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1969 Opel Admiral [B] [KAD-B]

1969 Opel Admiral [B] [KAD-B] dans Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil, Film, 1972 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Berline — Origine du modèle : DE

1969 Opel Admiral [B] [KAD-B]

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


sixcyl FR

2007-12-08 09:32


[Image: fordzodiacaane7.8167.jpg]
At first glance I thought abou a Ford Zephyr ...but it's a Cresta..Deluxe? 2.7 or 3.3?

chris40 UK

2007-12-08 10:24


Sixcyl, I'm not convinced ... it's difficult to tell for sure, but I think it could be an upmarket Opel or even a Ranger like /vehicle.php?id=120140 . It doesn't seem to have the coke-bottle effect that the Cresta did.

Sunbar UK

2007-12-08 10:40


Not a Cresta [PC] or Viscount [PCE] - they had a distinctive 'V' shaped badge in the centre of a rib on the bonnet. This is round like Opel, without the rib.

-- Last edit: 2007-12-08 10:41:43

DynaMike NL

2007-12-08 13:04


I agree this is an Opel: 1969+ Admiral [B] with aftermarket quad headlights (originally these were rectangular).

sixcyl FR

2007-12-08 20:29


Bravo guys! ..I wasn't convinced myself , particularly the bumpers with vertical rubbers. I've checked the Admidral and it matches "admirablement" :whistle: with this one ,except the doubled head-lamps which made me wrong ...bravo Mike [Image: top.gif]

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