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Opel Calibra modified as Aston Martin

Opel Calibra in Big Boy, Kinofilm, 2010 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Coupé — Herkunftsland: DE

Opel Calibra modified as Aston Martin

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love krittaya TH

2012-05-23 12:48


This is a fake Aston Martin, not a real car. (It is also crashed in the movie : /vehicle_503765-Toyota-Dyna.html .)

The "older" main character (http://asianwiki.com/Setha_Sirachaya ) is a millionaire (in this movie). In this movie he own expensive cars, but no any use of another cars are visible. Just only this car he drive that visible in movie.

This car is use in many scenes, include a car chase.

I think this car has no substitute, and I think there are no any real Aston Martin to use in this movie.

Interior visible :

[Image: vts_01_125201976_resize.jpg]

And some references :

http://www.bcc138.com/forum/index.php?topic=3117.45 wrote เพื่อนเล่นแบบนี่ไหม เอา OPEL CALIBRA ทำเป็น ASTON Matin DB-9 รถที่ใช้ในหนังไทยเรื่อง big boy

http://www.mercedesmania.com/forum/index.php?topic=51916.0 wrote รถ DB9 ในหนัง BIG BOY เป็น Opel Calibra แปลงมานะครับ สังเกตได้จากภายใน

http://www.boyzathailand.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-171558.html wrote อย่างเช่นหนังเรื่อง Big Boy ที่มีฉาก Aston Martin โดน10ล้อบี้ นั่นก็เป็น opel calibra ครับผม

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dsl SX

2012-05-23 13:23


A RHD Calibra with Opel badging is very unusual - I would expect Vauxhall. However seat logos in thumb noted. Seems clear that crash car was a dressed-up Calibra, but does that exclude ordinary pictures being a genuine Aston?

zodiac SE

2012-05-23 13:35


I used to deliver morning papers many years ago, and did mostly drive RHD Opel Kadett E and Opel Astra A. As I was interested in cars back then as well, and did know that most RHD of these makes were Vauxhalls, I thaught the Opels were renamed Vauxhalls, and thus made in England. Surprizingly they were German made ones.

dsl SX

2012-05-23 13:54


AFAIK all Calibras were German-made - never UK. We've had lots of Opel/Vauxhall RHD/LHD discussions before for 80s/90s/00s Kadett/Astra/Cavalier/Vectra mainstream models - basically no chance of identifying assembly plant from UK/D/Belgium - they all produced anything whenever needed and then moved the deckchairs around again. And RHD Opels were sold in some markets instead of Vauxhall (eg RoI, some Mediterranean islands) and there was limited LHD Vauxhall-badged production.

Sunbar UK

2012-05-23 17:26


Calibras were made initially in Germany (Rüsselsheim) alongside the Vectra on which it was based. This was followed by by Valmet Automotive in Finland when the Vectra model was superseded by a later model.

It was readily straightforward to order RHD Opels from Opel marketing in fact they often encouraged it. Likewise Vauxhall Motors I guess would order LHD Vauxhalls from the system but as dsl says once in the system it was down to the specific manufacturing plant to build either model.

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