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1973 Polski Fiat 126p [126A]

1973 Polski Fiat 126p [126A] in Czterdziestolatek, Fernsehserie, 1974-1977 IMDB Ep. 01-20

Typ: Pkw, Kleinwagen — Herkunftsland: PL

1973 Polski Fiat 126p [126A]

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Weasel1984 PL

2006-12-30 19:20


Main pic is from ep. 04
Ep. 01:
[Image: 113ueb.8603.jpg] [Image: 25882052.2301.jpg]
Ep. 02 and 03 (smashed a bit):
[Image: 97721536.4691.jpg] [Image: 313e.6035.jpg] [Image: 14831265.2899.jpg] [Image: 329a.2361.jpg]
Ep. 06:
[Image: 126pk.2310.jpg] [Image: 126p1.5320.jpg] [Image: 126p2.3013.jpg]
Ep. 08:
[Image: 126jb.2387.jpg] [Image: 08.jpg] [Image: 1261e.779.jpg] [Image: 1262.5117.jpg]
Eps 13, 14, 15 and 16:
[Image: 74860681.4449.jpg] [Image: 1261l.3381.jpg] [Image: 1262t.4504.jpg] [Image: 1512a.2850.jpg] [Image: 12616.83.jpg]
Meanwhile car got new, plastic filler cap, and additional rubber overiders.
Ep. 19:
[Image: ep19o.4567.jpg] [Image: ep191.741.jpg] [Image: 1912.jpg]

Ep. 02
[*][*] - early one, made with use of the italian parts (or even Italian made):
[Image: 10849183.5387.jpg]
Ep. 03
[Image: 322k.889.jpg] [Image: 323g.8066.jpg]
[Image: 324t.8393.jpg] [Image: 325a.1265.jpg] [Image: 326r.5026.jpg] [Image: 327.1285.jpg] [Image: 328f.4716.jpg]

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