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I due superpiedi quasi piatti; De Libi; Angel of Mine; Kobiety mafii 2; Kaadhal Parisu; Election; Valeria dentro e fuori; Comrades In Arms; The Untold Story; Jugando con la muerte; Queen of the Road; Play or Die; Encino Man; Hex; Przyjaciel; (plus...)

The Deer Hunter, Film, 1978 IMDB

Images fournies par : wickey, Weasel1984, screw13article

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Lovec jelenu (Czech Republic or ex-Czechoslovakia)
  • Die durch die Hölle gehen (Germany)
  • Voyage au bout l'enfer (France)
  • Il cacciatore (Italy)
  • Łowca jeleni (Poland)

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Weasel1984 PL

2007-03-12 21:33


Hey Wickey :hello: , these pics aren't bad, but are pretty small, I can replace them (DVD), but maybe you want to do it if you have such possibility?

wickey SK

2007-03-12 22:59


no problem ;) despite the fact, that this is one of my favourite movies of all times, I do not have a DVD, just a poor RIP..

Weasel1984 PL

2007-03-13 16:15


Ok done! I've also added some new vehicles.
wickey a écrit ... this is one of my favourite movies of all times...

Mine too.

Aircrafts from this film are to see at IMPDb

-- Last edit: 2011-01-30 17:23:11

fmd UK

2008-05-22 05:25


does anyone know where mikes caddy is these days????

trinity MT

2013-05-13 14:15


fmd a écrit does anyone know where mikes caddy is these days????

It was buried in the fin cemetery as seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjT0PaMURz8 @ 2:05 , shame really as it looked to be in good condition :/

Gag Halfrunt UK

2016-05-12 13:22


Filmed in the USA and Thailand.

screw13article RU

2019-08-25 14:25


HD upgrade complete and added some background vehicles.

night cub US

2019-08-25 18:57


Nice upgrade!


screw13article RU

2019-08-25 20:50


[Image: filmtitle.24.jpg]

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Genre: Drama, War

Director: Michael Cimino
Starring: Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Cazale and others.

Other background vehicles:

[Image: backgroundv1.32.jpg][Image: backgroundv2.29.jpg][Image: backgroundv3.28.jpg][Image: backgroundv4.26.jpg][Image: backgroundv5.22.jpg][Image: backgroundv6.26.jpg][Image: backgroundv7.19.jpg][Image: backgroundv8.18.jpg][Image: backgroundv9.19.jpg][Image: backgroundv11.15.jpg][Image: backgroundv12.15.jpg][Image: backgroundv13.13.jpg][Image: backgroundv14.11.jpg][Image: backgroundv15.10.jpg][Image: backgroundv16.5.jpg][Image: backgroundv17.2.jpg][Image: backgroundv18.6.jpg][Image: backgroundv190.jpg][Image: backgroundv191.jpg][Image: backgroundv20.4.jpg][Image: backgroundv21.3.jpg][Image: backgroundv22.4.jpg][Image: backgroundv23.4.jpg][Image: backgroundv24.4.jpg][Image: backgroundv25.3.jpg][Image: backgroundv26.2.jpg][Image: backgroundv27.2.jpg][Image: backgroundv29.3.jpg][Image: backgroundv30.4.jpg][Image: backgroundv31.2.jpg]

screw13article RU

2019-08-25 21:45


night cub a écrit Nice upgrade!


Thanks. I thought this classic needed a "refresh" :)

-- Last edit: 2019-08-25 23:50:55

CougarTim US

2019-09-02 01:19


"Other background vehicles:"

1. 1968 Chevrolet full-size
2. 1961-1962 Chevrolet full-size
3. 1962 Chevrolet Impala
4. 1958 Pontiac, looks like there are enough letters on the hood to spell BONNEVILLE
5. 1966 Dodge Dart, Ford Econoline
6. 1959 Buick Electra (fender badge confirms base Electra and not 225)
7. Continuing on from the '59 Buick: Chevrolet Corvair, 1962 Dodge, 1955 Pontiac, 1968 Imperial
8. 1962 Ford Galaxie, 1967 Pontiac full-size
9. 1967 Chrysler Newport
11. 1963 Oldsmobile F-85 (listed)
12. 1962 Chevrolet full-size, possibly same one from 2.
13. 1963 Plymouth Valiant (left) and 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar (right)
23. Triumph Spitfire?
25. 1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (possible 'Royale' script badge)

-- Last edit: 2019-09-02 01:20:55

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