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1984 Citroën Visa Club

1984 Citroën Visa dans Le couteau sous la gorge, Film, 1986 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Berline à hayon — Origine du modèle : FR

1984 Citroën Visa Club

[*] Véhicule d'arrière-plan

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sixcyl FR

2007-05-29 08:15


[Image: citroenvisa1is0.4067.jpg] [Image: citroenvisa1bdi9.4708.jpg]

DynaMike NL

2007-05-29 13:23


Visa II, introduite en mars 1981.

DynaMike NL

2007-05-29 15:13


If I remember well "Visa II" was written on it, so it was a new name, not only 'série 2'...

antp BE

2007-05-29 16:46


I changed the way it is displayed ;)
But maybe we should even include that in the name as you suggested, and not in the "mk" field? Was it the case for all 2nd generation Visa?

-- Last edit: 2007-05-29 16:48:37

DynaMike NL

2007-05-29 19:00


Good question... René Bellu ("Toutes les Citroën") uses the name Visa II only for the model year 1981 and 1982. So went checking my collection of brochures: in 1981, this second series was called Visa II, but is was written directly on the hatch, not on a black shield, like here. In 1983 it was still Visa II, written on a black plastic shield; the different models were Visa II Spécial, Visa II Club, Visa II L, Visa II Super E and Visa II Super X. Alas, I don't have a 1983 brochure, but I found that a 1983 Visa décapotable was called 11 RE, not II. In 1984, the different models were called, Visa, Visa Club, Visa 11 RE, Visa 11 TRS, Visa GT, Visa 17 D, Visa 17 RD, all without mentionning 'II'.
The white Visa shown here has got the plastic side protection and small hubcaps, but doesn't have a rear whiper. Therefore, and because of the length of the left name shield I tend to 1982 Visa II Club.
Later, I'll check other Visas on this site.

929V6 NL

2012-02-26 22:12


1984+ Visa Club (separate door locks)

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