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1971 MG 1300 with fibreglass body MkII [ADO16]

1971 MG 1300 MkII [ADO16] dans La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas - 1, Documentaire, 1975 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Berline — Origine du modèle : UK — Lieu de fabrication : CL — Fabriqué pour : RCH

1971 MG 1300 with fibreglass body MkII [ADO16]

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


Lateef NO

2009-12-20 20:22


Would it be an Authi in Chile too?

Gag Halfrunt UK

2009-12-20 20:48



Here's an article about the history of Austin and British Leyland in Chile.

ingo DE

2009-12-20 20:55


Is this a footage from Chile, so an Chilean car?

rljuna2 wrote, that the filming locations are Venezuela, France and Cuba, but Gag wrote, it's a documentary (where you can expect original scenes).

Lateef NO

2009-12-20 21:17


Gag Halfrunt a écrit No.

Yes I know, it was a fairly stupid of me to ask that question.

sixcyl FR

2009-12-20 21:36


Interesting link Gag Halfrunt :)
It says the ADO16 was only produced for a little while 1969-74 as MG1100/1300? in fibreglass! ..so this one is probably one of them, and pretty rare !

Gag Halfrunt UK

2009-12-20 22:27


rjluna2 was looking at the "Country" field, which is for the country of origin of the production company or companies. It's nothing to do with locations.

carobserver MX

2010-12-16 03:13


take a look at this


dsl SX

2017-06-24 00:52


I've got a book account which seems to match carobserver's link ^ that although intended for production from 1969, it only started in 1971 with just the MG 1300 Mk2 2-door (with fibreglass body), 3,647 made until 1974 when factory was closed. The Heritage Motor Centre (Gaydon, UK) apparently has a 1973 Chilean fibreglass ADO16 with Morris badges which seems to be a prototype/mock-up which did not proceed.

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