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Alvin & the Chipmunks, Série d'animation, 1983-1990 IMDB

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opal TH

2019-01-18 20:43


Season 1 Complete.
[Image: camper11.jpg]

Gamer DE

2019-01-18 20:45


^I think that's supposed to be a Corvair van.

opal TH

2019-01-19 14:32


Season 2 Complete.

opal TH

2019-02-11 11:01


Season 3&4 Complete.

Ep. 3.10
[Image: i001228684.jpg]
eLMeR a écrit With a very great deal of good will, the overall shape and the step under the door make me also think about a COE model from the 1947-55 Advance-Design truck line (1947-48 Loadmaster 'COE' or a 1949-55 5000-Series: Chevrolet Advance-Design COE, in IMCDb nomenclature):
[Image: 11847793475_ab0ce8723b_n.jpg]

But I think that as 1-star vehicle, and as the resemblance is really vague (inaccurate scale, fancy grille shape, weird lines on the hood and several non-matching/contradictory details), this truck should just be in comments with a "looks vaguely like" mention.

Ep. 4.01
[Image: i001228883.jpg] [Image: car241.jpg] [Image: car341.jpg] [Image: car441.jpg]
Ep. 4.04
[Image: car44.jpg]
HWJOE a écrit 57 Pontiac rear side trim/jet tube https://forums.aaca.org/gallery/image/36351-57-pontiac-star-chief-hdr/

CougarTim a écrit Side profile (thumbnail 3) closely resembles 1959 Mercury Park Lane: Link to "i.wheelsage.org"

Stacked headlights and front grille appear to be pure fiction.

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