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1972 Fiat 132 S 1a serie [132A]

1972 Fiat 132 [132A] in La polizia incrimina, la legge assolve, Kinofilm, 1973 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Limousine — Herkunftsland: IT

1972 Fiat 132 S 1a serie [132A]

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stronghold EN

2006-01-05 15:12


[Image: marseillescon1338jx.3503.jpg] [Image: marseillescon1374fg.1511.jpg] [Image: marseillescon1367zn.6890.jpg]

appassionato IT

2006-07-25 11:47


1971 (first series).

carobserver MX

2006-08-10 21:52


Como puede ser de 1971 :no: , si fue lanzado hasta mayo de 1972, minimo 1972 o mejor 1973

datsunZ IT

2006-10-03 02:02


carobserver wrote Como puede ser de 1971 :no: , si fue lanzado hasta mayo de 1972, minimo 1972 o mejor 1973

In fact was 1972-launched(and that 1st series,1600 or 1800 cc. lasted until 1974;that of movie seems a 132-1800 GL)

PS In 1971 was still build the car that 132 will replace,the 125,into last edition 125 S,2nd series,1970-1972;for that motivation 132 range couln't be 1971-launched

PS2 In 1973 was meanwhile launched the Spanish-made version of that car,the Seat 132(with 1.6 lt. Fiat gasoline or 2.0 lt.Mercedes diesel)

PS3 Other countries that had assembled Fiat 132 cars were:South Africa(CKD),South Korea(Asia Motors-assembly,CKD),Poland(FSO,Polski-Fiat 132p badged),Yugoslavia(Zastava,CKD,only 1600cc.),Indonesia(P.T.Daha Motor,CKD,then totally-built,with ex-Polish-made 132p coques dismissed and sold at Djakarta's Fiat plant)

carobserver MX

2006-10-24 04:50


datsun Z, you´re so right, thanks for all the information

djape1977 RS

2015-12-31 02:43


in Yugoslavia only 132 1800gls was assembled

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