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Made for Movie

Made for Movie in Back to the Future Part II, Kinofilm, 1989 IMDB

Typ: Pkw, Prototyp

Made for Movie

Position 00:24:11 [*][*] Fahrzeug mit geringer Beteiligung oder nur in einer Szene sichtbar

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stronghold EN

2006-02-21 00:43

made for movie.!

Alexander DE

2006-02-21 01:02

Zitat made for movie.!

Before you get carried away, sometimes concept cares are being used. ;)

Hecubus CA

2006-02-21 03:50

I think he's right though. As it was, almost all of the cars from the 2015 sequence were production cars with some sort of visual modification (and the only concept I remember is the Pontiac Banshee, which fits in with the minor product placement - the car dealership was Pontiac). This is unquestionably not a production car, and given the lack of any visual cues to connect it to any manufacturer, I don't think it's a concept either.

antp BE

2006-02-21 09:38

There was also a Saab prototype, and probably some others

stronghold EN

2006-02-21 11:28

Zitat There was also a Saab prototype, and probably some others

In a scene(pic)on another Film car website ..this looks as though it's some kind of flying car.! (I've not seen this movie for a very long time ..but have it on DVD now..so hopefully will re-watch soon)

antp BE

2006-02-21 20:21

:??: all the cars in the 2015 scenes fly, including the DeLorean, the Jeep, the Citroën and even the Edsel :D

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tonkatracker US

2006-09-14 21:43

The DVD says this car was designed specifically for this movie

modell US

2006-09-15 03:52

I think this was also featured in Demolition Man.

gliffhanger NL

2007-02-19 13:33

modell wrote I think this was also featured in Demolition Man.

no that was a different one../.

laurent57 FR

2011-07-27 00:17

Here it is now.... :(


More pics:

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caioficetech BR

2012-02-07 21:34

looks very cool

mike962 DE

2013-08-01 18:17

in interview it said that non were drivable !!! but one was made so after the movie

Zitat Did any end up being a drivable car?

Well we ended up not putting a motor in it to be a street driver. I wanted to put a V6 Buick engine in it. I have 2 of those police car bodies here. I’m going to put a V6 engine in one and make it a drivable car. I’ll dress it just like in the movie.

Did the police car have an interior?

Police cars had no interiors. Just seats in there with minimum interior. We put part of a dash in there and an interior panel on one door that opens up. I have built cars for commercials where you only see half the car the other half wouldn’t be made up.


antp BE

2013-08-02 16:15

interesting interview about the cars of the movie :)

sputnik motors WL

2014-05-26 17:47

Blade Runner :)

Josemag BR

2019-10-13 04:16



Josemag BR

2019-10-13 04:31

my mother always told me that they make fake cars, life size miniatures for the movies. cars without engine, without interior

Baube QC

2019-10-13 06:00



not so loud.. some users might be in a library... ;)

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