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1961 International Harvester Scout 80

1961 International Harvester Scout in The Satan Bug, Kinofilm, 1965 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Geländewagen — Herkunftsland: US

1961 International Harvester Scout 80

[*][*] Fahrzeug mit geringer Beteiligung oder nur in einer Szene sichtbar

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vilero ES

2009-06-09 13:21


Is it a IH Scout? If it is, is IH or only International Scout?

rjluna2 US

2009-06-09 14:11


I think it is called International Harvester Scout. Comments?

big dave VA

2009-06-09 14:44


As I remember, we used to just say International but some people insist on calling them International Harvester

big dave VA

2009-06-09 17:49


Here's an ad - http://www.adclassix.com/images/64ihscout.jpg -- Notice at the bottom - Scout by International

-- Last edit: 2009-06-09 17:50:20

Ddey65 US

2009-10-11 14:59


rjluna2 is right. Even when we say "International" and the ads say "International," It's still an International Harvester. Note the "IH" logo on the lower right-hand corner of the same ad big dave showed us.

Sunbar UK

2009-10-11 16:16


My personal take on this based on the ad's wording, is that the vehicle (despite being manufactured by 'International Harvester Co.') is branded as 'International' making it an International Scout.

References are made to both "Scout by International" and "International Dealer or Branch" plus the fact that International is registered as a trade-mark on its own. This leads me to the conclusion they are trying to brand the vehicles separately rather than associate it with Internal Harvester despite the 'IH' logo.

Ddey65 US

2009-10-11 19:47


Since the "Harvester" part was never dropped until IHC was bought by Navistar in 1987, I'll have to go with International Harvester on all Scouts, all light-duty trucks, and all vehicles made before then.

cadpoobah US

2012-07-10 18:32


This is an older '61-65 Scout 80. The '66-70 Scout 800's had an IH emblem on the hood instead. & the wipers were on the bottom of the windhield.
See also: /vehicle_481771-International-Harvester-Scout-80-1961.html

And, yes, it is an "International Scout". Harvester was never used in their marketing of the vehicle itself, only in reference to the company.

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