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Dark Heritage; L'affaire Crazy Capo; Calypso; Selling Hitler; Faking Hitler; Budbringeren; Amat°rene; Nikto ne znaet pro seks; Paradise Next; Jat miu kyun wong; 'A' gai wak 2; On Guard - Bunco!; 13: The Musical; Le guÚrisseur; A Pair of Briefs; (more...)

Profile for user Andyhao - Country: Taiwan

Just an ordinary freshman who is crazy in cars, especially focus on car culture and design

I love American pop culture and everything about the US
I do hope I could get a chance to visit this country...

Fav Cars
1. Ford Crown Vic (1998+)
2. Caddy Escalade (GMT920)
3. Caddy (1959)

Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Birth date: April 9th
Contact: andyhao2003@gmail.com

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