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1986 Bentley Eight
Rikky and Pete (1988)
1986+ due to the numberplate molding on bumper. 2014-10-16 21:16
1994 Ford Taurus
Flirting with Disaster (1996)
I saw 'GL' on the door of some of these, including the main image one. The one in the 3rd New Mexico thumbnail is supposed to be the same car as the main image one but has different wheels.

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2014-10-15 15:27
Flirting with Disaster (1996) Watched it last night, I wouldn't recommend it either. 2014-10-15 14:16
1973 Rolls-Royce Corniche Series I
Round Trip to Heaven (1992)
Corniche II onwards had body coloured door mirrors, which this doesn't have. Nor does it have a CHMSL. Due to combination of rubber bumpers and single exhaust I'd say 1973-76 Corniche Series I.


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2014-10-15 00:05
2007 Chevrolet Silverado
Melancholia (2011)
[Image: melancholiapickup.jpg] 2014-10-14 20:26
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Quickly passes by in this shot /vehicle_670279-AEC-Routemaster.html An anachronism since this scene would have been before 1998.

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2014-10-14 02:43
1996 Jaguar XJ12 LWB [X305]
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Just watched this film again on Sky in HD. It's not an X308, I believe it's a US-market XJ12 like this one /vehicle_3076-Jaguar-XJ12-X305-1996.html it's got the same alloys, chrome door handles and mirrors, and gold Jaguar head badge on the grille. Looks LWB as well. It's not a Vanden Plas because it hasn't got the narrower, fluted boot plinth.

-- Last edit: 2014-10-14 02:22:12
2014-10-14 02:15
1964 Jaguar XK-E 3.8 Series I
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Notice how the main image car has no logo and hood ornament on the front (seen in thumbnail 4) Or maybe they just stuck those on later just to have something for the insert shot. 2014-10-12 15:32
1976 Jaguar XJ-S 5.3 V12 [XJ27]
Grievous Bodily Harm (1988)
An early one (1976-81) due to bumpers.

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2014-10-12 15:28
1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88
The Sopranos (1999-2007)
I doubt that, maybe Janice was visiting. 2014-10-10 17:28
1994 SAAB 900 SE Turbo Gen.2
The Sopranos (1999-2007)
The cigarettes belonged to her son. 2014-10-10 17:25
Love, Honour and Obey (2000) Limo is a 1990-97 Lincoln Town Car. 2014-10-10 17:21
1998 Jaguar Sovereign LWB [X308]
The Angels' Share (2012)
Looks like a Sovereign and is LWB. 2014-10-10 17:14
1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse [W202]
Festen (1998)
Gamer wrote Is your recording higher quality than sixcyl's pics?

I recorded it with my Sky Plus box but I've deleted it now. The quality of Sixcyl's pics is pretty much as good as you could expect because this whole film is shot on a handheld camcorder.
2014-10-09 18:24
1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse [W202]
Festen (1998)
HB98912 (or similar numbers) doesn't check out. I think the year (1996) and the model (C200 D) was a Sixcyl guess. 2014-10-04 17:51
1987 Opel Omega GLS [A]
Festen (1998)
GLS badge behind front wheelarch. 2014-10-04 17:49
1988 Renault 5 'Superfive' Série 2 [X40]
Festen (1998)
I think the badge on the back might say TX (I recorded this film and paused it) Plate is genuine though the Danish plate site only gives this:

Mærke: Renault Registreringsnr: NX50119
Model: 5 Stelnummer: VF1C40F0401394258
2014-10-04 17:46
1994 Toyota Corolla 1.3 [E101]
Festen (1998)
From the Danish plate check site:

Køretøj: Toyota Corolla
Mærke: Toyota Registreringsnr: PX57125
Model: Corolla Stelnummer: JT152EEA100121234
Variant: 1,3 I Første Registreringsdato: 01-08-1994
Art: Personbil
Anvendelse: Privat personkørsel
2014-10-04 17:36
1979 Daimler Limousine [DS420]
Shortland Street (1992-2014)
No entry for the Aston Martin? 2014-09-30 14:08
1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II
The Fear (1988)
^ You think so? 2014-09-30 14:06
The President's Plane Is Missing (1973) This must be the inspiration for the "The President's Brain is Missing" sketches in Spitting Image (the President being Ronald Reagan) :D 2014-09-28 00:33
2001 MG ZR [X30]
The Smoke (2014)
Welcome back, Sandie. :) 2014-09-27 17:23
Bentley Arnage
Gotham (2014)
Arnage T wheels. 2014-09-27 17:19
1992 Buick LeSabre
The Nature of the Beast (1995)
This is a LeSabre, is it not? (rather than a Park Avenue) 2014-09-27 17:17
1997 Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
August: Osage County (2013)
It's a 355 F1 Spider (which means paddle gear change) Notice the badge on the back. Introduced in 1997. I was the one who added the entry originally (without a picture) who changed it? :p

-- Last edit: 2014-09-27 17:11:38
2014-09-27 17:07
1990 Fiat Uno 2a serie
Diana (2013)
I might have misremembered what they used for the smaller car (if we're both thinking of the same documentary) but I'm pretty sure they had an 80s Town Car standing in for the Merc. 2014-09-26 18:39
1990 Fiat Uno 2a serie
Diana (2013)
I once saw this American documentary on Youtube where they tried to test certain theories using cars on a testing ground, except they didn't use a Mercedes S-Class and a Fiat Uno, they used a wallowy 80s Lincoln Town Car and some smaller American sedan (which of course would have been much bigger than an Uno) Very scientific. :D

-- Last edit: 2014-09-26 14:44:56
2014-09-26 14:44
1986 Fiat Uno Targa Bianca 1a serie
Dingo (1991)
dsl wrote Mercedes and Uno bump in a Paris underpass - uncanny premonition of events a few years later .....

Damn, that's eerie!
2014-09-26 14:28
1990 Fiat Uno 2a serie
Diana (2013)
rjluna2 wrote Wasn't the Fiat Uno that struck the Diana's Mercedes a white car?

That's true, but one wonders if the filmmakers deliberately put a Fiat Uno in this film (aren't those 2 cars ahead Unos as well?)

Some people probably believe that Uno is secretly tucked away in Prince Philip's garage. I don't really buy the theory about the Uno causing the crash because surely a tank-like W140 S-Class would plow straight through it in a collision.

-- Last edit: 2014-09-26 14:24:48
2014-09-26 14:21
1999 BMW 7 [E38]
Diana (2013)
Could be a W-plate instead.

-- Last edit: 2014-09-25 15:03:38
2014-09-25 15:03
1986 Jaguar XJ [Series III]
Diana (2013)
Can the numberplate be read? (if possible, try getting a shot where the back end is further away and in focus more) 2014-09-25 15:01
1991 Mercedes-Benz [W124]
Diana (2013)
Carmaker1 wrote There are visible differences between the W124 through the years.

What are they?
2014-09-25 14:57
1995 Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 [X300]
Diana (2013)
Old main image:

[Image: i604544.jpg]

Numberplate visible here:

[Vehicle Image 665923]

I was right about it being a Sovereign:

The vehicle details for A6 PYR are:
Date of Liability 01 12 2014
Date of First Registration 01 11 1995
Year of Manufacture 1995
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 3980cc
Fuel Type PETROL
Export Marker N
Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour GREEN


-- Last edit: 2014-09-25 14:56:32
2014-09-25 14:52
Triumph Trophy 1200
Diana (2013)
Did the Metropolitan Police ever use these? (I thought they just used Hondas and BMWs)

-- Last edit: 2014-09-25 14:50:47
2014-09-25 14:50
1990 Fiat Uno 2a serie
Diana (2013)
Remember that mystery about the Fiat Uno in the Paris tunnel that was said to have been stuck by Diana's Mercedes? 2014-09-25 14:47
Land-Rover Defender 90
Diana (2013)
I think it's a 90 rather than a 110. 2014-09-25 14:45
Jaguar XJ6 [X300]
Scorpion (2014-??)
X300 XJ6 (US market XJ12 or Vanden Plas would have had chrome mirrors) 2014-09-25 14:41
Jaguar Vanden Plas [XJ40]
Mike & Molly (2010-2014)
Vanden Plas (fluted grille, chrome side strip) 2014-09-24 10:41
1986 Honda Accord [CA5]
Farlig farvann (1995)
Yes, Accord. 2014-09-20 21:50
1988 Volvo B10 M Citybus Alexander RV [B10 M-50]
Down Among the Big Boys (1993)
The nays have it. Common sense prevailed. :D 2014-09-19 20:05
2007 Toyota Camry [XV40]
Lucy (2014)
Saw this film yesterday. She shoots the taxi driver on the left and gets the other one to drive her in the car on the right. So I think this one is 1 star. 2014-09-12 15:07
1993 Jaguar XJ6 [XJ40]
Marked Man (1996)
1993+ due to integrated foglamps in the front bumper. The US-market XJ6 models made near the end of the production run had square headlights and alloys like this /vehicle_13604-Jaguar-XJ6-XJ40-1993.html

The one in the thumbnail seems to have different alloys.

-- Last edit: 2014-09-12 14:59:57
2014-09-12 14:55
1986 Jaguar XJ-S 5.3 V12 H.E. Convertible by Hess & Eisenhardt [XJ27]
The Big Picture (1989)
Yes, looks like an H&E. 2014-09-12 14:49
1998 Jaguar Vanden Plas [X308]
Runaway Bride (1999)
X308 Vanden Plas, like this one (same alloys, chrome mirrors and door handles):


-- Last edit: 2014-09-05 17:30:48
2014-09-05 17:22
1960 Mercedes-Benz 220 S [W111]
Le spie amano i fiori (1966)
OK, I wasn't questioning him, I just wanted to know. ;) 2014-09-04 15:45
1960 Mercedes-Benz 220 S [W111]
Le spie amano i fiori (1966)
bob dieck wrote The third thumbnail is not from the same car.

How do you know?
2014-09-04 15:02
1989 Plymouth Acclaim
Grumpier Old Men (1995)
Sandie wrote Dodge Spirit / Plymouth Acclaim. I believe the mirrors on the similar Chrysler LeBaron sedan were chromed.

Which is it? Or which is more likely?
2014-09-04 03:00
Jaguar S-Type
Os Homens São de Marte... E é pra Lá que Eu Vou! (2014)
I think it's got the facelifted rear end. 2014-09-01 23:33
Daimler Super V8 [X308]
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt (1998-2006)
Thanks ;) It's a Super V8. 2014-09-01 23:31
Daimler Super V8 [X308]
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt (1998-2006)
A view of the wheels (to tell whether it's a V8 or Super V8) 2014-08-30 01:51

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