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Saving Private Ryan, Movie, 1998 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Alexander, Robi

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Also known as:

  • Der Soldat James Ryan (Germany)
  • Salvar al Soldado Ryan (Spain)
  • Il faut sauver le soldat Ryan (France)
  • Salvate il soldato Ryan (Italy)

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Aziz FR

2005-10-05 16:44

A 1 moment,Steven Spielberg a voulu"faire couleur locale"en placant,dans un décor de village français dévasté par la guerre(un décor seulement,tout le film ayant été tourné en Californie.),une Renault Juvaquatre.Mais il s'est trompé:il a mis,à la place,une Opel Olympia bleue.Son erreur est compréhensible,car la Juvaquatre est une copie pure et simple de l'Olympia,elle-même inspirée des tendances de Chevrolet à la fin des années 30.Seulement le véhicule est immatriculé en France,et,il est inimaginable qu'un français de cette époque achète un véhicule étranger (rarissime à l'époque.),et,surtout allemand.

Alexander DE

2005-10-22 17:31

Aziz, perhaps you could shed some more light on what you said -- my knowledge of French is sadly very limited.

I do see that you are referring to the Opel Olympia, which looked very similar to the Renault Juvaquarte. It is not unusual to see an Opel in France during the war, as the German army used them a lot -- many taken from private ownership. There were hardly any private cars left in Germany at the end of the war. What is rather strange is the excellent condition of that car. In reality it would have been painted in matt grey and would look very battered by 1944.

The second word I identified is California. Actually Spielberg filmed in England, and the beach scenes in Ireland.

antp BE

2005-10-22 17:43

He said that Spielberg wanted to put a "local" car in a French village, a Renault Juvaquatre. But he took the wrong one, an Opel, which is very similar. Since the car has a French license plate, it is not reallistic since there were very few non-French vehicle at that time in France, and French people would have buy a German car.

-- Last edit: 2005-10-22 17:46:43

2491tj EN

2006-12-30 06:06

in the movie, the "Tiger" is deliberately dubbed with sound to make it look like a slow moving clanking dinosaur..the real vehicle was anything but.....also the movie "Tiger" has engine sounds dubbed on from a Cheiftain tank at Bovington museum.
Complete uniform worn by vin diesel with painted jacket was offered for sale on E Bay Uk, May 2009 with a £1,500 starting price...no takers.
VEHICLE TRIVIA......ten ex Vietnam War US LCVPs landing craft were found in the desert in Palm Springs Calafornia,they were bought, shipped over to a boat yard in St Austell,Cornwall and rebuilt..they were then transported by road to County Wexford, Ireland for the "Omaha Beach" sequences...technically this type of landing craft is incorrect as in real life the rangers were landed by british Landing Craft assault (LCA), crewed by royal navy personnel...2 T34s were converted into Tiger tanks..at the same time a further 2 T34s were totally stripped down and rebuilt as unconverted T34s..in case the "Tigers" broke down..then they could be converted as "Tigers"........12 BMWs with sidecars were supplied..although they were probably postwar Russian lookeylikeys (only 3 were used)....also supplied....Opel Blitz with radio body....Opel Blitz with cargo body....Horch staff car...Mercedes staff car...5 Kubelwagens (one used)....2 Steyr troop carriers...Mercedes L3000 cargo truck...Praga 6 wheel cargo truck....Mercedes L4500 A truck....2 Czech OT "Hanomag" halftracks...2 Panzer 38 Marder self propelled guns....5 Harley davidson motorbikes (none used)...9 jeeps (although some were postwar Hotchkiss M201)...5 Dodge Command Cars (2 used)...5 Dodge Weapons Carriers (3 used)...3 Dodge staff cars...20 GMC trucks...2 Dodge Ambulances...2 White Halftracks....2 Shermans...misc prop non flying Waco gliders made from scaffold tubing.
WEAPONS......500 "working" weapons supplied among which were200 M1 Garands...96 K98 rifles...36 M1 Carbines(of wich some were the M1A1 folding stock version)...15 Thompson SMGs....15 Browning Auto Rifles...5 MG34s...15 MG42s....15 MP40s...2 .50 cal Brownings..8 .30 cal Brownings...plus Lugers,P38, Colt pistols, bazookas, mortars, grenades,...guns came from Korea,Belgium,Germany,Czecoslovakia..blank ammo came from the USA. M1A1 Bazookas were made by the prop team...1,200 rubber weapons of various types were made for those extras not accustomed to real weapons and as pouch fillers...all the real weapons were live firing and had to be converted to fire blanks and had to be proofed for the filming...one oddity is a large postwar russian tank landing Craft was hired from scotland and was fitted with a dummy tank and can be seen as a far background item in some shots.
The 1940 Buick staff car which arrives at the Ryan farm with the bad news was driven in the shot by its owner,Larry Carney, the same car had been previously shipped to Hungary where it appeared in the Madonna movie "Evita". Most of the vehicles were sourced and supplied by steve lamonby of "plus Film services", he also supplied artillery pieces as set dressing for the "omaha beach" cliffs...a skoda 105mm Howitzer...and a 2 cm Flak 38...both are set into fortifications on the cliff..but are not seen!!.also not seen in the film are about 9 ww2 period Us saloon cars parked outside General Marshalls office...the windows behind the seated marshall look out onto a car park..the vehicles were supplied as a filler in case the camera caught an outside view..in any case they are not visible through the window...such was the level of detail in "Private Ryan".
a popular "Private Ryan" myth is that ireland was chosen over Norfolk in the UK as the location for the "Omaha" sequence because the makers of the movie were offered a huge tax relief by the Irish for filming in their country..not so.....Spielberg approached the British Army for trained volunteers as extras..but the British Government would not cooperate...so spielberg went to Ireland and used hundreds of Irish Army extras instead..most of the extras had been previously running around in kilts in various battle scenes in Gibsons "Braveheart" movie!!...all the non actors in the beach sequence are all members of the Irish reserve Defence Forces..300 were employed for 4 weeks and 800 were employed for 1 week....the guy with his leg blown off is someone who had lost his real leg in a motorcycle accident..hes the guy one of the actors removes an MG belt from around his neck...in the year 2010 he will go on to form a UK based company which supplies "disabled" accident damaged actors for the movie industry.
The "typing pool" sequence was filmed in the former De Havilland offices at a recently abandoned former British Aerospace airfield at Hatfield in the UK..the typists use actual British aerospace desks found on site..and it was filmed in a ground floor office.
Over 500 lorry loads of rubble was brought into Hatfield to dress the streets of the fake Normandy Village featured in the battle scene at the end of the film...unfortunately the 9ins by 3ins loose bricks seen scattered about are typically British and nothing like one would have seen anywhere in France in WW2!. Historically the addition of Tiger tanks is wrong...the first Tiger tanks did not appear in that particular area in Normandy until 12 June...historically what would have been in the area at that time were captured French tanks of Panzer Abtielung 100....an Army unit..not SS as depicted in the film.
After The rangers have taken over the trenches on the cliff top, actor vin diesel takes a hitler youth knife off the body of a recently killed member of the hitler youth division...in real life this would have been impossible as the rangers did not encounter the hitler youth division...the hitler youth division were further up the coast facing the british and canadians on juno beach!!.During the battle scene at the end of the movie, "Miller" knocks open the bulletproof glass driver vision port in the Tiger tank with the butt of his thompson SMG then preceeds to fire his gun into the "open" slit......impossible to do on a real Tiger as the glass is bolted in place and does not "hinge" open in any direction!!...the sniper sight on the rifle of the sniper in Millers team changes to a different type in various places in the movie,then back again.

-- Last edit: 2012-12-08 00:07:29

mike962 DE

2017-06-29 20:34

how the heck is it possible that no HD caps for this legendary film ? :mad:

robi DE

2019-08-13 18:36

HD upgrade completed.

train68 US

2023-03-04 06:59

Farewell, Tom Sizemore.

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