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Případ dvou manželek; Dziewczyna i chlopak; Rambo: Last Blood; Itinéraire d'une maman braqueuse; Abandon; Alerta, alta tension; Gian Burrasca; Pimedad aknad; Jallaad; Kazaam; Avenue to Nowhere; Smukke-Arne og Rosa; 5 mand og Rosa; La jeune fille assassinée; Febbre a 40!; (plus...)

Arvottomat, Film, 1982 IMDB

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  • The Worthless
  • Les indignes (France)

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BeanBandit FI

2007-06-17 16:53


Dr14 shunter, made by Rauma-Repola and Lokomo between 1968 - 72, still used.
[Image: dr14tk1.671.jpg]

Dm7 rail bus, made by Valmet 1955 -63, based on Swedish Y7, retired in 1988.

[Image: valmetdm7fa7.2513.jpg]

ProwlerX US

2007-06-17 19:36



BeanBandit FI

2007-06-17 22:38


ProwlerX a écrit Chases?

Police Saab 99 chasing the GAZ Volga, on the gravel country road, very short, Volga is driven inside a barn and Saab is driving past, not noticing the car.

Also a longer chase between police helicopter VS. Volga on the forest road, ends, when helicopter rotor hits the tree causing it to crash on to ground.

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