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Vanishing Point, Movie, 1971 IMDB

Pictures provided by: mozinor, antp, Raul1983, francisharley, mike962, Classics fan, Robi

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Also known as:

  • Fluchtpunkt San Francisco (Germany)
  • Grenzpunkt Null (East Germany (DDR))
  • Punto límite: cero (Spain)
  • Point limite zéro (France)
  • Punto zero (Italy)
  • Carrera contra el destino (Mexico)
  • Znikający punkt (Poland)
  • Corrida Contra o Destino (Portugal)

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stpaulcarguy US

2006-11-18 03:33

Has anyone seen the remake of this movie? . . . . . . . . it sucks!!!!!! to say the least. They actully had the nerve to destroy a REAL challenger, that made me wanna cry.

MattKenseth17 CA

2006-11-23 21:51

Has anyone seen the remake of this movie?

Which remake?
The one with Viggo Mortenson wasn't that bad

valiant1962 AU

2006-12-22 06:24

Why hasn't anyone listed the Camaro that was the double for the Challenger in the final crash scene?

mopar-or-nocar IT

2007-06-02 22:49

The best part of the remake was the chase scene where the cop says something like "It takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar" and gives chase in a 2nd gen Charger, don't remember the year, guess I'll have to watch it again.

stpaulcarguy US

2007-09-17 07:09

mopar-or-nocar wrote The best part of the remake was the chase scene where the cop says something like "It takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar" and gives chase in a 2nd gen Charger, don't remember the year, guess I'll have to watch it again.

if my memory serves correct it was a 70'

mopar-or-nocar IT

2007-09-24 21:08

Okay, watched Death Proof last night (great flick, but quit destroying Mopars!) and had to check out the site today. While at it, I took another look at the 1996 Vanishing Point. So the exact quote is: "Takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar" and the cops were driving a 1968 Charger R/T, triple black, with Rallye wheels. Never got a look at the engine or much of the interior except to see that it had high back bucket seats and the interior was black, couldn't see if it was 4-speed or auto, not sure if the car was a real R/T or not, sucks that they destroyed yet another 2nd gen Charger though!
***If you guys ever get a chance, it would be nice to see the 96 Vanishing Point on your site.***
P.S. Just pretend it's somebody other than Viggo Mortensen and Jason Priestley doing the...ahem...acting, and it actually wasn't too bad of a flick. :-)

crazyforcars12 EN

2007-10-17 18:27

Those sideburns make me want to cry...
And nice Challenger too.

Raul1983 FI

2008-01-11 20:49

I'm doing captures for this movie now. I think I have a better picture quality. Do you wan't me to replace your pictures Antp ? I will add few missing vehicles also.

antp BE

2008-01-11 21:04

I do not remember which pics are mine and which pics are from Mozinor, but if you have better ones do not hesitate. I think mine are those in 720 pixels wide, so you won't get bigger ones, but maybe with better quality as mine were not fron a DVD.
Just try to take same scenes, or at least remove the time-tag if the image is from another scene ;)

-- Last edit: 2008-01-11 21:06:04

Raul1983 FI

2008-01-12 17:54

[Image: vp500ca6.913.jpg]

new cars + updated pictures

oldsnut US

2008-08-09 06:58

Back in the 70's around 72-73 there was a gentlemen named Jim (Sorry can't remember his last name), but he came to Twin Falls ID from California and he owned one of the three (3) movie Challengers used in Vanishing Point. I talked to him and saw the car, but not long after I went away to college and it wasn't long before I heard from my parents who still lived there, that he was found dead one night with his pants down in the bathroom of the Military Inn (A Bar he had purchased when he moved to Twin Falls, ID). Someone had set the building on fire and he was killed from smoke inhalation in the fire while apparently going to the bathroom. To my knowledge they never solved the cause of the fire and the car disappeared and I and my friends never heard of it again. It would be interesting to see where the three cars are now. Does anyone know. Also I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but if I remember right the camaro used to crash into the bulldozers at the end was a 1969. Am I correct?

opelmadness SE

2008-12-24 02:47

oldsnut wrote Also I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but if I remember right the camaro used to crash into the bulldozers at the end was a 1969. Am I correct?

Yes, that's correct. It's a 1969 Camaro that they smack the h**l out of.. Lucky it wasn't a Hemi Challenger! I would really have cried..


2009-01-19 02:45

A few points/corrections: The Charger in the '97 (not '96) remake was a '68 R/T and was used as a homage to the same model that was seen in Bullitt. A tired, used, base Charger was patched together and used for the rollover crash scene in the VP remake. The Challenger in the '71 VP film was a 440-4v (known as '440-MAGNUM'), not a HEMI like the one seen in the remake. Again for the '97 remake, a beat-up, basic Challenger carcass was blown-up in front of the bulldozers (not slammed into them) instead of the HEMI car. The Camaro destroyed in the '71 VP film was a '67, not a '69. It was engine and trans-less, towed into the bulldozers by a 383-powered Challenger that was used for the more distant, high-speed scenes in that film.

yellowrr US

2009-05-20 03:59

If I remember correctly, in the re-make of Vanishing Point (around 1995 or so) he puts a hole on the oil pan, and has to get another one from a junkyard to repair it. The one that he is carrying towards the Challenger is NOT from a big block Dodge engine, that's for SURE. Big block Dodge engines (including the Hemi) have oil pans with a FLAT edge all the way around it and NO cutouts for the crankshaft. Small block Dodge engines do, but the oil pans look different than the one that he is carrying!

HardLuck55 US

2010-01-23 15:32

jwrAMC wrote The doomed Camaro strikes (note the '67 tail lights)...

[Image: vp01.jpg]

And, if memory serves, there's a quick shot of a vent window amongst the wreckage - the only year the Camaro had them.

chicomarx BE

2011-08-18 00:37

The UK cut is 7 minutes longer than the US version, the main difference is a hitchhiker scene. (with Charlotte Rampling)

So that's a problem for the time-tags. I don't think it means missing cars.

dsl SX

2011-08-18 01:08

Hitchhiker scene explained at http://movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=4273174 . So one of my favouritest ever films had a version with Charlotte Rampling - all it lacks for perfection would be a scene with a Hillman Imp (or Sunbeam Imp Sport Sedan to give the local name) ....

chicomarx BE

2011-08-19 01:57

I've just watched the uncut version. No Imps whatsoever but she has a nice scene, it's very near the end.

Stilgar US

2011-12-10 05:23

When this film came out I was working in a theater that was showing the film. Because we all the thought something looked odd at the end in the bulldozer scene, after closing, we went over that part of the film frame-by-frame, and came to the conclusion that the car was NOT the challanger, but looked a lot like Fairlane or Fury. Even frame-by-frame it was not clear exactly what it was. I guess that they couldn't bring themselves to destroy a really sweet car.

somename US

2012-08-27 23:51

Challenger road trip revisits Vanishing Point locations

sixcyl FR

2013-05-03 20:37

Aircraft at:

mike962 DE

2013-06-17 20:15

the "death" girl , this scene appears only in UK cut the scene gives a bit more sense to the ending...
"I like you, I've been waiting for you for long time, oh how I waited for you. Everywhere and since forever, patiently"
[Image: snapshot20130613194622.69.jpg][Image: snapshot20130613194622.70.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-06-17 21:18:11

mike962 DE

2013-06-19 21:05

supposedly YET another remake is in the works.... as if the 97 one wasn't already painfull enough

-- Last edit: 2013-06-19 21:05:18

garco NL

2013-06-20 08:14

[Image: i606180.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-06-20 13:49

^ 1968 Ford Torino.

Taximan US

2013-07-19 14:03

Some People are a little bit on the Guessing stuff like Cisco that town were that was shot was Goldfield Nv 170 miles north of Las Vegas !!!

Cycolac Fan EN

2014-10-01 01:30

There were five Challengers used in the movie, some repainted white (for example one was originally green.)
All were 383 or 440 cars, all three or four speed except for one automatic that was used purely to tow the Camaro stunt car into the bulldozer roadblock.

At the end of filming four went back to Chrysler in very tired condition.
The fifth had been stolen by a prostitute who was travelling with the film crew...

Artem_1987 RU

2015-08-28 19:47

Hi! Prompt, please, what is this broken machine?

Cabin on the left reminds cab truck Chevy or Studebaker 40's year. Red hood seems to be from a pickup Ford F-1 the late 40s. Car with Station Wagon body and the wreckage to the right I find it difficult to define precisely.

[Image: 1.jpg]

P.S. "Vanishing Point" the title of the film will be in Russian: "Исчезающая точка".

-- Last edit: 2015-08-28 22:59:40

Classics fan BG

2016-06-13 19:37

Wondering why they removed the night scene. The end lose sense without it.

mike962 DE

2018-02-20 23:31

the famous song as Kowalski heads for the dozers...


mike962 DE

2018-02-21 23:22

great interview with director of the flick , director wanted George C.Scott and then Gene Hackman for Kowalski ... but studio insisted of Barry Newman


-- Last edit: 2018-02-21 23:24:09

mike962 DE

2018-02-25 12:56

the 7 min death girl scene only shown in the UK cut , it gives the ending so much meaning


lightninboy US

2018-03-24 16:18

The only real meaning to this movie is don't get yourself into such a situation in the first place.

It is a classic movie reflecting its time. Like it or not, the 1997 Vanishing Point was also reflecting its time.

dsl SX

2018-03-24 17:09

Tribute song/video "Kowalski" by Primal Scream from Vanishing Point LP. Rest of album is not particularly VP-ish.

Gamer DE

2018-03-24 17:25

dsl wrote Tribute song/video "Kowalski" by Primal Scream from Vanishing Point LP.

Hey, I actually know that song for once! It was in Driver: San Francisco.

the sad biker UK

2018-03-24 17:51

dsl wrote Tribute song/video "Kowalski" by Primal Scream from Vanishing Point LP. Rest of album is not particularly VP-ish.

That's dire, the OST was put together by people who understand music, Mr Gillespie clearly doesn't.


train68 US

2018-08-30 14:49

A car flick not made by Universal? That's something I hardly ever see.

-- Last edit: 2021-06-04 09:33:51

mike962 DE

2019-05-01 14:41

added a bunch of background and some replacements

mike962 DE

2019-05-01 14:43

a more unusual helicpter

[Image: untitled.4383.jpg]

mike962 DE

2019-05-02 15:15

another car in behind the scene pic but guess cannot be ID

[Image: untitled.4388.jpg] [Image: untitled.4389.jpg]

in the actual movie you see it for about 2 sec

[Image: untitled.4390.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2019-05-02 15:21:36

Baube QC

2019-05-02 15:42

looks like something else reached the point of vanishing .. ;)

about the car.. mid 50's Chevy ?

-- Last edit: 2019-05-02 15:45:25

Nightrider RU

2019-05-02 15:43

^point of being censored I would say)

Kooshmeister US

2020-09-15 16:57

mike962 wrote a more unusual helicpter

[Image: untitled.4383.jpg]

It's a Fairchild Hiller FH-1100.

62imperial US

2020-09-22 00:19

Baube wrote
about the car.. mid 50's Chevy?

1955 Buick Special two-door sedan, from the slightly reverse-angled A-pillars, chrome taillight surrounds and rear bumper.

mike962 DE

2023-06-05 17:08

RIP Barry Newman

MatthewPaanoTorres US

2024-03-23 15:53

RIP Barry Newman.

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