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Köberle kommt; Invisible Mom; La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere!; Hold-Up, instantánea de una corrupción; Sbirro, la tua legge è lenta... la mia... no!; Da Corleone a Brooklyn; The Bronx is Burning; Open Grave; 5 figli di cane; Chob Kod Like Chai Kod Love; Papashka i Mem; Safety Facts About Crossing Tracks; The Spy with My Face; Lucky Break; Legendary; (plus...)

The World at War, Documentaire, 1974 IMDB

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stronghold EN

2008-05-27 08:09


Growing into a great selection of vehicles ;)

Alexander DE

2008-05-27 22:41


Who has archived the comments from this page, and for what reason?

antp BE

2008-05-27 23:28


Good question. Except the few comments about episode numbering change which could be deleted, other comments should stay here...

badlymad CA

2008-05-29 05:50


Sorry, I archived the comments because I thought they were getting a bit jumbled, and I wanted to list all the episodes first.

-- Last edit: 2008-05-29 05:51:11

badlymad CA

2008-06-06 04:17


Episode List (26 episodes in total)

1: A New Germany (1933-1939)
2: Distant War (Sept. 1939-May 1940)- Britain, Poland, Norway
3: France Falls (May-June 1940)
4: Alone (May 1940-1941)- Battle of Britain
5: Barbarossa (June-December 1941)- Invasion of the Soviet Union
6: Banzai! (1931-1941)- Japan
7: On Our Way USA (1939-1942)
8: The Desert (1940-1943)-North Africa
9: Stalingrad (June 1942-February 1943)
10: Wolfpack (1939-1943)- U-Boat episode
11: Red Star (1941-1943)- Battle of Leningrad, Kursk
12: Whirlwind (1941-1943)- Allied bombing campaign over Europe
13: Tough Old Gut (1943-1944)- Italy
14: It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow (1941-1944)- Burma
15: Home Fires (1940-1944)- Britain
16: Inside the Reich (1940-1944)- Germany
17: Morning (June-August 1944)- D-Day invasion
18: Occupation (1940-1944)- Holland
19: Pincers (August 1944-March 1945)- Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge, Warsaw uprising
20: Genocide (1941-1945)
21: Nemesis (Feb-May 1945)- collapse of the 3rd Reich
22: Japan (1941-1945)
23: Pacific (1942-1945)
24: The Bomb (Feb-Sept 1945)
25: Reckoning (April 1945)- occupation of Germany
26: Remember

-- Last edit: 2008-08-22 06:06:14

badlymad CA

2008-08-22 06:06


Episodes 23, 24 and part of 25 have been uploaded.

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