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Der Alte, TV Series, 1977-2023 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Ralph, garco, S 415 GT, walter, Sir Geoffrey, andrepa, Alex1998, AnimatronixX, Mystery Man, s13a, elsch

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Also known as:

  • The Old Fox
  • El viejo (Spain)
  • Vanha kettu (Finland)
  • Le renard (France)
  • Il commissario Kress (Italy)
  • Il commissario KŲster (Italy)
  • Il commissario Voss (Italy)

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Ralph DE

2006-08-29 03:47


-- Last edit: 2015-04-27 11:13:32 (antp)

Ralph DE

2006-10-29 19:02

Ep.44[Image: 4400ajz6.8601.jpg]

Ralph DE

2007-05-13 23:47

079 - Von Mord war nicht die Rede - 06.04.1984
084 - Brennweite Tausend (09/1984)
086 - Der Klassenkamerad - 09.11.1984

-- Last edit: 2007-07-09 12:40:03

Ralph DE

2007-07-09 12:00

Ep.086[Image: 08604ank1.3254.jpg]
BMW Neue Klasse / BMW New Class wheel-cover

Raul1983 FI

2008-05-01 20:06

I think it would be better to change episode numbering to normal season/episode type (?)

cl82 DE

2009-07-13 22:39

That's a good suggestion, Raul, but actually, there were no seasons in "Der Alte". 10-12 episodes per year (over a span of ten years, as far as actor S. Lowitz is concerned)on a regular basis, that was all. The series still continues until today (after more than 320 episodes with varying quality), with actually the third "Old Fox" since the successor of Lowitz has retired one or two years ago. Still, it has remained one of the above-average German detective-series.

sixcyl FR

2009-08-07 11:30

The 3rd episode of Season 1 was directed by french cineast Jose Giovanni

Gamer DE

2015-04-20 20:53

Dearie me S 415 GT are you going through every single episode? This could take years...

S 415 GT DE

2015-04-20 20:57

Just a few of the early ones, maybe some recent ones too, but propably not all.

S 415 GT DE

2015-04-24 21:46

[Image: aircraft.jpg]

Pan am B747 in Ep. 8
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel1ansehenprimevideo-1806.jpg]

Ep. 14
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel5ansehenprimevideo-1321.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel5ansehenprimevideo-1325.jpg]

Ep. 20
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel1ansehenprimevideo-5547.jpg]

Ep. 24
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4727.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4752.jpg]

Ep. 25
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-837.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-921.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-2545.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-1438.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4002.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4005.jpg]

Ep. 30
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-035.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-147.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-745.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-3802.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-3812.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4007.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4103.jpg]

Ep. 40
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel2ansehenprimevideo-4243.jpg]

Ep. 49
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-3704.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-5256.jpg]

Ep. 53
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-5338.jpg]

Ep. 58
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-3429.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-3512.jpg]

Ep. 63
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-5420.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel3ansehenprimevideo-5428.jpg] 7

Ep. 66
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-511.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-2915.jpg]

Ep. 77
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-028.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-035.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-155.1.jpg]

Ep. 80
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-740.2.jpg]

Ep. 85
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-3834.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-3839.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-3914.jpg]

Ep. 86
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-402.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel4ansehenprimevideo-419.jpg]

Ep. 88
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel5ansehenprimevideo-526.jpg]

Ep. 105
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel6ansehenprimevideo-4431.jpg]

Ep. 119
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel6ansehenprimevideo-5626.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel6ansehenprimevideo-5631.jpg]

Ep. 196
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-335.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-339.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-411.1.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-842.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-957.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel10ansehenprimevideo-1809.jpg]

Ep. 223
[Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel11ansehenprimevideo-037.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel11ansehenprimevideo-220.jpg] [Image: screenshotter--amazondederaltestaffel11ansehenprimevideo-235.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2021-09-26 18:58:34

S 415 GT DE

2015-04-24 22:40

Toy Cars in Ep.3
[Image: toycars.jpg]

Only in Bavaria: Drinking beer at work.
[Image: beer.jpg]

cl82 DE

2015-04-24 22:59

That shot is from ep.3, a good episode albeit a bit extreme, especially as far as the countless insolent and dirty tricks that KŲster uses are concerned. Besides, I really appreciate that you`re occupied with the very early episodes during the last couple of days, because they are by far the best. Thanks a lot! :king:

-- Last edit: 2015-04-25 20:20:48

S 415 GT DE

2015-04-24 23:06

Thanks, I found Ep.3 was pretty good, as well.

antp BE

2015-04-27 17:29

S 415 GT wrote Only in Bavaria: Drinking beer at work.

I would guess that in Belgium this can/could be found too...

-- Last edit: 2015-04-27 17:29:11

S 415 GT DE

2015-05-07 21:23

Traffic light in Ep. 9
[Image: light.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2015-05-07 22:03

S 415 GT wrote Traffic light in Ep. 9

Thanks, S 415 GT :)

My comments at Traffic Lights in Internet Movie Car Database.

S 415 GT DE

2016-04-08 21:53

More lights (Ep. 401):
[Image: light.1.jpg]

night cub US

2018-07-22 03:22

@Alex1998 - Is there an episode number for that MB?

AnimatronixX DE

2020-01-18 20:37

Episodes added:
76 - Alleingang - 06.01.1984
77 - Zwei Sšrge aus Florida - 03.02.1984

-- Last edit: 2020-05-24 17:39:04

sixcyl FR

2020-03-20 23:16

Aircraft at

S 415 GT DE

2021-12-30 13:31

Finished Ep. 1-250 (1977-1999). Unfortunately Ep. 251-377 is not available on amazon, maybe I can get some good captures from YouTube. I'll propably continue from Ep. 378 (2014) now.
Didn't expect this page to get this big, but it has some interesting cars.

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