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1962 Lincoln Continental

1962 Lincoln Continental in The X Files, Fernsehserie, 1993-2002 IMDB Ep. 4.07

Typ: Pkw, Cabriolet — Herkunftsland: US

1962 Lincoln Continental

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no_car EE

2006-02-01 22:21


[Image: bscap0016he.3856.jpg] [Image: bscap0047tl.4991.jpg]

wrenchhead US

2006-02-01 22:32


1962 lincoln continental

Saturn Simon UK

2006-02-13 19:34


None other than the legendary car that Presidental Kennedy was assasinated in. The X-100 Presidential Parade Vehicle built by Hess & Eisenhardt.

It is often - I believe incorrectly - said to be a 1961 model, but it has the 1962 styling.

-- Last edit: 2006-02-13 19:36:08

Jun JP

2006-02-14 14:53


It's ordinaly '62 Continental fake for movie.
X-100 Presidential Lincoln is now at the Henry Ford Museum :)
And this car is normal W/B, stock hub cap, and has no red lights on the bumper.

White House recieved X-100 in June 1961. At that time it has '61 grille and Continental MkII hub cap.

Junkman UK

2006-02-14 15:40


After the Kennedy assassination, the original X-100 was completly rebodied by Ford and Hess & Eisenhardt. The changes cost more than $500,000 !!!

They included:

- new black paint(originally it was midnight blue)
- 1600lbs of bullet proofing was added (which increased the weight of the car to nearly 10,000lbs)
- addition of a non-removable top
- solid aluminium rims inside the tires to make them flat-run-proof
- a fuel tank filled with porous foam to prevent explosion in case of penetration by a bullet
- a second air-conditioning unit in the trunk
- reinforcement of some mechanical and structural components to accept the added weight of armor
- complete retrimming of the rear compartment to eliminate the damage that was caused by the assassination
- a more powerful Bill Stroppe prepared engine was installed.

The 'new' X-100 was finished in May 1964, and put back into service. It was used by President Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter before being retired in 1977.
In 1977, the odometer showed more than 100,000 mls! Ford Motor Company (the owner of the car, it was rented to the US Government at the rate of $500.00 a year!) donated the car to the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, where you can admire several presidential parade vehicles:

the 1939 Lincoln V12 convertible (the "Sunshine Special") used by Franklin D. Roosevelt,
the 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan (the "Bubble Top") used by Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, and
the 1972 Lincoln used by Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush.

The 1972 vehicle is the last presidential parade vehicle given to a museum. The Secret Service will destroy all future presidential vehicles in test so that the complex electronic and security devices remain confidential.

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