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Right Said Fred: I'm Too Sexy, Vidéo-clip, 1991 IMDB

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Sandie SX

2013-10-20 01:15

Common background cars like the Peugeot are not accepted for music videos.

night cub US

2016-02-29 21:54

YouTube link:

flamewire UK

2021-05-20 16:54

There are no headlight covers and the door quarterlight is a fixed glass rather than opening. Making this car a 1968-69 UK RHD 1300 Junior Spider, only 180 were made in RHD of this model. The number plate is too blurry to tell from shots later on in the video.

flamewire UK

2021-05-20 17:11

Just had a guess at what the reg might be, PST 107J at a squint, which returns from the UK government database a Sept 1970 1290cc Alfa Romeo in Red, making it a very late registered boat-tail Spider. Last logbook was issued in Dec 2002 and the cars road tax ran out in April 1997, so maybe scrap or sitting in a barn/garage/shed somewhere...

dsl SX

2021-05-20 20:28

The reject Peugeot was a 405.
[Image: peugeot.jpg]
White Merc SL in distance.

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