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2007 Ford Expedition Max XLT Gen.3 [U354]

2007 Ford Expedition Max Gen.3 [U354] dans El señor de los cielos, Série télé, 2013-2019 IMDB Ep. 3.69

Catégorie : Voitures, Tout-terrain / SUV — Origine du modèle : US — Fabriqué pour : MEX

2007 Ford Expedition Max XLT Gen.3 [U354]

[*][*][*] Véhicule utilisé par un des personnages ou dans une poursuite de voitures

Commentaires sur ce véhicle


Truck_Guy US

2019-05-14 21:04


You can still see the word "Max" under the fake badge they have put over it. :lol:

Terra US

2019-05-14 21:06


They should have just left the badges alone. They aren't fooling anyone.

dhill_cb7 US

2019-05-14 21:14


Terra a écrit They should have just left the badges alone. They aren't fooling anyone.

Sometimes it isn't about 'fooling' people but rather not paying FORD or any manufacturer rights to show their product in the movie.

Edit: A really good example is the first season of Jersey Shore (insert witty comment :D) where Mike 'The Situation' & Snookie first get to the shore house and are drinking Miller Lite cans. They are obviously blurred out. All future episodes show them using red cups to avoid having to pay advertisement money to Miller-Coors.

-- Last edit: 2019-05-14 21:16:31

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