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1958 Chrysler Windsor Town & Country Wagon

1958 Chrysler Windsor Town & Country in Operation Petticoat, Kinofilm, 1959 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Kombi — Herkunftsland: US

1958 Chrysler Windsor Town & Country Wagon

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Sunbar UK

2006-11-14 13:47


[Image: cap003uw4.3696.jpg]

junkman UK

2006-11-14 14:15


1958 Dodge Coronet wagon

Yvon52 BE

2006-11-14 16:21


No, this is a 1958 Chrysler Windsor with optional front bumperettes.

pilou BE

2006-11-14 16:46


It is not a Chrysler Windsor but a Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country Wagon of 1958 : those bumperettes were not optional on the Windsors but were a standard equipment on the New Yorker series in 1958.Side trim is also New Yorker.( series LC3-H)

yvon52 BE

2006-11-15 01:58


Pilou, for one time I don't agree:

For me it's a 1958 (there we both agree).

The 1957 Windsor Town and Country has the same front as the New Yorker Town and Country (100% Chrysler front) The difference is that the Windsor has a total lack of chrome on the side.

In 1958 there is a big difference between the front of the Windsor Town and Country and the New Yorker Town and Country. The first one has the "Dodge" front wings and hood chrome and the second has the typical Chrysler front wings.

The car in this movie is for me a Windsor and not a New Yorker.

I try to find the 1958 Chrysler catalog and to scan the picture. The only picture I have close to hand is a press photo were the front is not visible.

Here is the front of a 1958 Windsor

[Image: 1958chryslerwindsorns9.jpg]

and a 1958 Saratoga/New Yorker

[Image: 1958chryslersaratogaob0.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2006-11-15 02:26:25

pilou BE

2006-11-15 10:23


Yes , I rechecked and admit you are right , 1958 Windsor.Fine spotting!The point that mislead me are those famous bumperettes .In my documents and I specifically refer to G. Damman's 70 years of Chrysler containing many factory pictures, none of the Windsors or Saratogas have them, whereas all New Yorkers show them.So this remains a question mark here .I should have had a look at the hood first!

antp BE

2006-11-15 10:41


Is it a Windsor Town & Country (since it is a wagon) or just Windsor ?

Yvon52 BE

2006-11-15 16:21


It's a Windsor Town & Country.

Why I know easely thoses differences: my parents had a 1958 Saratoga. So I always kwew the difference between the Windsor (the cheap edition), the Saratoga (a "in between edition") and the high level New Yorker.

In 1958, 50 Saratoga were imported to Belgium and mainly 4-doors in black color. My parents kept the car untill 1972 when the automatic gearbox burned. They changed to a 1969 Buick Electra 225 Limited.

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