer wipers when they were replaced but unlikely that newer vehiles had old wipers!

-- Last edit: 2016-06-05 13:06:07
2016-06-04 22:03
1975 Daimler Sovereign Coupé with convertible conversion [Series II]
Accusé (2014-2016)
After comparing pictures, to find more about the glass areas convertible versus coupe...

[Image: xjcconvertible.jpg]

If the car above on the left is a genuine convertible, possibly by Avon-Stephens coachwork as suggested by the hood fit, they used a smaller rear quarter glass. The convertible in the TV series looks a cheaper conversion with the coupe's glass retained.
2016-06-04 13:47
1975 Daimler Sovereign Coupé with convertible conversion [Series II]
Accusé (2014-2016)
Agreed, dsl it started life as an actual XJC coupe body but like you I think the soft top conversion is not the same quality as the one I listed in the auction example.

edit: There is something wrong I think with the rear quarter glass - the size looks too long to me, it was smaller I think in the coupe. The door glass looks right however.

Its not since the mid-1970s since I saw one but I handled the door and rear quarter glasses on a daily basis when working on them - they were heavier than normal being 5mm thick rather than the normal 4mm, but the rear quarter glass was fairly small.

-- Last edit: 2016-06-04 13:20:25
2016-06-04 13:11
1975 Daimler Sovereign Coupé with convertible conversion [Series II]
Accusé (2014-2016)
A few of the XJC’s were produced in convertible form by Avon-Stephens coachwork in the UK.

Naming for the Daimler coupes was as follows...

Production volumes (coupes)
Daimler Sovereign 4.2C 1,677
Daimler Double Six C 407

source http://www.jag-lovers.org/xjlovers/coupes.html

Actual Daimler convertible here http://automotoclassicsale.com/node/15999

-- Last edit: 2016-06-04 13:03:01
2016-06-04 13:01
1956 Dodge Casha Body
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)
I agree it appears to be the exact bus because of the missing paint over the left side-light; it is the same as here https://www.flickr.com/photos/galeforce19/5212599132

The 1956 date would suggest a 100 series 'Parrot-nosed' chassis from 1949-1956 but likely to have been modified to a large extent, so model name could be left out.
2016-06-03 18:12
1956 Dodge Casha Body
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)
This bus has the same 'Bedford' badge and a very similar general appearance but is said to be based on a Dodge chassis; only confirming that most Maltese buses are individual in design and untrustworthy! 2016-06-02 19:19
1934 Morris 5cwt Van Royal Mail [Minor]
The Horsey Mail (1938)
Morris 5cwt Van Royal Mail [Minor] I think. 2016-06-02 13:05
1935 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Royal Mail [T2]
The Horsey Mail (1938)
It also appears to be another Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Royal Mail [T2] 2016-06-02 13:00
1932 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Royal Mail [T2]
The Horsey Mail (1938)
Since the mid/late 1920s most Royal Mail vans were centrally purchased by the Ministry of Supply (mostly being Morris-Commercials), previously they were purchased by the local Royal Mail's city or county offices from whichever manufacturer they preferred.

1931-1936 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Royal Mail [T2] (they also purchased smaller Morris-Commercial 10-12cwt [L2] 'half ton' vans at the time).
2016-06-02 12:54
1933 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Post Office Telephones [T2]
What's on Today (1938)
1931-1936 Morris-Commercial 1-Ton Post Office Telephones [T2] /vehicle_96343-Morris-Commercial-1-Ton-T2-1931.html


-- Last edit: 2016-06-01 13:40:18
2016-06-01 10:53
1938 Albion 30 cwt Harrington - Post Office Telephones [LB118]
What's on Today (1938)
Albion 30 cwt Harrington - GPO Telephones [LB118] /vehicle_41471-Albion-30-cwt-LB118-1936.html 2016-06-01 10:47
The Knack... and How to Get It (1965) [Image: i418215.jpg]

john from Staffs wrote Registration number is Bedfordshire 1948.

Possibly (probably) a D & M or an Elektruk.


Added to comments as its a pedestrian controlled milk-float and not a vehicle as required by IMCDb.
2016-05-31 14:35

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