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1942 International Harvester KB-Series

1942 International Harvester KB-Series dans A Dog's Purpose, Film, 2017 IMDB

Catégorie : Voitures, Fourgon / Monospace — Origine du modèle : US

1942 International Harvester KB-Series

Position 00:01:49 [*][*] Véhicule dans une action mineure ou utilisé juste dans une courte scène

Commentaires sur ce véhicle



2021-01-11 00:37

1948 Morris Y.

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 08:22

How very aptly named you are.

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 08:24


dsl SX

2021-01-11 15:11

Do we have any other Series Y vans in our collection, as I can't find any obvious friends? Any other names??

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 16:13


26 of ‘em.

Just nothing that matches the subject vehicle. I would have thought it was locally sourced.

-- Last edit: 2021-01-11 16:17:09

Gamer DE

2021-01-11 16:14

johnfromstaffs a écrit How very aptly named you are.

If it's wrong then why is it listed as one?

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 16:18

Don’t ask me, since I have no idea what it really is I just prefer to stay on the sidelines as a sniper.

It seems a properly engineered pressed steel vehicle. The Morris vans of that era looked as if they had been built in somebody’s shed using a knife and fork.

-- Last edit: 2021-01-11 17:43:34

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 16:43

dsl a écrit I can't find any obvious friends

Old trouble back again?😀

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 20:05

Don’t any of our American experts know what sort of panel van this is?

Sunbar UK

2021-01-11 21:35

1942-48 KB-2 International Panel? Not really any idea but a few minutes searching; it looks very near to me.

It has got to be closer than the Morris Y!

[Image: international.jpg] [Image: 8872708.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2021-01-11 21:37:42

johnfromstaffs EN

2021-01-11 22:02

Looks good to me.

There must be an inference to be made, but I am afraid of expulsion from the site if I make it!

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