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အတ္တရောင်ပြန်; صراع الأجيال; Shock Value; Bad Boys: Ride or Die; သမ္မတကြီးထံပေးစာ; Un beso en el puerto; MeloDylan; The Fear of Speed; လှည့်ကွက်; Снайпер-2: Тунгус; The 14; Na granici; Jet Fighters Jet Bombers & V-Weapons; Crime Unlimited; Force of Nature: The Dry 2; (more...)

Die Straßen von Berlin, TV Series, 1995-2000 IMDB

Pictures provided by: Gamer

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Gamer DE

2014-10-29 12:07

Watched it without skipping forward, so no vehicles are missing except the poorly seen two-stars and blurry background vehicles.

Action series set (mostly) in Berlin, so a must-watch for Purzel89. :D

-- Last edit: 2015-03-10 16:41:58

Purzel89 DE

2014-10-29 23:23


Gamer DE

2014-11-01 20:59

It's going to be a while until I can continue this series since parts 2 and onward of episode 4 were uploaded to YouTube, but removed. :/

The locked cars can be validated now, I guess.

-- Last edit: 2014-11-06 21:18:14

Gamer DE

2015-02-14 09:12

Good news everyone!

SAT 1 Gold has episode 4, so I can continue my work!

Gamer DE

2015-02-14 18:38

I'll finish episode 4 tomorrow, the locked cars can now be validated. I think all the backgrounds are okay....

Sandie SX

2015-02-15 02:36


Stuff like this [*][*] car can be listed in comments:
[Image: i786402.jpg]

Gamer DE

2015-02-15 08:02

Episode 14 was aired a day after I was born, October 12, 1999. :)

Episode 4.03 complete.
1.04: dark two-star car that is probably unidentifiable:
[Image: i786476.jpg]

As is this car seen at the beginning of 2.06, and a station wagon(?) Dr. Maas arrives with in 3.03:
[Image: jockelphones.jpg]
[Image: maaswagon.jpg]

And this in 3.02:
[Image: changetoplanb.jpg]

A badly visible wrecking crane in 3.01:
[Image: duhastfeierabend.jpg]
[Image: smogcrane.jpg]

And an unidentifiable fire engine in 3.04:
[Image: firewehr1.jpg]
[Image: firewehr2.jpg]

For the IMPDB:
[Image: impdbpolizei.jpg]
[Image: lufthansabridge.jpg]
[Image: lotsofplanes.jpg]
[Image: warszawa.jpg]
[Image: kontrollebrennstoffzndung.jpg]
[Image: explodingplane.jpg]
[Image: sekheli.jpg]
[Image: polaroid.jpg]
[Image: maascopter.jpg]
[Image: sh-aax.jpg]
[Image: nealtedelta.jpg]
[Image: deltatovietnam.jpg]
[Image: deltanachvietnam.jpg]
[Image: lufthansavitaljev.jpg]
[Image: heikomaas.jpg]
[Image: jatvoingsnodderjatvoingraboneken.jpg]
[Image: redandblackheli.jpg]
[Image: thesecondredandblackheli.jpg]
[Image: swissairdouglas.jpg]
[Image: hulf.jpg]
[Image: hulf2.jpg]
[Image: gtbtiap.1.jpg]
[Image: endstationsheli.jpg]
[Image: maascopter2.jpg]
[Image: thinkdifferent.jpg]
[Image: der98ernachthimmel.jpg]
[Image: morelikethis.jpg]
[Image: dcokeplane.jpg]
A 1981 Learjet 35A in use by the German Society for Air Aid (bumpy translation)
[Image: aeroflot.jpg]
[Image: blurryplane.jpg]
[Image: wasbedeutetdas.jpg]
[Image: segelflieger.jpg]
[Image: wegointoaclub.jpg]
[Image: cessna1.jpg]
[Image: cessna2.jpg]
[Image: draggasaricer.jpg]
[Image: drivingmrleone.jpg]
[Image: deiqs.jpg]
[Image: dhesa.jpg]
[Image: butimacheerleader.jpg]
[Image: heliunionair.jpg]
[Image: getoffofmystreet.jpg]
[Image: justchampagne.jpg]
[Image: dhesa2.jpg]
[Image: whatsthis.jpg]
[Image: douglasdc3.jpg]
[Image: douglas2.jpg]
[Image: douglas3teureserie.jpg]
[Image: eyetha.jpg]
[Image: werahrzetracks.jpg]
[Image: germania.jpg]
[Image: ihaganc.jpg]
[Image: dervogelmitderkochmtze.jpg]
[Image: veniceisnotinsight.jpg]
[Image: jockelheli.jpg]
[Image: excitingnewfilm.jpg]
[Image: heliass.jpg]
[Image: kleinercopter.jpg]
[Image: soisoisoisoi.jpg]
[Image: anthrazitbell.jpg]
("Type Bell, anthracite, heading northeast")
[Image: lja12.jpg]
[Image: ndele.jpg]
[Image: lusthansa.jpg]
[Image: sealle.jpg]
[Image: modellheli1.jpg]
[Image: modellheli2.jpg]
[Image: tinyheli.jpg]
[Image: lencelot.jpg]
[Image: bombenheli.jpg]
[Image: vgheli.jpg]
[Image: vgheli2.jpg]
[Image: spaceship1.jpg]
[Image: spaceship2.jpg]
[Image: spaceship3.jpg]
[Image: zerberus.jpg]
[Image: amishparadise.1.jpg]

[Image: sillyfaces.jpg]
[Image: imsfoiodb.jpg]

An ingo-eldorado...any rare combinations?
[Image: eldorado.jpg]
[Image: eldorado2.jpg]

[Image: msdos.jpg]

Some interesting looking too-background vehicles:
[Image: tibi1.jpg]
[Image: gtbtiap.jpg]
[Image: skoda.jpg]
[Image: opelblitz.jpg]
[Image: stpetersburgmaxi.jpg]
[Image: bgmoskvitch.jpg]
[Image: eagleorpassat.jpg]
[Image: kiaclarus.jpg]
[Image: rekorde.jpg]
[Image: mazdabongo.jpg]
[Image: japaneseascona.jpg]
[Image: fornecating.jpg]
[Image: ivanthenotsoterrible.jpg]
[Image: alsohere.jpg]
[Image: i800747.jpg]
[Image: aatohmiiammm.jpg]
[Image: jokesandnovelties.jpg]
[Image: popcorn.jpg]
[Image: scheisshandy.jpg]
[Image: italih.jpg]
[Image: whitekombi.jpg]
[Image: maasvan.jpg]
[Image: haveyouseenthebaby.jpg]
[Image: noihavenotseenthebaby.jpg]
[Image: tladmyths.jpg]
[Image: i801457.jpg]
[Image: egyptassembled.jpg]
[Image: isdatncivic.jpg]
[Image: corollafx.jpg]
[Image: isthathitler.jpg]
[Image: toyotahiace.jpg]
[Image: siehtauswieeingaz.jpg]
[Image: dindadgvw.jpg]
[Image: passatb3.jpg]
[Image: osterfest.jpg]
[Image: i804512.jpg]
[Image: givesyouhell.jpg]
[Image: ktiradio.jpg]
[Image: silbergriffe.jpg]
[Image: greenmini.jpg]
[Image: boxyjeep.jpg]
[Image: bluetruck.jpg]
[Image: caprice.2.jpg]
[Image: manta.jpg]
[Image: interestingtb.jpg]
[Image: autozam.jpg]
[Image: tresertr1.jpg]
[Image: maybeastream.jpg]
[Image: abraxospolo.jpg]
[Image: prelude.jpg]
[Image: golfundprimera.jpg]
[Image: samara.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-02-14 20:45:07

Gamer DE

2015-02-15 13:56

Say, wasn't the orange car on the pic of the rejected Orion an ingo-car?

rjluna2 US

2015-02-16 13:49

Gamer wrote MS-DOS:
[Image: msdos.jpg]

Microsoft Word for Windows was introduced in 1990 for Microsoft Windows 3.0.


-- Last edit: 2015-02-16 13:50:13

antp BE

2015-02-16 17:16

It is indeed Windows 3.x on that pic, not MS-DOS (even if these old versions of Windows were running on top of DOS)
When I was using that in the early 90s, I wasn't much younger than what Gamer is now...

-- Last edit: 2015-02-16 17:16:53

Gamer DE

2015-02-21 14:06

Season 1 complete. :)

Last episode was set on Malta, so prepare yourself for some interesting locally assembled cars.

Gamer DE

2015-02-22 16:50

Can be validated now.

Gamer DE

2015-02-22 22:00

1998 internet and Microsoft Natural Keyboard:
[Image: 98interet.jpg] [Image: msnaturalkeyboard.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-03-05 15:48:05

night cub US

2015-02-23 06:51

Gamer - Why are these caps so small? It's difficult to validate when you can't find the cars in the caps.

Gamer DE

2015-02-23 06:59

There were black borders around the pictures, I removed them and now it looks like this.

night cub US

2015-02-23 07:13

Gamer - What wasn't approved you can add to the comments. Please don't duplicate models (for example, the 5 Mercedes Benzes not validated are already listed for other episodes, they can be added to the comments of those pages). Do not see anything on the Opel Vectra entry. The unknowns are too small to make out details.

night cub US

2015-02-28 18:58

Gamer - We will not approve new entries until you clean up this page. Out of the 36 pending entries, 11 are models that are already listed. Here are the duplicate models you have currently:
BMW E36 -2
BMW E34 -3
BMW E24 -2
BMW E32 -6
BMW E28 -2
BMW E21 -2
MB T1 -3
MB W123 -3
MB W114 -2
MB W124 -5
MB W202 -2
MB W126 -2
MB W140 -6
Ford Fiesta Mk 2 - 2
Jaguar XJ S3 -2
Lada sedans - 4
Mazda 323 hatch - 2
VW Golf Typ 17 -3
VW Golf Typ 19E -2

For a TV Series, 1 and 2-star entries of similar models should be grouped together in the comments. The page is getting too big and it's not right to expect the admins to clean it up. Please work on this, thank you.

Gamer DE

2015-03-01 14:56

But I AM regrouping! And I have no problem deleting those cars...I guess.

The cars can be deleted as soon as we find two cars with the same year.

-- Last edit: 2015-03-01 17:33:14

night cub US

2015-03-01 17:33

Gamer wrote I will.

The cars can be deleted as soon as we find two cars with the same year.

No, it should be the other way around, put them in the comments and let the other posters sort out the years. If there is something unique, then create a new entry. If they are similar, then leave it in the comments. For 1 and 2-star cars, we do not need a separate page for each year.

Gamer DE

2015-03-01 17:36

Your wish is my command...

There! Better?

-- Last edit: 2015-03-01 17:39:59

Sandie SX

2015-03-01 17:39

I can understand to a point wanting to keep different year ranges seperate but, as an example, 6 listings for E32 BMWs is a bit much. I think some of them might even be the same car.

Gamer DE

2015-03-01 18:20

Can it be validated now?

night cub US

2015-03-01 18:23

Gamer wrote Your wish is my command...

There! Better?

It's not about my wishes, it's about doing things the proper way. I'm trying to help you, because the next step will be to limit your ability to add things, then banning you. I don't think we need to go that route, but it' up to you.

Gamer DE

2015-03-01 18:25

I'm trying to be a good user....

You know what? That does it! I'm not adding anything anymore, if all it causes is trouble.

EDIT: nah, that would be stupid, I'll keep up with this series and promise to regroup.

Why oh why do I have to learn the things that build this site the hard way? Adding all/too background vehicles, regrouping...

-- Last edit: 2015-03-02 07:00:43

Sandie SX

2015-03-02 03:36

Stay cool. If you listen to these minor concerns, you will be a good user and there won't be trouble. There isn't even trouble now.

-- Last edit: 2015-03-02 03:37:59

Gamer DE

2015-03-06 17:37

I suppose the page for Cobra 11 is not getting "too big"?!

Lateef NO

2015-03-06 17:58

What's that got to do with any of this?

Gamer DE

2015-03-06 18:27

It just occurred to me that no one has ever said anything about how big that page has been, while here, night cub says that the page is getting too big...see my point?

rjluna2 US

2015-03-06 18:31

Gamer wrote Why oh why do I have to learn the things that build this site the hard way? Adding all/too background vehicles, regrouping...

That is a really hard part to sort these mess out on TV series such as /movie_68067-Emergency!.html

I suggest that you create a notepad and make a list what you plan on uploading those pictures during its capture. Find which is worth uploading, then weed out scene duplication, add thumbnails for same make/models and then upload. You also need to do post upload for additional thumbnail(s) for validated pictures.

I try to do my best to minimise administrator's work :D

rjluna2 US

2015-03-06 18:37

Gamer wrote 1998 internet [sic]:
[Image: 98interet.jpg]

Looks like Netscape Navigator


Gamer DE

2015-03-06 18:43

rjluna2 wrote
That is a really hard part to sort these mess out on TV series such as /movie_68067-Emergency!.html

I suggest that you create a notepad and make a list what you plan on uploading those pictures during its capture. Find which is worth uploading, then weed out scene duplication, add thumbnails for same make/models and then upload. You also need to do post upload for additional thumbnail(s) for validated pictures.

I try to do my best to minimise administrator's work :D

I think I can already regroup background vehicles pretty well, but vehicles used by characters is hard; when I do it, it seems like the cars are missing on the main page and I get a "vehicles missing" feeling in my stomach.

rjluna2 US

2015-03-06 18:55

Gamer wrote I think I can already regroup background vehicles pretty well, but vehicles used by characters is hard; when I do it, it seems like the cars are missing on the main page and I get a "vehicles missing" feeling in my stomach.

That is where you make an executive decision whatever the character uses different vehicles from one episode to another. A good example is /movie_90481-Matlock.html where sometimes the character Ben Matlock rents a vehicle where he visit at another locations. Here is a good example of one episode that he used this vehicle: /vehicle_393203-Mazda-323-BF-1986.html

Sandie SX

2015-03-06 19:16

Gamer wrote It just occurred to me that no one has ever said anything about how big that page has been, while here, night cub says that the page is getting too big...see my point?

It's a big one, indeed. I think that's in spite of it being fairly thoroughly regrouped too.

If cars play a big enough role ([*][*][*]+) they can be kept separate. Though if the same character keeps using similar cars, it might just be the same car getting re-used.

night cub US

2015-03-07 00:34

Gamer wrote It just occurred to me that no one has ever said anything about how big that page has been, while here, night cub says that the page is getting too big...see my point?

Thank you Gamer for helping keep this page organized with your latest entries. It helps so this page doesn't turn into that one you mentioned. I've spent time cleaning up other pages, so I know what a pain it can be. We can't change how that page was done, but we can prevent new pages from becoming like that one.

Gamer DE

2015-03-27 12:04

I'm not sure if the episode ended or not, because about halfway through the last segment of 2.05, the opening credits for 2.06 began to roll. Maybe they were aired back to back? The last words were similar to "We're not continuing this war." before cutting to 2.06's opening credits.

Something similar happened at the end of 1.04 where the episode ended after the BX and the E32 crashed into each other. I quickly calculated the length of the parts together and came to a final result of 96 minutes and 57 seconds; 2 minutes 57 seconds longer than what IMDB told me.

Some nice old racing games in 2.05:

Twisted Metal 2:
[Image: verdrehtesmetall.jpg]
[Image: mrslam.jpg]
[Image: tm2.jpg]
[Image: axel.jpg]
[Image: gloriahole.jpg]
[Image: stingray.1.jpg]
[Image: localbusinessmenlovedit.jpg]
[Image: mrslam.1.jpg]
[Image: spectre.jpg]
[Image: fddwnb.jpg]

Porsche Challenge (fairly obscure game! :sun:):
[Image: boxsterchallenge.jpg]
[Image: bmwz3.jpg]

And in the same episode some models and old locomotives:
[Image: toys.jpg] [Image: locomptives.jpg]

2.06, some Kinder surprise egg vehicles:
[Image: inderb1.jpg]
[Image: inderb2.jpg]
[Image: inderb3.jpg]
[Image: inderb4.jpg]
[Image: bettershelf.jpg]

And Fanta, the only Coca-Cola soda to undergo a major redesign in the last 15 years. Best before: February 2000 or something like that...
[Image: 90sfantacan.jpg]

Berlin U-train in 3.04:
[Image: dieberlinersbahn.jpg]
[Image: derinnenraumdersbahn.jpg]
[Image: hilfeichblute.jpg]
[Image: oldsbahn.jpg]
Some gangster that guy in the gray suit is. After a musician stops playing his guitar, the man commands him to keep playing and threatens everyone to sing along. Kinda like Barney.

And another in the following episode. "I don't have a ticket!" Karnowsky complains.
[Image: wondstom.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-04-09 16:38:52

Gamer DE

2015-03-28 21:45

Readded the Carina E Kombi with a better view and spotted a, for Germany, ultra-ultra-ultra-rare sight in the background of its pic and added it. You'll see once the car gets validated! That is, if it does get validated...

EDIT: Unfortunately, what I supposed was a Citroen Axel turned out to be Visa because it had four doors... :(

A rollercoaster car in 2.05:
[Image: rollercoastercar.jpg]

And a car ad on a newspaper in 2.06...can anyone recognize it?
[Image: venezuelapaper.jpg]

A nice old caravan in 3.01, can anyone identify it?
[Image: 144eggs.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-03-30 18:11:00

antp BE

2015-03-30 17:20

@Gamer > slow done on the background cars, especially here with these so small pics

Gamer DE

2015-03-30 18:10

Oh great. Not this again.

antp BE

2015-03-30 18:17

Exactly what we think when we see a bunch of background cars submitted by you pending validation :p

Gamer DE

2015-03-30 18:27

Alright, the Volvo truck's gone, I guess that is the only (really) bad one. Here it was:
[Image: i801620.jpg]

Can be validated now, but whatever you do, DON'T DELETE THE CIVIC COUPE!

Oh no...you did. Whyyy??? :cry: It was a US-spec version! No worries, I still have the pic!

And the Ka? It was not a common car, but it was well visible! For me, visibility counts, not if the car is common.

A Seat Cordoba in 3.01. This car was very unpopular in Germany because of its faceless- and plainness:
[Image: cordobaunbeliebt.jpg] [Image: zubieder.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-04-04 11:50:50

karoomay SY

2015-03-30 18:59

Gamer wrote Twisted Metal 2:
[Image: verdrehtesmetall.jpg]

Ah, I remember playing the first 4 Twisted Metal games for the PS1, so many fond childhood memories. :sun: The first 2 were great, 3 was alright but 4 was when the series went downhill. There was also a similar car battle game called Rogue Trip which was also fun to play at the time.

Gamer DE

2015-03-30 19:24

A US-spec Civic in Berlin would be worth listing, no? It was quite visible. Here's a similar case of "US-version of everyday European car": /vehicle_137174-Volkswagen-Golf-Typ-1H.html

Gamer DE

2015-03-31 12:34

I've readded the Civic Coupé simply because of the fact that it is a US-spec version in Germany.

Quote from the FAQ, I've highlighted elements to keep it:

Note: these guidelines may be relaxed if the picture is large and sharp or a background car is rare or interesting for some other reason. The contributor should post a comment with the reason for posting the picture if the above guidelines are relaxed for a background car. (I did that)
Examples of "rare" may include:
Only a few were made,
Seldom seen in movies,
Is not common in the country of origin for the movie
Is old relative to the time frame of the movie.

Gamer DE

2015-03-31 13:20

Another thing, in 3.02, an accomplice of the African antiques dealer compares the dealer to a rhinoceros, but he pronounces it "Renault Ceros" instead of "Rhee-no-tse-ross." :D

antp BE

2015-03-31 17:16

The Civic was deleted the first time because it was one in the middle of numerous not-worth-listing cars, not easy to spot the reason why that one was worth keeping... as many others weren't :p
The Ka was on the side of another car much more visible in the middle, and the pic rather small, so not really worth listing.

-- Last edit: 2015-03-31 17:23:19

Gamer DE

2015-03-31 17:23

But look at the size of the license plate holder, that was obviously an American car.

antp BE

2015-03-31 17:24

The licence plate is only a few pixels on such picture size, and do you really think I analyzed every detail of the cars?
There are 15 not worth listing cars, how could I guess that one was actually worth keeping :p Kind of like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boy_Who_Cried_Wolf - you add all the time cars to be deleted, and sometimes when it shouldn't be deleted... there is collateral damage [:dawa]

-- Last edit: 2015-03-31 17:26:17

Sandie SX

2015-03-31 17:42


Isn't an XJ40. It's probably a double post of: /vehicle_801447-Jaguar-XJ-Series-III.html

Gamer DE

2015-03-31 18:54

The MUTT is seen in a brief montage and is a bit smaller.

[Image: bbycarknockoff.jpg]
This was a Bobby-Car (kids car for kids between 12m and 3-4 years) knockoff styled after a 1991-96 Corvette C4. They were very popular in Germany in the early-to-mid-nineties, always were red/brown with yellow hubcaps and were usually a present from medical institution, such as local pharmacies. The maker, after all these years, is still completely unknown to me...

3.03, Mitsubishi :D
[Image: thebviouschoice.jpg]

3.04, Lancia :D
[Image: lancia.1.jpg]

And the main item of 3.04's plot was "Red Mercury," some sort of red powder used for weapons.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-07 11:24:06

night cub US

2015-04-04 17:53

Gamer - You are still trying to add Mercedes that are already listed. I deleted a W123 and a W126. These belong in the comments of the existing entries.

Gamer DE

2015-04-04 18:59

I didn't say "Can be validated now."!

And what about that green sedan? It looked rather interesting.

Oh, and night cub: Why did you suddenly delete those Mercedeses instead of regrouping them?

-- Last edit: 2015-04-04 19:04:09

night cub US

2015-04-04 19:36

Gamer wrote Oh, and night cub: Why did you suddenly delete those Mercedeses instead of regrouping them?

Because you continue to ignore instructions, the admins (not just me) decided that entries from you that were incorrect should be deleted, so you would start to follow the instructions you are given. We want you to learn how to do it properly, instead of expecting the admins to clean up your work. I have reminded you several times that these vehicles should be grouped together, and you still add them separately. I've started going through re-grouping some of them (I still haven't figured out how to group the T1 and T2s). Do you understand now?

Gamer DE

2015-04-04 21:38

Will finish tomorrow.

Gamer DE

2015-04-05 10:55

3.03, this scene is supposedly set in Rostock, but all the SEK-units wear patches with the crest of Schleswig-Holstein on them, despite Rostock being in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern^^
[Image: sekunit.jpg]

Nokia 9000 Communicator used by Jockel in the same episode:
[Image: thebroadsareeasy.jpg]

I didn't find another place to put it - a Toyota Previa, rather uncommon in Germany but too background:
[Image: previa.jpg]

Also in 3.04, Tessa is rigged with a bomb that explodes if she stops talking; eventually, she starts listing car makes: Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Toyota...

-- Last edit: 2015-04-07 10:06:20

Gamer DE

2015-04-05 11:55

Episode 15 is another where I'm not sure if it's complete, however, the total duration was 98 minutes and 74 seconds; a plausible length. At the end, the bad guy is killed and everyone eats sausages together (except for Jockel, who gets an apple) and finishingly puts their hands on top of one another...sounds like an ending.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-07 16:07:59

Gamer DE

2015-04-07 16:11

Can be validated now. Please watch what you validate, I've added a US-spec 1996+ Nissan Pathfinder that was not available in Europe; instead we had the crappy Ford-based Terrano/II. The Cherokee, unlike the other one, is a US model by the different tail lights, which I'll show you.

Most of the cars in the street scenes (where the Pathfinder appears) are also vehicles that haven't appeared in the series before and should therefore be validated, and the white Golf III is a ZA-assembled version. ;)

-- Last edit: 2015-04-07 16:11:50

Gamer DE

2015-04-09 18:14

Lost in translation in 3.05; the Colombian drug dealer says "Mira! Rickerts!" but the automatic subtitles translate it as "Here! Rickerts!" rather than "Look! Rickerts!" which would be correct:
[Image: mirarickets.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-04-09 18:15:17

antp BE

2015-04-10 14:22

ep 3.04:
[Image: i804595.jpg]
Gamer wrote
The following is shown before:
[Image: titis.jpg]
(if it is not a Golf III, this entry can stay due to its value as an Uitenhage-assembled version)

antp wrote if it is not that car, I'd rather say the entry can go to /vehicle_753851-Volkswagen-Golf-Typ-1H-1992.html
And to me it is clearly not the Golf: is is a much older car, something from 50s-70s

Gamer wrote For the 50s-70s car; this was the only view, aside from the South African Corolla which was seen outside of it.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-10 15:53:05

Gamer DE

2015-04-10 16:16

Some trains in 3.05:
[Image: rotweierdb.jpg]
[Image: dunklerzug.jpg]
[Image: derneue.jpg]
[Image: backto.jpg]
[Image: rostigerzug.jpg]
What a stunt on that last pic! Karnowsky and Mosch narrowly cut off the train with their CX!

Berlin trams and an additional DB diesel loco in 3.06:
[Image: berlintrams1.jpg]
[Image: tschutschute60.jpg]
[Image: modernebahn.jpg]
[Image: brandgefahr.jpg]

Another loco in 4.01:
[Image: deutschebahn.jpg]

More Berlin trams and an S-Train in 4.02:
[Image: bildsche.jpg]
[Image: berlinbahn.jpg]
[Image: oldberlinsbahn.jpg]
I thought these old S-Trains were decommissioned years ago. :??:

A DB Cargo locomotive in 4.03. Funny how it is carrying coaches despite being a freight engine :D
[Image: dbcargohaltstopp.jpg]
[Image: dbcargo1.jpg]
[Image: ratatamratatatam.jpg]
[Image: nichtweglaufen.jpg]
[Image: oktober2000.jpg]
[Image: regiobahn.jpg]

This scene reminds me of a scene from the Tintin comic "The Black Island." :D
[Image: orangeandwhite.jpg]
[Image: hamm.jpg]

And this:
[Image: andthis.jpg]

4.03 also features a nice chase between this boat:
[Image: niceboat.jpg]

and this boat:
[Image: nussschale.jpg]

The big one is reused about six minutes later, but the small wooden one doesn't get anymore action.

The final episode has another old S-Train:
[Image: erkner.jpg]
[Image: bolond.jpg]
[Image: zugvomfenster.jpg]

and a newer one:
[Image: potsdamhbf.jpg]
[Image: moschnebennersbahn.jpg]
[Image: bahnstrom.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-06-10 18:33:02

Gamer DE

2015-04-11 18:02

Part 1 of 3.06 is complete, Parts 2-5 will follow next week or so, when I've got less going on.

-- Last edit: 2015-04-11 18:02:42

Gamer DE

2015-04-17 15:45

In 3.06, a woman is named Eva Brenner, sharing her name with the well-known German TV moderator :D
[Image: evabrenner.jpg]

Ah, 1999, when everyone was awaiting the Euro. :) Italy already had it, but we wouldn't get it until 2002. (although we and Italy were part of the founding states that conceived the currency) These are fakes, by the way, hence the title of the episode:
[Image: 100euroschein1.jpg]
[Image: drmaasunmglich.jpg]
[Image: lithuanianeuro.jpg]
[Image: faelschung.jpg]
[Image: eurounfall.jpg]
Dr. Maas: Impossible! It's...way too early!
[Image: thihyawrow.jpg]

These are real:
[Image: blueten.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-04-18 09:10:17

Gamer DE

2015-04-17 17:32

I cannot believe it! I have found yet another US-spec background vehicle, this time a 1992-95 Plymouth Voyager. You can see it's a Plymouth by the fact that it has vertical chrome bars on the grille - these are not present on the EU 1992-95 Chrysler Voyager! I'll also post some thumbs once it is validated.

Can we keep it, despite its limited visibility?

-- Last edit: 2015-04-17 17:58:42

Gamer DE

2015-04-17 19:04

Note: I have listed the W201 and E2000 separately because we specifically know what they are instead of just the respective series.

Europa-Center with the rotating Mercedes star in 3.06:
[Image: mercbuilding.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-04-18 09:07:39

Gamer DE

2015-04-18 09:21

Season 3 complete.

Remember: Watch what you validate, this means the '92 Plymouth Voyager!

4.01, an iMac mouse and keyboard are used to tie up the mob boss:
[Image: fesseltihn.jpg]

In the next episode, we get a fleeting glimpse of the computer itself:
[Image: endlichnimac.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-05-02 14:43:17

Gamer DE

2015-05-01 14:15

Can be validated now. Karnowsky died in the episode. :(

But he is mentioned again by Jockel in 4.03, along with Hajo, Katja and Deroy as part of a list of deceased SOKO members. Dr. Maas also goes through photos of them in 4.04.

His grave in the same episode:
[Image: bisbaldkarnowsky.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-05-14 11:22:37

Gamer DE

2015-05-02 14:06

From 4.01. Vehicle or not?
[Image: vehicleornot.jpg]

(The first majorly seen) traffic light (is) in 4.02 for rjluna2:
[Image: berlinampel.jpg]
[Image: esisgruen.jpg]
[Image: spiegelndeampel.jpg]

In the same episode, the Titanic:
[Image: titanic.jpg]

The red or the yellow wire? Which should Jockel cut through? He wants to choose the yellow wire, but something like a little child (a little girl died in a car crash a year prior to the events) tugs on his sleeve so he cuts the red wire and...
[Image: sohaettsausgesehen.jpg]
"...that's what it would have looked like if I chose the yellow wire."
Terrible CGI. :/

-- Last edit: 2015-05-04 19:37:43

Gamer DE

2015-05-02 17:47

Can be validated now.

Gamer DE

2015-05-02 18:21

Readded the other Primera, the silver one, as well as the Mercedes fire engine with a better view. Please accept them this time.

-- Last edit: 2015-05-02 22:16:51

Gamer DE

2015-05-02 22:17

What's up with the validating? :p

-- Last edit: 2015-05-03 09:16:18

mike962 DE

2015-05-02 22:26

Gamer I bet you start to get really irritating lately for the admins

-- Last edit: 2015-05-02 22:30:27

Gamer DE

2015-05-02 22:32

Where're you getting all these ideas?? And not a word about ingo here: /movie_1004513953-The-History-of-Volkswagen--The-Definitive-Story.html

Gamer DE

2015-05-09 10:01

Can be validated now. Please watch what you validate - the Jeep Cherokee, unlike the other EU-spec one, has orange front indicators, the 405 is likely assembled locally and the Punto - not just locally assembled, but also worth listing for another reason, you'll see...

The Sierra is, unlike the other one, a 2-door, the Cinquecento is a non-Sporting and the slightly blurred car behind the fence looks interesting...

-- Last edit: 2015-05-09 10:05:41

Gamer DE

2015-05-09 14:22

Ingo in 4.03:
[Image: ingo.1.jpg]

And do we list merry-go-round vehicles? From the same episode:
[Image: vaysayday.jpg]

Are these self-propelled/vehicles?
[Image: arethese.jpg]
[Image: beigeraltertruck.jpg]

The fairground has some pretty funny trash cans, literally "Müllschlucker" (trash gulpers):
[Image: muellschlucker.jpg]

[Image: illhelpyou.jpg]
"I'll help you. There's the car maker from Stuttgart (the translation does not say the location) with the star."

Dean Moore...is that a name I should know?
[Image: deanmoore.jpg]

A toy truck in 4.04 - there were so many views of it that I just chose the first one I accidently clicked on:
[Image: toytruck.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-05-18 17:00:20

Gamer DE

2015-05-14 12:23

Series complete - can be validated now. Blue sedan looks interesting, Fiero and 300M are rare/uncommon in Germany, Pajero is an EU version.

The ending was great. Jockel narrates the new life of the characters: "Maas is making a steep career as an attorney general at the Federal Court of Justice, later he got Tessa into his team. I'm not even going to go there...Rickerts went to New Zealand and married a calendar manufacturer. I'm now a private eye with my own company: PPI (likely stands for Pietsch Private Eye, a rebus) and work with lots of cops so I'll stay up to date. It works pretty nicely, sometimes Mosch drops by. After he won the lottery, he started playing snooker, I gotta find his debt. He now fights for his position as German champion. But...I always miss a special something. Like my bombs for instance. It was a pretty awesome time in the SOKO..."
(The closing theme plays)

-- Last edit: 2015-05-14 12:35:36

Gamer DE

2015-06-10 17:24

And a little something for rjluna2 in 4.04:
[Image: rjluna22000.jpg]

Also in the same episode a brand new Chrysler 300M:
[Image: 300m.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-06-10 18:41:30

rjluna2 US

2015-06-10 20:28

Gamer wrote (The first majorly seen) traffic light (is) in 4.02 for rjluna2:

Gamer wrote And a little something for rjluna2 in 4.04:

Danke, Gamer :)

My comments at Traffic Lights in Internet Movie Car Database.

Gamer DE

2015-06-11 17:01

Are these two wagons ID-able? From 4.04:
[Image: thesetwowagons.jpg]

Can't remember which car this mirror belongs to:
[Image: harddrive.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2015-06-12 16:39:10

Corkeyandpals US

2016-05-21 02:33

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Die_Stra%C3%9Fen_von_Berlin

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