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Red Dwarf, Fernsehserie, 1988-2019 IMDB

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2006-06-20 14:38


Episode Guide

(Only the episodes that contain cars are listed, most of the episodes take place in deep space in the very-distant future):

Series II (1988)

[Image: reddwarftitlesii2.7136.jpg]

2.1 - Kryten
2.2 - Better Than Life

Series III (1989)

[Image: reddwarftitlesiii2.jpg]

3.1 - Backwards
3.5 - Timeslides

Series IV (1991)

4.6 - Meltdown

Series V (1992)

[Image: reddwarftitlesv2.jpg]

5.5 - Demons & Angels
5.6 - Back to Reality

Series VI (1993)

[Image: reddwarftitlesvi2.jpg]

6.3 - Gunmen of the Apocalypse

Series VII (1997)

[Image: reddwarftitlesvii2.4245.jpg]

7.1 - Tikka to Ride
7.2 - Stoke Me a Clipper
7.6 - Beyond a Joke

Series VIII (1999)

[Image: reddwarftitlesviii2.jpg]

8.5 - Krytie TV
8.7 - Pete: Part 2

Back to Earth (2009)

[Image: reddwarftitlesbacktoear.4553.jpg][Image: reddwarftitlesbacktoearth5.jpg][Image: reddwarftitlesbacktoearth6.jpg]

9.1 - Back to Earth: Part 1
9.2 - Back to Earth: Part 2
9.3 - Back to Earth: Part 3

Series XI (2016)

[Image: reddwarfxitwenticatitle2.jpg]

11.1 - Twentica
11.6 - Can of Worms

Series XII (2017)

[Image: reddwarfxiititle.jpg]

12.4 - Mechocracy

In episode 7.8, "Nanarchy", Lister, Cat and Kochanski use a buggy during a sandstorm on a planet's surface. Inside it looks like some kind of van or truck (notice the seatbeat) but it's very hard to tell.

[Image: reddwarfbuggy.9117.jpg] [Image: reddwarfbuggy3.3789.jpg]

Vintage truck in episode 11.1 "Twentica":

[Image: reddwarfxitwenticatruck.jpg]

In Series X (2012) there is a sofa in the sleeping quarters modelled on the rear of a 1959 Cadillac:

[Image: titlesequence22.jpg] [Image: quarters-in-full-4.jpg] [Image: craig-charles-chris-barrie-robert-llewellyn-red-dwarf-x-launch-photocall-dxck61.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-12-11 21:09:05

Sunbar UK

2006-06-22 13:33


The opening quarter-lite and the door release lever plus seat belt fixing would make it about 1960-65 I think. Opening quarter-lite and the lever were going out of fashon as seat belt fixings were introduced.

The green body colour and the front door glass shape are quite distinctive so it may be possible to identify. I think it's car or van based probably.

If it's not distorted, due to a wide-angled lens, the non-parallel door glass is unusual when used with a quarter-lite.

-- Last edit: 2010-02-06 02:51:03 (G-MANN)


2012-11-15 16:28


Series X has just finished. If anyone's wondering, no land vehicles appeared in any of the episodes.

sixcyl FR

2013-12-21 02:57


Aircraft at:

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