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A Christmas Story, Kinofilm, 1983 IMDB

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Also known as:

  • Fröhliche Weihnachten (Germany)
  • Historias de Navidad (Spain)
  • Una storia di Natale (Italy)

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modell US

2006-11-18 05:11


I gotta get one of these! :lol:

[Image: cs16of6.6839.jpg]

wickey SK

2006-11-18 06:35


bit too soon for Christmas ain't it? ;)

modell US

2006-11-18 06:49


It's never too early for Christmas. ;)

qwerty_86 US

2006-11-18 07:36


Lol, it's not too early. July is early.

fintail CA

2006-11-19 02:46


I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and trying to distinguish the cars.

I swear there's a Lincoln Zephyr driving by in a scene too, but I haven't seen this movie in about a year, so I am not sure.

modell US

2006-11-19 02:56


There are a few other background cars in the movie that I did not add mainly because it was either too dark or blurry.


2006-11-20 06:24


Hah, It was ME who added the parkers Olds to this movies trivia on IMDb last year.

ahight US

2006-12-25 04:52


modell wrote I gotta get one of these! :lol: (photo of lamp)


check out this...you can tour the house:

IHateFreedom US

2009-05-13 05:05


When Ralphie fights Scut Farkas, there is what looks like a junked Ford Model A (missing its engine and front end).

stpaulcarguy US

2009-07-07 20:04


IHateFreedom wrote When Ralphie fights Scut Farkas, there is what looks like a junked Ford Model A (missing its engine and front end).

I was just thinking about that car. wasn't it pink?

14stutz US

2010-12-20 05:15


stpaulcarguy wrote
I was just thinking about that car. wasn't it pink?

Yes, it was a two-door, pink (probably primer) with a black firewall. It still had its vinyl top installed.
There was also the bodyshell of a two-door convertible with a rumble seat (which was missing). Neither car had hoods or fenders.

I'm guessing they were rented from restorers or rodders since they were both in nice shape, not wrecks.
Exteriors were filmed in Cleveland.

-- Last edit: 2010-12-20 05:17:36

demetrie US

2011-02-04 17:19


Now how many times the characters in the movie had said this?

"You'll shoot your eye out kid" :lol:

-- Last edit: 2011-02-04 17:19:43

Commander 57 US

2011-02-04 17:40


Counting the echos in Ralphie's head, quite a few!


2011-12-22 02:20


IMDB goofs said that there were 1970s-1980s cars in the background, is that true?

Commander 57 US

2011-12-22 05:09


I never noticed any.

-- Last edit: 2011-12-22 05:09:42

Fluttershy US

2018-07-06 02:10


Commander 57 wrote I never noticed any.

Same. Tried looking, didnt see any

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