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Le grand bazar, Film, 1973 IMDB

Images fournies par : antp

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  • The Big Store
  • Die tollen Charlots: Wo die grünen Nudeln fliegen (Germany)

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antp BE

2008-02-10 00:12


Les Charlots :
  1. La grande java (1970)
  2. Les Bidasses en folie (1971)
  3. Les fous du stade (1972)
  4. Les Charlots font l'Espagne (1972)
  5. Le grand bazar (1973)
  6. Les quatre Charlots mousquetaires (1974)
  7. Les Charlots en folie (À nous quatre Cardinal !) (1974)
  8. Les Bidasses s'en vont en guerre (1974)
  9. Trop c'est trop (1975)
  10. Bons baisers de Hong Kong (1975)
  11. Et vive la liberté! (1978)
  12. Les Charlots en délire (1979)
  13. Les Charlots contre Dracula (1980)
  14. Le Retour des bidasses en folie(1983)
  15. Charlots Connection (1984)
  16. Le Retour des Charlots (1992)

Loads of 60s/70s cars in that movie :love: Unfortunately many are not very visible (e.g. not any R16 visible enough, though that lots are seen :/)

[Image: 001634zh5.5334.jpg] [Image: 001635ke6.9254.jpg]

A bike made with lawnmower parts:

[Image: m001049ka9.8027.jpg]

Few old bikes:

[Image: m002830mj4.940.jpg]

A Renault 15:
[Image: r15003347pz3.5012.jpg] [Image: r15003354mw5.5797.jpg] [Image: r15003407vd7.1963.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-09-02 19:18:46 (sixcyl)

rpcm PT

2008-02-10 00:14


On the 1st thumbnail there's a not commonly seen Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Ingo DE

2008-02-10 00:16


On the first thumbnail, the red car on the right, is an Alfa Romeo Montreal.

antp BE

2008-02-10 00:25


I guessed that that red car would be interesting... I'll add it then.

Ingo DE

2008-02-10 00:39


It was a coincidence, that I've found it.
My own-eye-scan was adjusted for annother car, as usual with any other pics from the early 70ies. :D

chris40 UK

2008-02-10 16:56


In the second thumbnail there's a lovely 1964+ S-type Jaguar next to the Méhari :love:

sixcyl FR

2008-02-10 21:41


Why these fuschia coloured pictures ?

antp BE

2008-02-10 21:50


These are the scenes where they imagine way to get the money from the supermarket, inspired by stories found in newspapers.

sixcyl FR

2008-02-10 22:34


Thank's for the explanation antoine ;)

Alexander DE

2008-02-11 14:14


sixcyl a écrit Why these fuschia coloured pictures ?

[Image: kiffnase.gif]

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