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De Lorean DMC 12
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Another one I initially missed. 2018-01-09 14:13
1975 Plymouth Fury
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
MrTaft wrote

No, it's not. The Malibu had two different "assassins" in it; this car belonged to the one who turned up at the gas station at the start of the film.

You're right. The Malibu is driven by Dick Warlock's character "The Assassin" while the Plymouth is driven by a guy identified in the credits as "The Watcher," played by Martin Cassidy.
2018-01-09 14:09
Packard unknown
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
Missed this car entirely last time. It's seen parked in the background during Tom Atkins' fight with the robot played by Dick Warlock. 2018-01-09 14:06
Land-Rover Defender 110
SEAL Team (2017-2018)
Definitely a Defender by those fenders. 2017-12-19 07:14
Chang Jiang M1 as BMW R71
Christmas Truce (2015)
[Image: truce3.jpg] 2017-12-18 02:34
1941 Ford Unknown Fordor Sedan
Christmas Truce (2015)
[Image: truce4.jpg] [Image: truce5.jpg] 2017-12-18 02:33
The Monuments Men (2014)
Also, it's only a two-axle truck vs. the three-axle one from Raiders. 2017-12-03 03:02
1949 Mercedes-Benz 170 S [W136.IV]
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: 1701.jpg] [Image: 1702.jpg] [Image: 1703.jpg] 2017-12-03 02:58
1937 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet B [W142]
Jenny's War (1985)
I should mention it's a two-door. 2017-12-01 18:10
Kelly's Heroes (1970)
mike962 wrote a bit more unusual but not that visible truck in the background
[Image: untitled.1683.jpg]

Looks like they're working on the engine.
2017-12-01 18:04
Jenny's War (1985)
Well, it's supposed to be same bike, at least in the story. The three vehicles (fake Mercedes G5, Kübelwagen and motorcycle) pull up outside the hotel. When the heroine and her friend ride off on another motorcycle with a sidecar, the German officer orders the Kübelwagen and motorbike to pursue. It's possible a different bike was used for the actual chase, which, due to the quality, was mostly too blurry for good screenshots. 2017-11-30 16:57
Opel Blitz
Jenny's War (1985)
I wanna say this might be an Opel Blitz, but I'm unsure. 2017-11-30 16:11
Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet D [W142]
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny3.jpg] 2017-11-30 16:10
Opel Blitz
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny36.jpg] [Image: jenny37.jpg] 2017-11-30 16:04
1934 Horch 830 R
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny35.jpg] 2017-11-30 16:00
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny25.jpg] [Image: jenny27.jpg] 2017-11-30 15:54
1940 Volkswagen Kübelwagen [Typ 82]
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny1.jpg] 2017-11-30 15:51
Jenny's War (1985)
Again, mostly interior shots except for when it pulls up to the roadblock.

[Image: jenny30.jpg]
2017-11-30 15:49
Jenny's War (1985) I apologize for the quality of the screenshots. This movie has proven somewhat hard to find over the years, so when I saw someone had uploaded it onto YouTube, I leaped at the opportunity. The night scenes are especially abysmal. 2017-11-30 15:48
1937 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet B [W142]
Jenny's War (1985)
Seen with top up on the right in this shot, as the taxi pulls up to the mansion:

[Image: jenny15.jpg]
2017-11-30 15:44
1951 Mercedes-Benz 220 Taxi [W187]
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny18.jpg] 2017-11-30 15:43
Jenny's War (1985)
[Image: jenny22.jpg] [Image: jenny24.jpg] 2017-11-30 15:42
The Monuments Men (2014)
2491tj wrote in one scene, tho not yet included in the photos, the actual replica open top german firld car which "goes over a cliff" in the raiders Of The Lost Ark movie truck chase, appears in Monuments Men in background, sporting a new Normandy patt cammo scheme.

Can anyone get a screenshot of this?
2017-11-30 07:03
Made for Movie Mercedes-Benz G5 based on 1942 Dodge WC chassis
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
2491tj wrote update...it lived to fight another day.....it also appears in the 2014 movie "Monuments men".

Where? It isn't listed in that movie's entry.
2017-11-30 07:00
Land-Rover 88'' Series II
Embassy (1972)
Two different Land Rovers in the thumbnails. I've given the other (which I believe is a Series IIa) its own entry. 2017-11-28 16:58
1951 Studebaker Commander Regal
The Muppet Movie (1979)
karoomay wrote Yes, it's nice when someone provides additional images a vehicle, unlike some other members who shall not be named. :whistle:

I provide additional images all the time. Well, usually, anyway. :whistle:

-- Last edit: 2017-10-21 23:17:05
2017-10-21 23:12
Land-Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon
Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld (1995-1996)
It's a Station Wagon, too, like the one in The Monster Squad. 2017-10-01 09:41
AM General HMMWV M1038
The Siege (1998)
Noticed this was a different type of Humvee than the other one. 2017-08-26 18:31
1940 Volkswagen Kübelwagen [Typ 82]
Kelly's Heroes (1970)
Eh, I disagree; it's got a decent amount of screentime leading up to the minefield scene, is used by a character (John G. Heller's German lieutenant), plus there's multiple other Kübelwagens throughout the movie, so I'd say a three-star rating is, while perhaps a bit overly generous, succinct. 2017-08-08 09:09
AM General HMMWV M1038
Dead Rising (2015)
Any shots of the sides so we can see the body type? 2017-08-08 06:53
Chevrolet Astro
Dead Rising (2015)
I think the way the back doors are means it's an Astro. 2017-08-08 06:52
Avalanche (1978) Rock Hudson also drives a Mercedes in one scene. 2017-07-23 20:50
Land-Rover unknown
Das verrückteste Auto der Welt (1975)
Series I, it looks like. 2017-06-21 03:57
Land-Rover 109''
Scavengers (1987)
In the shot of it going off the cliff, the headlights appear to be in the location for a late IIa or III. 2017-04-30 15:40
Land-Rover 109''
Where the Road Runs Out (2014)
109". 2017-04-30 15:39
Land-Rover unknown
The Journey Is the Destination (2016)
Series I of some kind. 2017-04-30 15:38
Land-Rover unknown
Blueprint (1992)
Series II-III Station Wagon. 2017-04-30 15:35
Made for Movie Volkswagen Kübelwagen
Timeless (2016-??)
It also appears to have six wheels. 2017-03-25 02:30
Willys Jeep Pickup Truck
Matlock Police (1971-1975)
No, looks like regular Willys Jeep Pickup, going by the grill and fenders. 2017-03-20 18:11
Land-Rover 109'' Series II
The Siege of Jadotville (2016)
Series II or IIa. 2017-03-20 18:07
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016-2017) Watching Ep. 2.01, I've noticed:

-A Land Rover Defender used by police
-Another Defender seen parked outside a suspect's compound.
-A red pickup truck, likely a Toyota.
-An old bus of some sort.
2017-03-20 17:51
Land-Rover Defender 110
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016-2017)
Seen used by the Tanzanian police. 2017-03-20 17:29
1954 Land-Rover 86'' Series I
Princess Margaret in Mauritius and East Africa (1957)
Series I. 2017-02-27 09:06
1954 Land-Rover 107'' Series I
Southward with Prince Philip (1957)
107"? 2017-02-27 09:04
1954 Land-Rover 86'' Series I Kenya Police
Princess Margaret in Mauritius and East Africa (1957)
Series I of some description. 2017-02-27 09:03
1954 Land-Rover 86'' Series I Military Police
Military Policeman (1961)
Series I. I cannot determine the wheelbase. 2017-01-29 21:54
1958 Land-Rover 88'' Series II Military Police
Military Policeman (1961)
Main pic is a Series II-III; thumbnails shows Series Is. 2017-01-29 21:53
1954 Land-Rover 86'' Series I Station Wagon
Mandela (1987)
It is a Series I. 2017-01-28 15:17
1952 Land-Rover 80'' Series I
The Stabilizer (1986)
Looks like a Series I to me. Too boxy for Series II. 2017-01-28 15:12
Dodge M-37
Combat! (1962-1967)
Ep. 4.16:

[Image: dodge.1.jpg]
2017-01-28 14:45

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