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မင်းထားခဲ့သည့်နေ့မှစ၍; Les Secrets du Finistère: Le Chant des Sirènes; 스위트홈; The Black Room; 久别重逢; دختر طلا; Эмигрантка или Борода в очках и бородавочник; The Dry; 疫起; Kuća na pijesku; S.O.S. Mamis 2: Mosquita muerta; S.O.S. Mamis: La película; 大有前途; Hotel Sahara; 君よ憤怒の河を渉れ; (more...)

IRT: Deadliest Roads, Non-fiction TV, 2010-2011 IMDB

Pictures provided by: rjluna2, Neon

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rjluna2 US

2010-10-30 04:23

26 pictures were validated.

Death is a Blind Corner Away (Episode 1.04):

[Image: title.jpg]

Truck routes:

[Image: route_04_31.jpg] [Image: route_07_04.jpg]

Captures were from Link to "www.history.com"

Anybody can capture these footage at the web site are welcome :)

-- Last edit: 2011-11-20 03:31:55

rjluna2 US

2010-11-06 04:01

21 of 22 pictures were validated.

Crumbling Roads (1.05):

[Image: rick.jpg] [Image: dave.jpg] [Image: lisa.jpg]

[Image: locations_23_37.jpg]

Too background vehicles:
[Image: construction_23_52.jpg] [Image: redhatchback_35_40.jpg] [Image: silverhatchback_41_23.jpg] [Image: bulldozer_28_26.jpg]
Construction equipment, red hatchback, silver hatchback and bulldozer.

-- Last edit: 2011-12-24 22:52:42 (Neon)

rjluna2 US

2010-11-21 02:20

15 pictures were validated.

Cut Off! (1.07)

[Image: route_03_25.jpg]

Small village sign:
[Image: sign_29_03.jpg]

[Image: tata1613_02_24.jpg]

Too background vehicles:
[Image: redsuv_35_54.jpg] [Image: redtata_31_38.jpg] [Image: tata_11_40.jpg]
Red SUV, red Tata, and blue Tata.

-- Last edit: 2011-12-03 22:11:49

rjluna2 US

2010-11-23 05:00

16 pictures were validated.

Overloaded! (1.08)

[Image: rohtang_pass_09_19.jpg]

Too background vehicles:
[Image: bulldozer_27_29.jpg] [Image: redvan_40_57.jpg] [Image: towtruck_03_29.jpg]
Bulldozer, red van, and Eicher tow-truck.

[Image: whitehatchback_03_54.jpg] [Image: redsedan_03_44.jpg]
White hatchback.

-- Last edit: 2011-05-12 20:00:25 (Neon)

rjluna2 US

2010-12-03 03:50

20 pictures were validated.

Pile of Corpses (1.09)

[Image: sign_15_32.jpg] [Image: bluetruck_28_58.jpg] [Image: whitesuv_22_31.jpg]

Too background vehicles:
[Image: farmtruck_02_51.jpg] [Image: farmtruck_12_07.jpg] [Image: greentruck_16_00.jpg] [Image: roller_14_35.jpg] [Image: sedan_14_33.jpg] [Image: yellowtruck_15_35.jpg]
Farm tractor, farm tractor, Green truck, Roller, and sedan.

-- Last edit: 2011-12-25 19:04:44

rjluna2 US

2010-12-11 16:12

29 Pictures were validated.

Explosive Cargo (1.10)

[Image: manali_sissu_05_17.jpg]

Indian sign:
[Image: sign_31_26.jpg]

impdb.org :D
[Image: impdb_05_30.jpg] [Image: impdb_02_06.jpg] [Image: impdb_05_45.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-01-09 00:42:52

rjluna2 US

2011-07-02 17:36

13 pictures were validated.

Thin Air (#1.06)

[Image: route_04_02.jpg]

Location post:
[Image: keylong_32_25.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2011-12-25 18:51:42

rjluna2 US

2011-07-23 22:51

9 out of 11 pictures were validated.

23 out of 35 pictures were updated.

Freefall Freeway (#1.01)

Vehicles did not make the cut :/
[Image: pickup_18_33.jpg] [Image: truck_07_03.jpg]

Alex Debogorski:
[Image: alex.jpg]

[Image: route_02_14.jpg] [Image: shimla_23_50.jpg] [Image: sign_42_47.jpg]

Tata 1613 engine:
[Image: tata1613engine_16_34.jpg]

Internet Movie Light Bulb Database :)
rjluna2 > IRT: Deadliest Roads (1.01)

-- Last edit: 2011-12-24 22:50:16 (Neon)

Neon IT

2011-07-24 00:26

Mostly of the cars that you have added I've not forget when I added the captures, but I've not included them because are not really worth listing. The cars visible through the windscreen that run in the opposite lane are not worth listing same for the cars that appears just for a second (visible only with the frame by frame option.)

rjluna2 US

2011-07-24 00:34

I had more vehicles, but decided not to added due to more common, blurry and washed out there and I only uploaded the ones that might be interesting. The only left is that I have to figure out the Tata 1510/1512 buses. :think:

If you think it is similar to the one that is already posted in different episode, let me know and I can rearrange it.

rjluna2 US

2011-08-05 21:49

6 pictures were validated.

11 of 14 pictures were updated.

Pushed to the Ledge (#1.02)

[Image: route_04_16.jpg] [Image: route_05_16.jpg]

Indian traffic view galore!
[Image: traffic_15_08.jpg] [Image: traffic_15_09.jpg] [Image: traffic_33_16.jpg]

Worth a page of own?
[Image: silverhatchback_25_24.jpg]
Small hatchback

Internet Movie Train Database
[Image: imtdb_33_05.jpg]

Internet Movie Light Bulb Database :)
rjluna2 > IRT: Deadliest Roads (1.02)

-- Last edit: 2011-08-30 12:39:51 (Neon)

rjluna2 US

2011-08-17 01:45

6 out of 7 pictures were validated.

7 pictures were updated.

Facing Fears (#1.03)

Roadside accidents:
[Image: accident1__07_13.jpg] [Image: accident2__07_14.jpg]

Two Eicher unknown passed by:
[Image: eicher1__08_18.jpg] [Image: eicher2__08_20.jpg]

Worth a page of own?
[Image: abandonedsuv_07_13.jpg]

[Image: route_05_44.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2011-08-30 12:39:16 (Neon)

rjluna2 US

2011-09-19 22:26

Second season coming up on September 25th for South America area :D


rjluna2 US

2011-09-26 17:07

I watch the second season show last night. Now, they are using Volvo FL 12 series trucks. They are now on the web video at Link to "www.history.com"

jonas a SE

2011-10-24 23:29

rjluna2 wrote I watch the second season show last night. Now, they are using Volvo FL 12 series trucks. They are now on the web video at Link to "www.history.com"

They use F12 Volvos. Not FL they have a totally different cab.

rjluna2 US

2011-11-09 16:45

jonas a wrote They use F12 Volvos. Not FL they have a totally different cab.

You are right, my bad :/

Neon IT

2011-12-23 15:51

Since 2.01

[Image: KMPlayer202011-12-232000-22-00-10.jpg] [Image: a131c9165992651.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202011-12-232000-22-40-18.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202011-12-232000-22-45-56.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202011-12-232000-22-51-29.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202011-12-232000-23-10-59.jpg]

Filmed in Bolivia

-- Last edit: 2017-10-10 20:42:11 (antp)

Neon IT

2012-02-25 17:40

Unidentifiable bikes/moped from Ep. 2.02 [*]:

[Image: KMPlayer202012-01-072015-51-44-92.jpg] [Image: KMPlayer202012-01-072016-16-59-14.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-06 02:08

From the DVD bonus material: "6000 Miles from Home" (B1.01) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_00_02.jpg]

Video on line: 6000 Miles From Home

Before Freefall Freeway (#1.01)

Internet Movie Plane Database (impdb.org):
[Image: impdb_00_07.jpg]

Unknown background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: minivan_00_56.jpg] [Image: car2__01_25.jpg] [Image: bike2__02_13.jpg] [Image: bike1__01_59.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-08 03:00:13

rjluna2 US

2012-03-06 02:30

1 picture was validated.

From DVD bonus material: "This one Looks Good" (B1.02) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_02_53.jpg]

Video on line: This One Looks Good

Just before Freefall Freeway (#1.01)

Indian traffic galore:
[Image: indiantraffic_02_57.jpg]

Tata unknown - [*]:
[Image: tatasedan_03_06.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-08 02:58:32

rjluna2 US

2012-03-07 00:00

1 picture was validated.

From the DVD bonus material of "I Just Hit a Kid" (B1.03) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_04_59.jpg]

Video on line: Trucker in Training

Just before Pushed to the Ledge (#1.02)

Internet Movie Plane Database (impdb.org):
[Image: impdb_05_03.jpg]

Unknown background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: bike1__05_05.jpg] [Image: bike2__05_13.jpg] [Image: whitesedan_05_18.jpg] [Image: beigesedan_05_18.jpg] [Image: truck_05_19.jpg] [Image: bike3__05_30.jpg] [Image: bus_07_18.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-08 02:56:36

rjluna2 US

2012-03-07 00:20

From the DVD bonus material of "Lisa's Goats" (B1.04) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_07_28.jpg]

Video on line: Himalayan Traffic Jam

Ashok Leyland unknown at 09:02 - [*]:
[Image: ashok_09_02.jpg]

Unknown bus - [*]:
[Image: bus_07_51.jpg] [Image: bus_07_53.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2012-03-09 01:04:36

rjluna2 US

2012-03-08 02:52

From the DVD bonus material of "I Need to Turn Around" (B1.05) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_09_39.jpg]

Video on line: I Need to Turn Around

Three wheelers - [*]:
[Image: 3wheel_10_24.jpg] [Image: 3wheel3_11_00.jpg]

Bajaj RE - [*]:
[Image: bajaj_11_08.jpg]

Unknown bike - [*]:
[Image: bike_10_51.jpg]

Unknown bus with the bonnet opened - [*]:
[Image: bus_10_20.jpg]

Force unknown pickup truck - [*]:
[Image: force_10_22.jpg]

Unknown 5-door hatchback - [*]:
[Image: hatchback_12_17.jpg]

Tata SE Series - [*]:
[Image: tata_10_10.jpg]

Tata unknown - [*]:
[Image: tatasedan_10_19.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 00:39

From the DVD bonus material of "That Hurt" (B1.06) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_12_22.jpg]

Video on line: That Hurt!

For Internet Movie Snowmobile Database:
[Image: snowmobile_12_44.jpg] [Image: snowmobile_13_28.jpg]
[Image: snowmobile_13_59.jpg] [Image: snowmobile_14_07.jpg]
[Image: snowmobile_13_15.jpg] [Image: snowmobile_13_22.jpg] [Image: snowmobile_13_31.jpg] [Image: snowmobile_14_56.jpg]

Unknown SUV - [*]:
[Image: whitesuv_12_43.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 00:49

From the DVD bonus material of "Rick at the Bar" (B1.07) (Not listed at the IMDb):
[Image: title_15_11.jpg]

Video on line: It's Been a Long 4 Days

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 01:08

From the DVD bonus material of "Live Cargo" (B1.08) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_17_38.jpg]

Video on line: I've Never Hauled Livestock Before

Unknown vehicles - [*]:
[Image: bike_17_54.jpg] [Image: tractor_18_01.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 01:26

From the DVD bonus material of "Single Lane Bridge" (B1.09) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_20_41.jpg]

Video on line: Single Lane Bridge

Unknown vehicles:
[Image: sedan_21_10.jpg] [Image: minisuv_22_18.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 01:51

From the DVD bonus material of "No Doors Needed" (B1.10) (Not listed in the IMDb):
[Image: title_22_49.jpg]

During the Explosive Cargo (1.10)

Video on line: 112 Degrees and Climbing

Hyundai Accent at 25:40 - [*]:
[Image: accent_25_40.jpg]

Unknown vehicles - [*]:
[Image: scooter_25_51.jpg] [Image: bus_22_54.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2012-03-09 01:52

Bonus materials from first season are completed!

Neon IT

2012-11-20 22:34

Since 2.08:

[Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-32-21-51.jpg]

[Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-29-30-15.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-29-35-37.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-29-39-40.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-29-44-73.jpg] [Image: kmplayer2012-11-1023-32-02-10.jpg]

Filmed in Peru

rjluna2 US

2013-12-22 23:48

10 of 12 pictures were validated.

King of the Road (#2.11)

Vehicles were rejected by the administrator:
[Image: greenbus_04_39.jpg]
Double Decker Bus

[Image: 2ndvan_15_51.jpg]
Black SUV

[Image: traffic_07_48.jpg]

[Image: th_huaraz_06_30_zps9c2a018d.jpg]

Speed limit sign:
[Image: th_postedlimit_18_34_zps61bab59d.jpg]

Internet Movie Light Bulb Database: IRT: Deadliest Roads (2.11)

rjluna2 US

2013-12-24 20:49

6 pictures were validated

Landslide! (#2.12)

Worth a page of own?
[Image: bluevan_27_19.jpg]
Blue van.

[Image: traffic_27_52.jpg]

Unknown Refridgerator Truck (Only seen at back):
[Image: refridgetruck_12_00.jpg]

Tino and Tim's Route:
[Image: th_yellowroute_02_10_zps4296d323.jpg]

Hughes' Route:
[Image: th_redroute_12_37_zps2a108126.jpg]

Dangerous Signs:
[Image: th_dangersign_20_29_zps2c52877e.jpg]
Danger! Rain - Shale Area

[Image: th_wrokingsign_20_54_zps9e8996ee.jpg]
Men at Work

For galloper and et al: /vehicle_460506-Volvo-F12-1987.html#Comment1499437 and /vehicle_658620.html

For Internet Movie Light Bulb Database: IRT: Deadliest Roads (2.12)

-- Last edit: 2013-12-24 22:32:50

rjluna2 US

2013-12-25 22:50

5 pictures were validated.

Bull Run (#2.13)

Last run of this series' route:
[Image: th_routes_04_49_zps7133f058.jpg]

Internet Movie Light Bulb Database: IRT: Deadliest Roads (2.13)

-- Last edit: 2013-12-25 22:51:12

rjluna2 US

2013-12-28 02:26

Trucker Graffiti (B2.01) a DVD bonus material not listed at IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps4631cf3d.jpg]

Background [*] vehicles here:
[Image: greensuv_01_06.jpg] [Image: oldtrucks_01_08.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-12-28 18:24

1 picture was validated.

Tim Arrives (B2.02) a DVD bonus material not listed in IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps1a5e09fc.jpg]

Background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: blacksuv_02_16.jpg] [Image: bluesuv_00_56.jpg]

[Image: whitecar_01_50.jpg] [Image: whitecar_01_57.jpg] [Image: whitecar_02_04.jpg]

Internet Movie Light Bulb Database:
[Image: thumb_imlbdb_00_29.JPG]

-- Last edit: 2013-12-28 19:41:59

rjluna2 US

2013-12-28 20:08

Getting Explosive ... S (B2.05) a DVD bonus material not listed in IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps6aac92d1.jpg]

Hugh and Rick almost cut off by this car:
[Image: goldcar_01_24.jpg] [Image: goldcar_01_27.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2013-12-28 22:10:25

rjluna2 US

2013-12-28 22:36

Tim Hits a Building (B2.06) a DVD bonus material not listed in IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps78dee987.jpg]

Background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: redvan_03_32.jpg]

[Image: redbike_03_32.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-12-28 23:32

Bill the Mechanic (B2.07) a bonus material not listed in the IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps5fc2de17.jpg]

Background Vehicles - [*]:
[Image: volvo_00_41.jpg]
Volvo F12 Globetrotter

rjluna2 US

2013-12-29 01:27

Buying Dynamite (B2.08) a DVD bonus material not listed in IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zpsaba901d4.jpg]

Background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: landcruiser_00_46.jpg] [Image: parking_00_52.jpg] [Image: parking_00_59.jpg] [Image: parking_01_06.jpg] [Image: parking_01_33.jpg] [Image: parking_01_38.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-12-29 02:33

Egg Hit (B2.10) a DVD bonus material not listed at IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps28c053d3.jpg]

Background vehicles - [*]:
[Image: kia_01_03.jpg]
Kia Motors pickup truck

[Image: nissan_01_11.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-12-29 03:32

Cholita Wrestling (B2.12) a DVD bonus material not listed in IMDb.

[Image: th_title_00_02_zps3c039dbf.jpg]

Background vehicle - [*]:
[Image: whitecar_00_23.jpg]

rjluna2 US

2013-12-29 03:33

Series is complete unless Neon wants to do something more here.

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