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cars I (or my family) used to use:
Simson S51:
my dad's first vehicle, bought as second-hand bike. But some stole it while he was with my mum on a date.

1977 Škoda 105
In use: 90's-2003
my dad's first car. It was in horrible condition, when he bought it in the middle of 90's. He repaired it with my granddad and we used this car for many years. But at the end of its life it was again in very bad condition. We sold it in year 2003. An owner of car-service bought it as source of spare parts for his sister's Škoda.

1988 Škoda 105
In use: 2003-2007
The second worst deal in our family's life - car looked really good for a Škoda 105 - no rust, good condition, no holes.. But later we found out, that this car was a piece of sh*t for quite a high price - 36.000 SK (ca. 1.194 €). The car was repainted into dark blue, so the rust, and everything bad, was covered under the new layer of paint. We used until year 2007, when we sold it an unknown guy. As far as I know, he was using that car for some time too, but I don't know, what was it destiny.

1989 Škoda Favorit
In use: 1989-2008
My favourite car of our family. I really loved this car. And it was my granddad's darling. He didn't use it very much, so even after many years it looked still as new, so somebody could use for a photoshooting of retro-Mototechna catalogue. My granddad was waiting for it few night in front of dealership. They were the first in the village, who came with brand new olive-green Favorit. I still miss the smell and sounds of that car. He sold it in year 2008, when some family member was selling her Fiat Punto. An owner of pizza restaurant in neighbour-village bought my granddad's Favorit for his pizza delivery. But poor car, it didn't get some much care - it was parking on the street, not in the warm garage. After few kilometers it had some 'accident' with motor oil, it get dirty and lost its shine very quickly. As far as I know, pizza delivery is closed now, but this great car is still in use. A woman, shop-assistant in neighbour village, still uses this car and it has still the same licence plates.

1993 Škoda Favorit
In use: ???-2008
This car was used by husband of my aunt. He had to buy it, because his few-years-old Renault Thalia was stolen in the night, in front of the house where they lived. It was quite good car, nice blue metallic color, 'modern' Favorit. But it was crashed few times by my aunt - once she was driving little bit quicklier when she arrived to the turn with gravel, she skidded and the front mask of their car kissed a traffic sign. It get repaired quickly, as it wasn't very horrible damage. But few months later she was driving it in the traffic jam in Bratislava and she crashed into the car in front of her. They used it until 2007 I think, and I have no idea what was it destiny.

1996 Fiat Punto
In use: 2008-
My granddad bought this car in year 2008, when he wanted to change his cosy Škoda Favorit. They still have this car, but my granddad is not able to drive it anymore due to its illness. It's used only by me, when I drive my grandparents to the doctor's, shop, etc. It's 21 years old, but it has less kilometers on its odometer than my current Kia Rio, which is 6 years old. It was used by one 'distant relative', teacher, that used it only for comuting to the work. And I also have to say, it's one of the less hungry cars I have ever drive. I feel like in a retro movie, when I sit in it - no electric windows, no CD-player, wipers don't turn on automatically while I use the washer, no power steering, no air-conditioning - but it's still quite good car for needs of two pensioners.

1998 Škoda Felicia
In use: 2001-2005
My aunt's first car. Nice, silver-metallic Felicia. She got it when she passed her driving licence exams to learn drive. And it was Felicia with quite equipments and she really loved this car. They sold it few years later, when she bought a brand new Honda Civic. But I remember one funny story, when they were selling this car. My uncle wanted to show the acceleration and speed of this car to 'customers', he likes to drive little bit quickler, but this poor Felicia wasn't accustomed to his crazy driving style. Oil tank wasn't very durable. As they were driving, the engine suddenly stopped working and the test-drive was at the end. As they opened the bonnet, oil was everywhere. But customers bought it, and I have seen this car two years ago in Bratislava, still with the same plates and as far as I know, it should be still in use.

1998 Škoda Octavia
In use: 2006-2010
My aunt's husband's vehicle. Ex-company car and successor of their Škoda Favorit. They didn't use it for very long time, just for two years, I think and I really have no idea, where did it end.

1995 Volkswagen Golf III
In use: 2007-2009
My parents' first car, that wasn't Škoda. It was an immortal red Golf 'born' in the same year, as me. We were so happy, when we bought it and our old blue Škoda 105 went away with new owner. It's disadvantage was, that it had only three doors, but still better than and old Škoda. We bought it with more than 200k kilometers, and we sold it, it had more 300k, but it was still in good condition. We sold it to a young men from Bratislava, who liked to tune his cars. I found it few months ago on an Internet portal with used cars. He was selling it, but he stated it had only about 220k kilometers on odometer :) I personally didn't liked it new appearance with mask from Vento, lowered chassis and new wheels - but everybody has different taste. And as far as I know, it ended somewhere around city Trenčín and should be still in use. But I don't know in what condition.

Daewoo Tico
1998 Volkswagen Golf IV
1999 Peugeot 206
2001 Nissan Patrol GR
2002 Audi A4 Avant
2002 Renault Scénic
2005 Honda Civic
2005 Škoda Fabia
Renault Mégane Grandtour
2006 Volkswagen Touareg
2006 Volkswagen Jetta (get burned :( )
2007 Honda Civic
2009 Kia Rio
2009 Volvo XC60
2010 KIA Sportage
2010 Volvo S60
2016 Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan

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