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1929 Foden Tractor 4 n.h.p. 6 ton 'Samantha' [No.13454]

1929 Foden Tractor 4 n.h.p. 6 ton [No.13454] dans The World of Heavy Haulage, Documentaire, 2004

Catégorie : Autres, À vapeur — Origine du modèle : UK

1929 Foden Tractor 4 n.h.p. 6 ton 'Samantha' [No.13454]

[*][*] Véhicule dans une action mineure ou utilisé juste dans une courte scène

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stronghold EN

2008-01-25 03:09


[Image: 665dx1.1360.jpg] [Image: worldofheavyhaulage248fe6.1072.jpg] [Image: worldofheavyhaulage44am4.7078.jpg] [Image: worldofheavyhaulage48qy7.1027.jpg] [Image: worldofheavyhaulage406zs7.4074.jpg] [Image: worldofheavyhaulage407qc9.7193.jpg]

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chris40 UK

2008-01-25 09:28


Looks like a Foden to me, but I'm no expert ...

Alexander DE

2008-01-25 11:51


It is the Foden Tractor 4 n.h.p. 6 ton 'Samantha', Works-No.13454, Reg.No. [KX 3340] from 1929.

2491tj EN

2008-01-25 11:58


Foden Steam Wagon..these truck types were refered to as wagons, not engines....with this short wheelbase originally it would have been a tractor with a ballast body on the back for towing heavy trailers and loads, like logs..but this one seems to have been converted to a flat back..probably during restoration, as a vehicle with a heavy ballasted rear body, depending on the type of truck its attatched to cant be legally driven on uk roads by the average enthusiast without a HGV license, whereas, removing the ballast body and replacing it with a flat type will reduce weight, make it legal to run without a special licence, and be more practical for the private owner, as unless you intend heavy towing with ballast bodied vehicle, there isnt a lot you can do with it in private hands.

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