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IFA F8 Kombi

IFA F8 Kombi in Nicht alle waren Mörder, Fernsehfilm, 2006 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Kleinbus / Transporter — Herkunftsland: DE

IFA F8 Kombi

[*] Fahrzeug im Hintergrund

Kommentare über dieses Fahrzeug


Ralph DE

2008-04-14 20:58


[Image: degen05avo6.2927.jpg]

maxp SE

2008-04-14 22:06


DKW Meisterklasse Van 1939. Is it called Kastenwagen?

Ralph DE

2008-04-16 02:01


i have found two another movies with the same movie car and i think it is the IFA F8 Kombi

MishaP601K NL

2009-02-22 15:18


The film plays in Nazi Germany, so it must be a DKW F8 instead of an IFA

Gag Halfrunt UK

2009-02-22 15:37


"Ought to be", not "must be". It woudn't be the first time that an IFA has been used in a pre-war setting:

-- Last edit: 2009-02-22 15:38:10

MishaP601K NL

2009-02-22 15:44


I know my english isn´t perfect. But at least they took off the IFA logo on the grille. http://mkmagazin.almanacwhf.ru/mkmagazin/venicle/ifa_dkv_f8_09.jpg

MishaP601K NL

2009-02-23 21:24


Here another picture, you can clearly see the difference in logo´s. The car in the film has the pointy DKW logo that sits higher on the grille than the square IFA logo.


ingo DE

2009-02-23 21:53


In the first post-war-years, the only difference between the IFA and the pre-war DKW was the badge. The very first time they also took the DKW-logo with the four rings, but then it was forbidden, because West German Auto Union-company had the rights on the name.

btw.: the West German part of DKW-Auto Union -nowadays Audi- was founded by engineers and workers, who has beed refuged from the "Soviet Occupied Zone", the later GDR. Indeed, some of these guys went illegally back into the Soviet Zone to pick up construction-plans, tools and trademark-documents.

In the GDR it was also usual -even after the F8-production has ended- that new cars were built the IFA-parts on pre-war DKW-chassis (from crashed cars for example). Then often they also got new VIN-numbers, so today it's very difficult, also for hardcore-DKW-freaks, to be sure, which car is a IFA and which one a DKW.

@Misha, @Gag: so finally the logo on the grille means not much at a F8.

-- Last edit: 2009-02-23 21:55:39

Alexander_097 RU

2017-03-29 06:24


Model origin: DDR, not Germany.

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