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1954 AEC Reliance Duple Elizabethan

1954 AEC Reliance in Whirlpool, Kinofilm, 1959 IMDB

Typ: Bus, Eindecker Bus — Herkunftsland: UK

1954 AEC Reliance Duple Elizabethan

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Alexander DE

2006-02-03 23:48

I am not sure that it is a Leyland Royal Tiger. For the moment this is the closest I get.

The Film is playing in Germany but produced by a British company.

SteveA EN

2006-02-04 12:34

The lower badge has the shape of an AEC (therefore a Reliance or Regal IV) but you can't see the detail to be sure. The upper badge is either for the coach operator or for the body builder, I believe. I've had a lower quality screen capture of this on my own website for some time, but no-one's identified it for sure. Alexander, do you have a higher resolution capture?

SteveA EN

2006-02-04 12:40

...if you look at the capture of the red coach the lower badge on this one does look like a Royal Tiger. The red one could also be a Royal Tiger, by the way. I'm working on it.......:-)

antp BE

2006-02-04 12:45

Since the picture is already 720x576 (DVD picture size) I believe that it is not possible to get a bigger one. Maybe a less-compressed picture will give more detail?

-- Last edit: 2006-02-04 12:45:37

Alexander DE

2006-02-04 14:48

The transfer onto the DVD is not good.

Here is another picture of the front.
[Image: whirlpool07aleylandroyaltiger8.8462.jpg]

It is quite obvious that this part was filmed in the UK. The number plate is clearly a fake and the bus entrance is on the left hand side.

SteveA EN

2006-02-04 19:17

Alexander, thanks for this, we can see more detail - still more questions than answers. This is a scan of a Royal Tiger badge from the Douglas Jack book, 'The Leyland Bus'. The image in the middle looks right, but the shape of the badge is wrong........
I could well be wrong about the red coach - it may be a Leyland Comet, but I'm still working on that too.

-- Last edit: 2006-02-04 19:19:56

SteveA EN

2006-02-06 00:45

I've been consulting with someone who knows his 1950s coaches a lot better than I do - he said AEC Reliance 4 years ago when I first asked him, he's sticking with that. The bodywork is Duple Elizabethan. He's suggesting the owner is Sheffield United Tours, but I'm in the process of checking that out with a guy who has made a study of Sheffield United. The red coach he's confirmed as a Bedford SB with Duple Vega bodywork.

antp BE

2006-02-06 10:21

Thanks ;)


2006-02-12 13:17

Definitely not owned by Sheffield United; one suggestion is Biss Brothers. It appears the winged logo on the front has been applied to make it look more 'German', as no-one I've spoken to recognises it. It could be that the AEC badge was doctored as well.

Ian F

2006-02-15 00:42

Can't put my finger on a photo at the moment but I think Black & White Motorways of Cheltenham may have applied a winged badge like this to some of their coaches. Prepared to be contradicted though...

Stephen Allcroft SX

2006-02-15 17:01

The front moulding is of a style used by Duple for the Elizabethan in the 1954 season; vehicles sold from late 1953 to mid 1955. Id say the badge is a Reliance one with the centre covered over with a red mask, and the Registration faked to look German (although german n/s is on the right! I have suggested a Biss Brothers coach TRO540 as the candiate on the basis that Biss Brothers owned a reliance elizabethan of the right vintage, their livery was like this and they were (are) based at Bishops Stortford, not so far from the Big British Studio complexes. From 1955 on the arms of the chrome pointed up, rather like the Butterfly Front on the Bedford SB.

Stephen Allcroft SX

2006-03-07 16:18

I've just looked out a picture of Biss Bros TRO540 when new at the 1955 Clacton coach rally. (Classic Bus No.54 Aug -Sept 2001, p28 top) and the differences between it and the 'Slipstream' coach are minimal, 1955 picture coach has whitewall tyres and red roof,white window surrounds, the grille above front bumper is chromed and there is DUPLE lettering above the chrome device betwen the headlights, which has a white-painted grille in the centre. The shades of red and white and the pattern of chrome mouldings is identical.

mini95 EN

2007-07-29 12:21

AEC Reliance with Duple Elizabethan bodywork (type FS57)

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