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Volvo 244

Volvo 244 in Zombie Nightmare, Kinofilm, 1986 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: SE

Volvo 244

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zodiac SE

2012-06-12 09:43


With this much chrome at front it has to be a 260-series.

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-12 09:44


From this angle, couldn't say if 244 or 264.

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-12 09:47


zodiac wrote With this much chrome at front it has to be a 260-series.

Nope. Check out the 244 DL

Link to "4.bp.blogspot.com"
Link to "static.cargurus.com"

Without seeing the decorative side strip or the wheels or the headrests, can't tell from this angle.

pawncob EN

2012-06-12 18:09


It's a 745 (late 80s)

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-12 18:39


pawncob wrote It's a 745 (late 80s)

Sorry, but definitely no 745! Anyway, where do you know it's a Station Wagon instead of a Sedan?
It's either a 244 or 264.

zodiac SE

2012-06-12 20:28


As far as I understand, the Link to "4.bp.blogspot.com" is a 1985 model ( http://www.k-jet.org/articles/information/200-series-year-by-year/ ), and the Link to "static.cargurus.com" is, because of the black grill, a 240.

The featured car has black rectangular door mirrors, and therefore 1980+, but it hasn't got the plastic cover over the aluminium on the bumpers introduced in 1983. Thus 1980-82.
The raised bonnet and the square head lights were introduced on the 260-series, but also used on the 240's from 1981. Before that the 240's had round head lights when having a raised bonnet.

I haven't seen any 1980-82 240 with both the raised bonnet and the square head lights, as I understand that was a 1983+ feature to make the 240-series more attractive when the 760-series had been introduced in 1982. If the the words "1981 Volvo 244 US" is typed in on any search engine, the 1983+ 240's coming up are such that are wrongly named here at imcdb.

I incist this is a 1980-82 Volvo 260 (That is either a 264 or a 265, and no other possibility. It's equally wrong to name it 264 as 265.).

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-12 20:59


@ zodiac: I was sure about the modell year in my first comment. And until 1983, they wee named 244/264 (4door) or 245/265 (5door).

zodiac SE

2012-06-12 21:27


blue_thunder wrote @ zodiac: I was sure about the modell year in my first comment. And until 1983, they wee named 244/264 (4door) or 245/265 (5door).

But if you were sure, why did you link to a 1985 model?
I know Volvo skipped the doors in their notation in the early 80's, but as we can't tell whether this has four or five doors, it's wrong to call it 264 or 265. 260 is a satisfacory compromise.

-- Last edit: 2012-06-12 21:42:30

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-12 22:07


^ Sorry, my second comment concerned about wheter 24x or 26x, not about the modell year like in my first comment.
I just wanted to make clear, that it might be a 24x DL as well. I'm still not convinced that it's a 26x.

tore-40 NO

2012-06-13 02:28


For the American market, Volvo had dropped the 24x/26x denomination for the early 80s. This would make the car in the photo a Volvo GL/GLE, I guess.

zodiac SE

2012-06-13 20:45


I find this 1981 264 a very close match http://www.salvage-cars-for-sale.info/salvage/for-sale-volvo-264-1981-MjI0OTg0ODE , and also this 1979 model http://www.alanauto.com/1979_volvo_264_ForSale.htm . It has square door mirrors which shows I was wrong earlier, when elactrically manouvered they was available in 1979 as well...

-- Last edit: 2012-06-13 20:51:56

blue_thunder AT

2012-06-14 12:17


'81 244 GL (reflectors under headlamps missing)

'81 245

'81 244 GLE
Link to "www.volvobylnb.com"

Still not convinced it's a 26x. Sorry ;-)

From '83 onwards, they got new bumpers

-- Last edit: 2012-06-14 12:19:47

zodiac SE

2012-06-16 00:08


I forgot about the 240 GLE, but the first one is an ordinary GL (black instead of reflective surface beneath the head lamps, black grill) as explained earlier (Please don't mix these into this).

During the last years of the 140 production the most expensive model had a fuel injection system, and was, in Sweden and a few other countries, called 142 GL, 144 GL and 145 GL (E in the US). That numbering followed when Volvo introduced the 240 series in 1975 and was used until 1978. It was always a rare model.
In 1979 for some strange reason Volvo decided that the most common model was to be named GL and thus the fuel injected models had to be named GLE (or GLT).

I remember from when I grew up in the 70's and 80's, when some 30% of the cars sold in Sweden were Volvo's, only a handful of the Volvo's were either GL, if before 1979, or GLE, if 1979-83.
I remember one 1979 244 GLE, one 1980 244 GLE and one 1980 245 GLE. In a town of some 50.000.
The 260 series were somewhat more common because the executives usually had those as representive cars. Also the GLT was more common as it was considered sporty.

I was most interested, up to a point it was almost insane, seen in retrospect.

These are my thaughts, why do you find it more likely this is a 240?

Edit: That is the [240] GL/GLE was rather misplaced as an entity seen from a sales perspective, but important seen from a technical point of view (early fuel injection).
I still must see the car above as (most likely) a 260.

-- Last edit: 2012-06-17 22:22:42

OldSchoolSD SE

2012-08-14 20:00


I agree with Zodiac, it has to be a 260 with the USA front grille, as we don't have those 'sticklights' under the headlights in Sweden, only some of us and those are americans, from what I know.

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