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Ford LTD Customized

Ford LTD in Highway to Hell, Kinofilm, 1991 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: US

Ford LTD Customized

[*][*][*][*] Häufig von einem Hauptdarsteller benutztes Fahrzeug oder Fahrzeug mit spezieller Bedeutung

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vilero ES

2010-05-25 11:10


[Image: 244372-HighWayToHell15.jpg] [Image: 244373-HighWayToHell17.jpg] [Image: 244374-HighWayToHell18.jpg]

[Image: 244375-HighWayToHell19.jpg] [Image: 244376-HighWayToHell20.jpg] [Image: 244377-HighWayToHell21.jpg]

Ddey65 US

2010-05-25 15:15


Okay, there's no avoiding it anymore. This is a customized 1979 or later Ford LTD, or 1983 or later LTD Crown Victoria.

-- Last edit: 2010-05-25 15:16:56

mook AS

2010-07-18 20:25


i think its a Chrysler fifth avenue or a dodge diplomat super

aussiemuscle308 AU

2011-12-31 02:29


That looks suspiciously like the unused 'robocruiser' from robocop. apparently the director didn't like it and went with the Ford Taurus instead. it's saying something when a Taurus is more futuristic.
[Image: robocruiserlf34.8730.jpg]

kitchenwarehelmet US

2012-05-02 00:25


That isn't the unused RoboCruiser... it was built on a Camaro, was a coupe/fastback with twin turbine engines and was painted in traditional black and white. I think this picture you have, dated February 1993 (almost 8 years after RoboCop was filmed) - is more likely the Highway to Hell car painted up as a RoboCruiser by a fan.

montrosepatriot US

2012-12-10 04:03


This mutated Crown Vic cop car was also seen in a music video by L.L. Cool J (The Boomin System)...

MisterZ AU

2013-09-22 17:49


Can anyone say Mad Max rip-off??

train68 US

2018-02-20 20:46


MisterZ wrote Can anyone say Mad Max rip-off??

Mad Max rip-off!

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