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1960 Steyr 188
Gebissen wird nur nachts (1971)
Ralph wrote Steyr?

Yes, Steyr - most likely a Type 188, circa 1960, like this one: http://habekotte.fol.nl/steyr188.htm

-- Last edit: 2007-09-19 00:00:19
2007-09-18 23:57
Massey Ferguson 400
Alexandre le bienheureux (1968)
You can take my word on this one... 2007-09-17 00:50
1935 Citroën 11 Cabriolet 'Traction'
Two for the Road (1967)
Bebert wrote Delete?..

If you wish - just one comment first. If you say "1935" it could well be an 11 in its first year of production, as it came in a cabrio, but is just as likely to have bee a 7B or 7 Sport (renamed to 11 Légère), both which also came in this body style. Pity one cannot see it better...
2007-09-17 00:04
Bucyrus-Erie 60-XC
Atomic Train (1999)
A clue as to the "Sorenson" on the boom: http://www.albertafilm.net/ID15532
As for the crane itself, Demag?
2007-09-16 23:40
Isuzu TF
Peking Express (2004-2008)
I don't know what they would have called this in Laos, but it was sold as the KB-series in ZA. This is a Limited Edition spec 2x4 double cab, by all appearances; late 1990s. 2007-09-16 22:23
1990 Toyota Land Cruiser [J80]
Peking Express (2004-2008)
As far as i can see, this is a 100-series (looks like a VX), and not a Prado, except if they got their nomenclature totally mixed-up in the East... ;) 2007-09-16 22:17
Isuzu TF
Peking Express (2004-2008)
Can one see from other shots whether this is a pickup or a van? 2007-09-15 22:44
1986 Nissan Truck [D21]
Peking Express (2004-2008)
1985 onwards 800-series ("Hardbody") pick-up 2007-09-15 22:43
Toyota Hilux
Peking Express (2004-2008)
Previous generation Hilux 2007-09-15 22:42
Toyota Hilux
Peking Express (2004-2008)
crazyforcars12 wrote Hilux?

Yes, previous generation Hilux double cab 4x4
2007-09-15 22:38
2003 Zhengzhou-Nissan Paladin ZN6451
Peking Express (2004-2008)
Pathfinder? 2007-09-15 22:36
1990 Toyota Land Cruiser [J80]
Peking Express (2004-2008)
1990's Toyota Landcruiser 2007-09-15 22:35
Two for the Road (1967)
I doubt very strongly that it could be a Farmall, but cannot yet be certain enough of what it is to wager a guess
2007-09-14 01:28
Land-Rover 109'' Series III
McLeod's Daughters (2001-2009)
Ddey65 wrote Series III?

Would agree with Series III 109 pick-up
2007-09-14 00:38
Simca Ariane
La fabuleuse histoire de la DS Citroën (1998)
Weasel1984 wrote Ariane?

I would agree - see http://www.citroenet.org.uk/miscellaneous/peers/peersf-3.html
2007-09-14 00:15
1962 Güldner G 45 S
Tatort - Tod im Häcksler (1991)
Another Güldner - this time a G-series (1962-1969). Looks like a G45S. See http://jarle.eltelevest.no/Personal/Vehicles/Tractors/Gueldner/aboutg.htm 2007-09-13 23:56
Güldner A2 B
Tatort - Tod im Häcksler (1991)
This is a small Gueldner (Güldner), most probably an A2B. See http://jarle.eltelevest.no/Personal/Vehicles/Tractors/Gueldner/aboutg.htm 2007-09-13 23:52
1959 Ford Consul MkII [204E]
Villain (1971)
valiant1962 wrote Does that say Consul on the badge in the last frame

2007-09-13 23:34
John Deere LX-series
Weird Science (1994-1997)
This is a JD LX-series (Link to "www.deere.com" quite which model is difficult to say, but earlier judged by the lights and the branding strip on the side - black in this case. 2007-09-13 01:13
John Deere 3020 Diesel
The Ultimate Gift (2006)
Ddey65 wrote
I've just got to check to find the model.

My best guess would be for an early sixties 3120, especially considering the twin lights in the fenders. But does it not look smaller than that?
2007-09-12 23:51
1985 Ford Laser [KB]
Heartbreak High (1994-1999)
Looks like a Ford-badged Mazda 323/ Familia? 2007-09-11 01:02
1966 Ford Bronco
Akon: Don't Matter (2007)
International? 2007-09-09 19:29
1969 Ford F-100
Arizona Dream (1993)
Ddey65 wrote 1968 or 1969 Ford F-Series.

Will take your word for the year, but agree on the Ford F-series (F250?)
2007-09-05 22:47
1956 Citroën U23 RU
Père et maire (2002-2009)
Almost certainly a U23 from post the 1956 facelift
2007-09-05 22:43
1939 Farmall H
The Astronaut Farmer (2006)
Quite sure it is a Farmall H or Super H, 1939 - 1953
http://www.tractorshed.com/gallery/tphotos/a104801.jpg (and many more on www.tractorshed.com)
2007-09-03 22:07
1967 Nuffield 4/65
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
NOOO! With those "goggles", this is the most recognisable of all the Nuffields, the last series before they got branded Leyland. Judged by the size (using the sheep as reference), this is a 4/65 model (1967 -1969, although some are listed as 1970 models) -
and for those who would like to read more about it:
2007-08-27 23:10
1968 BMW 1600-2
Der Kommissar (1969-1976)
2002 Ti? 2007-08-25 22:24
1971 BMW 2800 [E3]
Der Kommissar (1969-1976)
fordtwo wrote Not sure? Maybe a BMW 2800?

Sure looks like one...
2007-08-25 22:15
1971 Fiat 125 Special [125B]
Der Kommissar (1969-1976)
chris40 wrote ?Fiat 125

I second
2007-08-25 22:10
Toyota FA
Miami Vice (1984-1989)
Citsa wrote
I would agree with Nissan Diesel There is a Toyota truck that is very similar, and easy to confuse it with, couldn't yet remember/ find the model to compare.

Sorry, I retract. After comparing Nissan vs. Toyota, I am 100% certain it is a Toyota FA truck from the late 1960's/ early 1970's. Compare the pictures at http://www.trans.rtaf.mi.th/Picture/page_01.htm.
Note that there are Toyota DA's also in the above gallery - the way to distinguish between them and the FA are the rear end of the bonnet/hood, where the FA's stop short of the windscreen.
2007-08-24 00:17
Toyota FA
Miami Vice (1984-1989)
nzcarnerd wrote Or maybe and early Nissan Diesel.

I would agree with Nissan Diesel (post-facelift UF series):

There is a Toyota truck that is very similar, and easy to confuse it with, couldn't yet remember/ find the model to compare.
2007-08-23 23:35
1983 Ford Sierra L MkI
Dempsey & Makepeace (1985-1986)
Ford Sierra sedan (aka Sapphire) 2007-08-22 22:41
1979 Datsun Bluebird
Dempsey & Makepeace (1985-1986)
Datsun Bluebird? 2007-08-22 22:38
1939 IH Farmall H
Tootsie (1982)
IH Farmall "H (1939 - 1952)

Some info and history at http://www.antiquefarming.com/farmall.html (scroll half-way down).
2007-08-22 22:35
1975 Holden Kingswood [HJ]
Black Sheep (2006)
Holden (was called the Commando in ZA) or *maybe*, but unlikely, equivalent Chevy 2007-08-22 19:26
Toyota Hilux
Black Sheep (2006)
The panel behind the door (B-pillar) and the crease line in the door tells me it's a Hilux 2007-08-22 19:21
1990 Toyota Hilux double cab [N80]
The Chase (2006-2018)
Hilux double cab. 2007-08-21 18:31
1974 Triumph 2500 TC Mk2
Raining Stones (1993)
DynaMike wrote Does the badge on the C-pillar identify it as a 2.5 PI?

DynaMike, that is how I have it, and what I wanted to comment before I saw your post. To add, I think those rims came only on the PI?
2007-08-21 18:25
1956 McCormick International D-430
Tatort - Ein mörderisches Märchen (2001)
Here it is: http://www.ihace.de/01_schlepper/0430/430.htm
I am now certain it must be a D-430 IH Farmall
2007-08-21 00:54
1973 Volvo 144
The Professionals (1977-1983)
144? 2007-08-20 23:22
Ford Model A Replica
King Cobra (1999)
"Replica" - that was my first thought when I saw it...?

-- Last edit: 2010-04-02 15:36:41 (G-MANN)
2007-08-18 23:26
1975 Toyota Truck [RN20]
Madonna: La Isla Bonita (1987)
oddbjrn wrote Rather Chevy LUV

Sorry - but having had both, I need to disagree.
1976 Toyota Hilux: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/477185
1976 Chevy LUV: http://www.classiccarprojects.com/htmlfiles/76chevyluv.html

Please note the bonnet/ hood for the Toyota ending after the grille (as it hinges at the back) while the LUV's (front-hinged) goes over the grille. On the LUV, there are very pronounced headlamp surrounds also, and not only rings such as on the Toyota.
I might eventually concede that it is not a Hilux, but I am certain it is not a LUV ;)
2007-08-18 22:36
1960 Chevrolet C-Series
Mondo Bizarro (1966)
The embossing on the tailgate *may* say Chevrolet...
Year: 196* ?
2007-08-18 20:02
1975 Toyota Truck [RN20]
Madonna: La Isla Bonita (1987)
It looks like a 1976 Toyota Hilux? 2007-08-18 19:57
Deutz unknown
Two for the Road (1967)
I have little doubt that it is an Allis Chalmers Crawler/ Dozer, probably (but not definitely) from the HD series.
2007-08-15 22:05
IH Farmall 806
Dallas (1978-1991)
It is an IH Farmall, from what I can see it is an 816 from the early sixties - http://www.lestracteursrouges.com/fichier_tracteurs/tracteurs_us/816.htm. Tried Googling for more pics to make 100% certain, but no luck...
Pretty convinced, though!
2007-08-15 21:22
IH Farmall 806
Dallas (1978-1991)
fordtwo wrote Could be a (Farmal)?

You could very well be right - it could be one, like the 706 in Link to "www.tractorshed.com" Still more searching for to confirm exactly what it is, though...
2007-08-15 20:21
1980 Nissan Sunny [B310]
The Killer (2006)
My initial thoughts were that it is a Datsun "J"-series (1978-1983), also sold as the Stanza in ZA and Oz. The seats, steering, grilles ahead of windscreen and bonnet looks right for that.
The C-pillar, dash and rearview mirrors, however, could be wrong?
Compare: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2068366 and http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/A_1171/article.html :think:
2007-08-14 00:15
1967 Reliant Scimitar GT 3 Litre [SE4A]
Dempsey & Makepeace (1985-1986)
rpcm wrote It's a Mazda. I suppose there were 1000, 1200 and 1300 models and they were called Familia in Japan.

They were just sold as "1300's" in ZA - Familia would probably be the correct model name.
2007-08-13 23:22
1970 Hillman Hunter Super [Arrow]
Dempsey & Makepeace (1985-1986)
Hillman Vogue? 2007-08-13 23:19

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