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Dodge Viper RT/10

Dodge Viper RT/10 in Viper, TV Series, 1994-1999 IMDB

Class: Cars, Coupé — Model origin: US

Dodge Viper RT/10

[*][*][*][*][*] The vehicle is part of the movie

Comments about this vehicle


dwc43 US

2006-11-03 08:17


I saw this car in person at a Dodge Dealer in Chattanooga Tn. severl years ago. Looked like it was a stunt car with all the switches and rigged hand brake in it.

FamousCars.de DE

2007-03-06 18:28


They used a 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10 in red in the first seasons.
Then came the blue 1998 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe.

The car on the picture (the "Defender") was custommade by Chrysler for the TV-Series.

[Image: viper-defender05_small.jpg]

For further pictures of the Viper / the Defender an his weapons take a look at:

knghtmat US

2007-05-20 03:59


Chrysler had built one car that had to be rebuilt. The guy who built the other 8 defenders including the 2 4x4 dakota trucks with the defender bodys made on them . The same guy built the hardcastle and mccormick coyote cars.

The gentleman who built all the defenders name is (Mario Sciortino) he has been in the business for years and is very respected in the business to make the impossible happen.

Part of what someone said at the Project Viper webite's forum.

stpaulcarguy US

2008-04-25 05:27


I wasnt very impressed wih this car. it's ok but I think the red one is way better.

luckies US

2009-05-27 07:07


They company who built all the cars for this show is uniquemoviecarslasvegas.com they built everything in this show....

There website is http://uniquemoviecarslasvegas.com/

-- Last edit: 2009-10-25 17:57:59

khaosth PL

2010-01-25 18:19


Season 1
[Image: vlcsnap71851.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap880652.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap880332.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap879045.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap878738.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap1077507.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1043833.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1046974.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1041021.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap69361.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap666949.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap669526.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap69158.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap139240.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap167472.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap178929.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap180691.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap277515.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap279307.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap15579.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap32425.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap323983.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap337310.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap37353.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap38751.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap49139.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap42464.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap39110.jpg]

mode 4x4
[Image: vlcsnap1087855.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1087655.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1087249.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1087108.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1086752.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap627774.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap1086091.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1085173.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap903552.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap903410.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap902924.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap289880.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap289941.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap91276.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap1079998.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap1079873.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap336306.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap336377.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap336695.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap337516.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap43686.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap909259.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap282665.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap161034.th.png] [Image: vlcsnap161100.th.png] [Image: vlcsnap161159.jpg]

[Image: vlcsnap903242.jpg] [Image: vlcsnap36308.jpg]

chasis detail
[Image: vlcsnap1049021.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-02-24 09:59:39

luckies US

2010-06-18 04:48


The one and only viper defender is FOR SALE here is the link do miss out on your only chance to own it...........

Link to "www.mecum.com"

carcrasher88 US

2013-05-25 02:11


It's for sale once again, this time on eBay.

Link to "cgi.ebay.com"

Purzel89 DE

2014-01-26 22:58


[Image: _20140509-23520185.jpg] [Image: _20140509-23590835.jpg] [Image: _20140126-23264759hjou3.jpg] [Image: _20140206-22563135.jpg] [Image: _20140414-22090700.jpg] [Image: _20140509-23435875.jpg] [Image: _20150103-21200268.jpg]

It is said by Character that it needs 3 seconds from 0 to 100. According to that dash it has only driven 225 Miles at point of Episode 2.05. In Episode 2.13 we get the rare chance to see the engine. Oh wait a moment... no we dont see it, its a Secret.

Season 1 Features:

Look-Ahead mode

[Image: lookahead.jpg]

Flying Saucer

[Image: _20140620-20325803.jpg] [Image: _20140620-20330643.jpg]

EMP Cannon

[Image: _20140620-20470595.jpg]

Grappling Hook

[Image: _20140620-20564310.jpg]

Ram Fangs

[Image: _20140620-20570712.jpg]

Ep. 1.03 (Damaged Viper Scene only on DVD)

[Image: _20140621-22524351.jpg] [Image: _20140621-22525550.jpg] [Image: _20140621-22530570.jpg]

4x4 mode

[Image: _20140627-15594209.jpg]


[Image: _20140702-16505157.jpg] [Image: _20140702-16504307.jpg]

Season 2 features:

better CGI transformation

[Image: 20140501-16321464.jpg] [Image: _20140414-22254460.jpg] [Image: _20140324-23324689.jpg] [Image: _20140324-23322232.jpg]

.50 caliber machine gun (the shot is not for the legs!)

[Image: _20140126-2253118509ucr.jpg] [Image: _20140510-00000195.jpg]
Flying Saucer (i just know the german name "Flugsonde", sorry)

[Image: _20140126-225933094oujz.jpg]

4 X 4 Mode

[Image: _20140126-231413706pu09.jpg] [Image: _20140126-23132793qmupo.jpg] [Image: _20140126-23133301rcuqi.jpg]

Grapling Hook

[Image: _20140126-23123781hhun2.jpg]

Static Pulse Cannon (or as we now would say "EMP Cannon")

[Image: _20140509-23514221.jpg]

Hologram (can now transform into any known car, in Episode 2.03 the Defender transforms into a Chrysler LHS)

[Image: _20140418-17284760.jpg] [Image: _20140128-20573488fpqr8.jpg] [Image: _20140128-20573883b4ojf.jpg] [Image: _20140128-2057413901r5m.jpg] [Image: _20140418-00253518.jpg]

Temperature Scanner:

[Image: _20140206-22553618.jpg]

One of the most awesome looking things the Defender ever had. Rams shaped like Snake Fangs (i hope you get my allusion on Dodge here :D)

[Image: _20140210-23440204.jpg]

Rear guns introduced in Ep. 2.10

[Image: _20140324-23305039.jpg]

Equipped with a Jet Engine in Ep. 2.15 but Cole accelerates too much and blows up the engine.

[Image: _20140418-00214062.jpg] [Image: _20140418-00225620.jpg] [Image: _20140418-00103078.jpg]

X-Ray Scanner:

[Image: _20140418-00205271.jpg]

Episode 2.16 [*][*][*] The gangsters copy the Defender.

[Image: _20140418-17042393.jpg] [Image: _20140418-17123396.jpg] [Image: _20140418-17391955.jpg] [Image: did.jpg] [Image: i.jpg] [Image: say.jpg] [Image: ii.jpg] [Image: love.jpg] [Image: explosions.jpg]

Force Field since Ep. 2.18

[Image: _20140501-16342846.jpg] [Image: _20140501-16340560.jpg]

Viper hacked by Computer in Ep. 2.21

[Image: _20140509-23394235.jpg]

Sticky bomb

[Image: _20140925-14584485.jpg] [Image: _20140925-14585379.jpg] [Image: _20141013-11000712.jpg] [Image: _20141013-11002384.jpg]

The Defender in a video game. Where can i buy it? :P

[Image: _20140930-18295229.jpg]

Laser beam in Episode 3.16

[Image: _20141005-15012573.jpg]

Heat-seeking missile

[Image: _20141007-18544670.jpg] [Image: _20141007-18541800.jpg] [Image: _20141007-18552139.jpg]


[Image: _20141013-10352337.jpg]


[Image: _20141014-10193731.jpg] [Image: _20141014-10194814.jpg]

Flare Rocket (not explosive but hot)

[Image: _20141015-12581368.jpg] [Image: _20141015-12581560.jpg] [Image: _20141015-12581757.jpg]

Catch Net

[Image: _20141118-20264256.jpg] [Image: _20141118-20264537.jpg]

Season 4 features:
New colour

[Image: _20141118-20252165.jpg] [Image: _20141118-20252326.jpg]

Ejector Seat

[Image: _20141118-20074762.jpg]

Grappling Hook:

[Image: _20141121-21365771.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21370173.jpg]

Hovercraft mode:

[Image: _20141121-21381232.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21382406.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21374554.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21390468.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21391687.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21401071.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21404673.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21405293.jpg]


[Image: _20141121-21414075.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21421671.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21414779.jpg] [Image: _20141121-21415434.jpg]

Remote Control

[Image: _20141121-21361156.jpg]

Flying Saucer with audio

[Image: _20141206-15424379.jpg]

Tracking system

[Image: _20141223-10543215.jpg] [Image: _20141223-10544276.jpg]

Fire extinguisher - At the beginning of the scene i thought "Its sad that the Viper does not have a fire extinguisher". But the movie producers already had the solution. :D

[Image: feuerlscher.jpg]


[Image: _20150103-21195223.jpg] [Image: _20150103-21201034.jpg]

Ram Fangs

[Image: _20150117-12520268.jpg]

Old transformation in Episode 4.21 (Flashback)

[Image: _20151104-02535851.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-11-06 15:47:07

Purzel89 DE

2014-06-20 16:08


Ep. 1.01

[Image: _20140620-16050870.jpg] [Image: _20140620-15561459.jpg] [Image: _20140620-20423709.jpg] [Image: _20140620-20321226.jpg] [Image: _20140620-22163807.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-06-21 23:44:14

Purzel89 DE

2014-06-21 17:52



This page is ready for a new main picture. See comment above.

antp BE

2014-06-23 17:09


But here the main pic seems better... (other one has something partially in background, and aspect ratio seems a little off)

Purzel89 DE

2014-06-23 19:45


deleted comment

antp BE

2014-06-25 16:47


On the other pics the small ratio error is probably less visible than here with the non-round wheels

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