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The Betsy, Film, 1978 IMDB

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  • Betsy
  • Der Clan (Germany)

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Raul1983 FI

2007-03-26 23:23



"The patriarch of a family-owned corporation hires a young race car driver to help him design a fuel efficient car in secrecy. They face resistance from the president of the company (the patriarch's grandson), who wishes to eliminate the motor car division because of bad blood between himself and his grandfather."


"The "assembly line" scenes for BMC were actually filmed at the AMC (American Motors Corporation) plant located at Kenosha, Wisconsin. In several shots you can catch glimpses of a 1978 Gremlin, Pacer, and Concord being built and painted. The plant was destroyed by Chrysler in the early-'90s. Also, some shots of contemporary "BMC" automobiles are actually badly redecorated Fords; a Granada and LTD are among the unfortunate victims of a very hideous restyle."


-- Last edit: 2007-03-26 23:26:12

62imperial US

2010-06-26 23:41


There's also a Ford Pinto test mule for the Betsy's engine; the Betsy itself is a rebadged Lancia Beta. The Nader-esque character drives a Chrysler LeBaron which becomes a late-sixties AMC sedan when it gets torched.

boogieman US

2010-08-08 06:16


Done. I might be missing a few cars. I didn't see any noticeable Gremlins, or Pacers. (The only pacer I saw was too obscured to be listed). They do show some cars being built, but they are small parts of the screen and none were good enough to be listed, in my opinion.

62imperial US

2010-08-12 00:31


I was wrong about the burning AMC - it's a '68 or '69 Plymouth. Thanks for the additional photos! That customized W108 would make any Benz lover cringe...

JDick US

2016-04-12 17:28


Raul1983 I agree they were not the best redesigns on the cars. But that's what they designed for us to do. Did re-nose on many cars including the Pinto, other Fords and the Lancia. The picture of the Turbine engine in the Pinto was a Water Valve we got from the City of Anaheim Water Department and added a few Copper pipes and decoration to somewhat look like and engine. I still have the 36 Packard and the cap on grill.

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