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1971 Volkswagen K70 [Typ 48]

1971 Volkswagen K70 [Typ 48] in Godzina szczytu, Movie, 1973 IMDB

Class: Cars, Sedan — Model origin: DE

1971 Volkswagen K70 [Typ 48]

[*] Background vehicle

Comments about this vehicle


ingo DE

2009-01-28 10:27


aaah, great! :beer: na zdrowie!

i just have seen, that you have listetd it. i just wanted to start niggling, why this gdr-junk
/vehicle_210885-Robur-B21.html got an own page, but the k 70 not. :)

ingo DE

2009-01-28 10:31


too blurry to identify, if its a 1971 or -72 model (i need to see the bumper for it), but the colour is "goldmetallic" (L97H)

is the license-plate visible anyhow? i cannot see, if its a german or a polish one.

@weasel: if there would be a chance, that you could on flea-markets or oldtimer-markets check polish motor-magazines of the early 70ies for me, i would be very pleased. :)

-- Last edit: 2009-01-28 10:36:25

Weasel1984 PL

2009-01-30 14:57


The plates are rather white for me.

Here is article from the 1971 "Młody Technik":
http://ikm.wz.cz/index.php?action=show_article&id=0000000127 (described as one of the best W. German cars :p ).
But, as you can see (on the bottom) the picture is from the brochure/advert (the one where Ro80 was originally at the top, above the K70). "Młody Technik" wasn't about the cars, but generally about the "technic" ;) so there was only a little bit about it, and rather as a curiosity.
Perhaps there was more about this car in the biggest, in those times, our automotive magazeine - "Motor", but it is rather hard to find them for sale today. When I will be at the national library I will try to check did they have any articles about the K70.

-- Last edit: 2009-01-30 15:02:25

ingo DE

2009-01-30 18:37


many thanks for the link. :)
i cannot understand polish, but it seem, that the writer took one of the technical articles about the nsu-construction of that times. yes, i know the photo. it was one of the nsu-released photos. nsu had alle the years a very active pr-group. the car is even a nsu k 70-prototype (to identify for axample by the smaller nsu 1200-wheels and the nsu prinz-hupcaps. anyways, vw had used nsu-pics later on for the instruction manual, too.

sometimes libraries can be interesting. strange: at ebay is a big car-sales-brochure dealer from the usa (new jersey, if i remember correctly). i had bought some italian k 70-sales brochures from him - which had a seal of the "detroit public library automotive history collection".
and these werent the only ones. he still offers more car-sales-brochures in different languages, which all had this seal of the detroit's library.

perhaps it was thought for the general motors-, ford- or chrysler-engineers, for the lessons "lets learn from others, how to build a modern car." :p :D

once a friend gave me a plastic envelope with magazine-articles and pricelist-copies of the k 70. he got it from the archive of ford germany.

Weasel1984 PL

2009-01-30 20:00


AFAIK the author of the article was actually in those times the NSU Prinz driver, he always wrote only a good things about these cars, especially about their engines.

About the old car magazines, I will never forgive to myself that I lost such a big opportunity to gain a lot of them and one really big catalog of all trucks build in Europe in the 1960's and 1970's. At the end of 1990's such things were still in our school library, they had the entire 1970's annuals (for example of such mentioned "Młody Technik"). When I discovered them I walked there on every break. :D They really didin't need them, kids weren't interested in this. I wanted to propose some exchange (for example for the school books). I'm nearly sure that the woman responsible for the library would agree for that (once I already did something like that). But I went too late. It was a time of the big education reform here, and after the summer my school was supposed to have a diffferent profile - they started cleaning and refurnishing... So when I finally asked about "my" car magazines, they were already far away on the garbage dump. ;( Barbarity and the self-annihilation. :/

Btw. when I looked about some old car magazines for sale, I found this - rather cheap K70 for sale: Link to "www.allegro.pl"
What do you think? ;)

-- Last edit: 2009-01-30 20:11:05

ingo DE

2009-01-30 20:27



am i right, that the actual price -or the selling price?- is 3000 zloty? this is 672 euro. this is very expensive.
o.k., perhaps, because i still have the prices in my head, i paid for k 70 for wrecking in the mid-90ies. then i got much better cars for 10% of that price.

its a total gone 1974-wreck in "mossmetallic". it looks, like every body-part is dented or bended. the black tar at the bottom and the missing chrome-trims are showing, that it rotten underneath (or cobbled, which is worse).
it may sound arrogant, but if you would give me that car for free, i really must think about, what parts were worth to dismantle. perhaps the engine. but its only the most common 75hp, so the best deal would be to sell the crankshaft to a nsu-tuning-freak. they are keen on it to pimp up the tt-engines. if it would be the 1800 ccm 100hp-engine, it would be more interesting. then would also the gearbox with the longer 4th gear worth to keep, but here...

it would be a ride to hell to restore that car. only total crazy people or masochists would do that.

the most interesting thing about that car would be its history. i would be very pleased, if you could find out something about that. the chassis-number would be the greatest (a friend is collecting them). you also can tell the buyer, that i can help him with parts. i will think about, how politely i can tell him, that keeping this k 70 is chance- and hopeless.

P.S. yes, me and my k 70-friends wouldnt be crying or complaining, if jeremy clarkson would have a use for it. it would be a good pr-joke for our scene - and not a shame, if this car would be destroyed.

-- Last edit: 2009-01-30 20:59:44

ingo DE

2009-01-30 20:29


about the missed literature: you should better not think about, what you should have better bought in the past. i try to repress, which thing i better should have bought (or steal) on junkyards in the early 90ies... :(

Weasel1984 PL

2009-01-31 17:24


It is better to do not trust in every word of these sellers :D , one thing is interesting here though. The guy claims that this K70 L is from some limited edition of 3200 cars. :??:
3000 is a max price (you give 3000 and car is yours), but you can negotiate and buy it perhaps even for the 1500, if you have strong arguments. On the other hand the renovation would probably costs 6 times more.

-- Last edit: 2009-01-31 17:33:07

ingo DE

2009-01-31 18:09


no, its no limited edition. its a normal 1974-75 hp-model. the "l" means the better interior, but these "luxoury" l-version is much more common than the standard k 70.
the "sondermodell", the limited special model was the 100 hp k 70 ls from may to june 1973. only that one, not the following 1974+ k 70 ls. from that special model only 3000 anything were built indeed.
we have two of them at imcdb:
- /vehicle_181997-Volkswagen-K70-Typ-48-1973.html
- /vehicle_116630-Volkswagen-K70-Typ-48-1973.html

the only extra, i can identify at the offered car, is the metaillic paintwork. at first i thought, that it perhaps has towing-hitch - but its only the rusted off-trunk-bottom.

i would be very pleased, if i could find out the chassis-number, but thats all. if it would be my car, i would let crush it. its hopeless. i cannot see any single part, which would be worth to keep.

a correct restoration of that k 70 is impossible. perhaps you can make it roadworthy, but thats all. mount off all damaged parts (it had badly re-cobbled crashes in the front and back either!) and sandblast the areas with the black tar. then nothing will be left.
even if you would organize used parts, you have to change everything. our club has a good stock of new-old-stock-parts, but not enough for restoring such a wreck. and i wouldnt like to give our rare new-parts for such a worthless junk (i am responsible for the part-supply, too).

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