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1966 Winchester Mk.III Taxi

1966 Winchester Mk.III in The Protectors, Fernsehserie, 1972-1973 IMDB Ep. 2.16

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: UK

1966 Winchester Mk.III Taxi

[*] Fahrzeug im Hintergrund

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stronghold EN

2006-10-17 12:45


[Image: pro2165em1.1079.jpg]

Sunbar UK

2006-10-17 13:03


1967 Winchester MkIII because its in black.

MkI from 1963 was two-tone grey with Perkins diesel engine.
MkII from 1964 was two-tone grey with Ford petrol engine.

-- Last edit: 2006-10-17 13:03:55

winchester IV EN

2017-12-18 20:33


Series 1 Winchesters had a Perkins 4.99 Diesel engine. Most if not all started as two tone grey although some were very quickly painted black.
Series 2 Winchesters look the same as the Series 1 but have a 1500cc pre x flow Ford Kent engine.
Series 3 Winchesters had the same body bot the 1700cc v4 Essex engine from the transit. They also had Transit axles and wheels giving a rather large gap around the arches.
Series 4 Winchesters were an all new cab and the most modern looking cab until the 1986 Metrocab.

dsl SX

2017-12-18 21:13


KLH 366 came with D, April to Dec 1966.

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