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1955 Imperial Crown Imperial Limousine

1955 Imperial Crown Imperial Limousine dans Hudson Hawk, Film, 1991 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Limousine — Origine du modèle : US

1955 Imperial Crown Imperial Limousine

[*][*][*][*] Véhicule fort utilisé par un personnage principal ou pendant longtemps

Propriétaire du véhicule : michelC

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


stronghold EN

2007-07-15 05:27


looks very nice ;)

ahight US

2007-08-11 05:31


submitted by LH2:
[Image: pdvd002pr3.6063.jpg] [Image: pdvd005ae8.4708.jpg] [Image: pdvd010qa5.5115.jpg] [Image: pdvd011vc4.176.jpg] [Image: pdvd013hs3.3551.jpg]

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2007-08-15 01:03


[Image: pdvd007xl6.5713.jpg] [Image: pdvd004mb1.5162.jpg] [Image: pdvd015cr4.2531.jpg] [Image: pdvd016lu9.5828.jpg]

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2007-10-09 17:45


Appears in a few short scenes and at a climatic scene (which lasts about 2 minutes) where Tommy (Danny Aiello) and the chief villain Darwin Mayflower (Richard E. Grant) have a fight in the back, George Kaplan (James Coburn) lands on the bonnet, Mayflower bails out then it goes over a cliff and bursts into flames.

Normally I think I'd say 3 stars, but since this is quite a special vehicle (rare and customised), maybe it deserves 4.

michelC US

2012-06-24 09:14


I have owned this car for many years; I plan to show it in the US later this year. Look for it! It’s as beautiful as shown in the attached IMCDB photos it makes a statement!

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police car fan NL

2015-03-31 15:34


[Image: snap3251.jpg] [Image: snap3253.jpg] [Image: snap3254.jpg] [Image: snap3255.jpg]

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