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1974 Fiat 124 Station Wagon 3a serie [124AF]

1974 Fiat 124 Station Wagon [124AF] dans CHiPs, Série télé, 1977-1983 IMDB Ep. 2.05

Catégorie : Voitures, Break — Origine du modèle : IT — Fabriqué pour : USA

1974 Fiat 124 Station Wagon 3a serie [124AF]

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


BeanBandit FI

2006-08-30 12:54


124 Wagon.

slick1ru2 US

2008-06-22 05:10


This was my first car. I lived in Sarasota Fl and my parents didn't have a lot of money and always bought used small imports, Austin America, Mini Cooper, Fiat 128 sedan from a car dealer called Larkin Motors in Bradenton, FL. This was a hand me down from my mom. It was a 1972 4 speed that was an aqua blue green color, it may have been the color of the car in this movie. She traded an Austin Mini Cooper in for it because it was larger. It was in an accident and my older sis convinced my parents to fix it, paint it yellow and give it to me. My sister's rationale on yellow, I found out almost 30 years later was because it was the color that a popular new porsche came out in that year. Everyone else thought it looked like a mini school bus. It had a black vinyl interior, NO A/C (in Florida!) and no radio and metal bumpers. But it had a great back seat for watching a drive in movies with a date and it had high clearance for getting off the road and finding a secluded spot. One of the only problems I remembered was the the wheels were held on with bolts, and a tire dealer stripped them putting them on with a pneumatic wrench so when I had a flat and tried to change it, the heads twisted off the bolts and I had to go to a machine shop and get them tapped out. I drove it through high school until I got a Toyota Tercel. It developed a oil leak around the side of the engine and we sold it to a junk yard for $40.

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