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Tarpan Honker 4WD 2.5 TDI

Tarpan Honker 4WD in Legendy PRL, Non-fiction TV, 2005-2017 Ep. 3.02

Typ: Pkw, Geländewagen — Herkunftsland: PL

Tarpan Honker 4WD 2.5 TDI

[*][*][*] Von einem Darsteller oder bei einer Verfolgungsjagd benutztes Fahrzeug

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fck PL

2011-02-03 21:56


[Image: snap0209.jpg][Image: snap0206.jpg][Image: snap0204.jpg]

Weasel1984 PL

2013-06-09 14:48


We can add "4WD" to the model name - it looks, like pre-DMP car, but these bigger bumpers were perhaps available a bit later than in 1989, let alone the engine, which can be of Iveco (then 4012), but this "I" in TDI worries me a little...

-- Last edit: 2013-06-09 15:05:33

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