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Operation Dunkirk, Film, 2017 IMDB

Images fournies par : MotherDawg, Lateef

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Lateef NO

2017-08-11 23:48

[Image: opdunkiii.jpg]

[Image: i1.234.jpg] [Image: i2.161.jpg] [Image: i3.112.jpg] [Image: i4.83.jpg]
[Image: i5.64.jpg] [Image: i6.49.jpg] [Image: i7.41.jpg] [Image: i8.39.jpg]

Lateef NO

2017-08-12 13:18

Discussion from: /movie.php?id=5013056
MotherDawg a écrit I'm a stickler for details and right off the bat... the Stuart Tanks are ok, but when I saw the Jeep... What tha...
Wikipedia: "The Willys M38A1, or MD, was a four-wheel drive utility vehicle made by Willys from 1952 to 1971."

And another one!
The Armoured personnel carrier use by the Germans, as seen at 0:09:11 is a Vickers-Armstrongs Universal Carrier not anything like a Komsomolets armored tractor.
Yes, both side used captured vehicles but they only had their markings painted over. Very few were totaly repainted.

chicomarx a écrit Are these trailer pictures? @MotherDawg

G-MANN a écrit Come on guys, those Jeep and tank pics aren't from the film (which I've just seen) :p Firstly, Dunkirk was in 1940 and the Americans weren't in the war then (hence that Jeep would be a massive goof), secondly those shots look like they're from a completely different film (compare them to the shot of the Bedford OY, very different cinematography)

Though speaking of goofs I've seen some complaints about the train carriages at the end with their 1980s seat fabric patterns.

G-MANN a écrit I think MotherDawg took those pics from "Operation Dunkirk", which appears to be a crappy direct-to-DVD cash-in. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6836772/?ref_=ttmi_tt

One of the IMDB user reviews says "The military vehicles are a mixture of units from different countries and different eras, mostly American. A jeep in 1940?"

Lateef a écrit Also, one of the soldiers in the Jeep carries a Mark II Sten gun, which didn't exist in 1940 either.

Lateef a écrit I made a page for the film and moved the entries to that page: /movie.php?id=6836772

Lateef a écrit I can confirm the vehicles are from Operation Dunkirk (I'm watching the film right now).

Gamer a écrit ...and making captures?

Lateef a écrit There's a rare Ford GTB in it, I haven't watched/added an Asylum film in six years and I need a good laugh, so sure - why not?

Lateef a écrit [Image: vlcsnap-2017-08-11-21h00m14s860.jpg]
Turns out the Jeep isn't so bad after all...

A bazooka (even referred to as such) in the hands of German soldiers in 1940. Well done, considering the Panzerschreck (copy of M1 Bazooka) appeared in 1943. Besides, who in their right mind holds and fires a bazooka like a shotgun? Only thing worse would be hip firing it (the other way around at that). :lol:

Gamer a écrit I think ingo will love the 1990s Bundeswehr parkas. :)

mike962 a écrit helmet doesn't look rigth either

at least they got somewhat accurate MP40 ...

Lateef a écrit Actually the MP40 is quite inaccurate, too. Look at the modern adjustable gunsight and the shape of the cocking handle - clearly a replica.

mike962 a écrit that's why I said somewhat

they could have used soemthing like an M3 "Grease gun" and sell it as an MP40
Link to "www.airsoftguns-europe.com"

Lateef a écrit [Image: vlcsnap-2017-08-11-21h58m29s285.jpg]

While we're at it - they gave this British soldier an MP3008 replica, an obscure German late-war copy of the Sten to stand in for an already anachronistic Sten [:rolleyes] also, another British soldier uses an MP41.

mike962 a écrit well AFAIk the britsh didn't even have a machine pistol for their troops before the STEN, just some Thomson from US

most infantery men had the Lee-Enfield rifle which I imagine to be miserable in close quarter combat

Link to "s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com"

Lateef a écrit That's a Lee-Enfield Mark IV, British troops in France used the SMLE.

You're sorely mistaken about the close-quarter combat indadequacies, however. A well-trained soldier could fire 20-30 aimed shots per minute with an SMLE holding 10 rounds at a time compared to the German K98 which had a slower reload and five round capacity. There are records of German soldiers encountering the rifle in combat in France thinking they were under automatic fire. In reality, only platoon leaders were given MP40s, most German soldiers had K98s - unlike many Hollywood films where they depict every German soldier using an MP40.

Also, the Lanchester submachine gun came into development in 1940, so they did in fact have a SMG before the Sten - even though it was merely a copy of the MP28.

mike962 a écrit not just Hollywood films, TV shows too even Star Trek :D

[Image: 501px-patternsofforce_mp40s.jpg]

ingo a écrit
Mr.Spock wears an actual -back then- Bundeswehr-coatee. Just the applications are wannabe-Nazi-stuff.

ingo a écrit

Of course all of the weapons, seen here, are anachronistic at all. Here list of the firearms of the Wehrmacht:


ingo a écrit
[Image: facepalmxk.4493.jpg]

That parka is hardcore anachronistic - at my service-time in 1990/1991 we had no camoluflage-clothes at all. Just everything in NATO-olive.

btw.: the Wehrmacht had no parkas. Which was one of the reasons for the disaster in Stalingrad.
The Waffen-SS had made an own parka:
and the Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) had a semi-parka:
Link to "www.zenker-militaria.de"
but not all the other units.

Reg1992 a écrit
[Image: vlcsnap-2017-08-11-21h00m14s860.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2017-08-12 13:19:10

Baube QC

2017-08-12 16:18

that was a long quote... :)

ingo DE

2017-08-13 00:13


More anachronisms:
-the open shed with aluminium/cinced tin profiles
-the wood, stored in a position for extra large forklifts - there were no forklifts in the 1940ies.
-the jacket of the bloke on the right is something West-German of the 80ies. Unsure, if something official, maybe from a private Schützenverein.
-the skull-emblem on his uniform cap seems to be from a heavy-metal-fan-shop

-- Last edit: 2017-08-13 00:23:15

ingo DE

2017-08-14 07:52

Baube a écrit that was a long quote... :)

not only this quote is long, also:


Corkeyandpals US

2019-02-19 01:49

Aircraft at: http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Operation_Dunkirk

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