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With Six You Get Eggroll, Kinofilm, 1968 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: tv boy, vilero

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Also known as:

  • A Man in Mommy's Bed
  • Der Mann in Mammis Bett (Germany)
  • El Novio de mamá (Spain)
  • Kuka on se kaveri äidin sängyssä? (Finland)
  • Det ligger en karl i mammas säng (Sweden)

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tv boy US

2009-08-16 18:42


Enjoy these multi-car shots:

[Image: snapshot20090814112421.131.jpg][Image: snapshot20090814112259.3074.jpg][Image: snapshot20090816102236.774.jpg]

CougarTim US

2009-08-17 23:30


tv boy wrote Enjoy these multi-car shots:

Image #3: Rose colored car on the left is a 1968 Mercury

vilero ES

2009-08-26 09:24


Any idea about these bikes? All 2 [*][*]
tv boy wrote [Image: egg34.5094.jpg][Image: egg52.1203.jpg][Image: egg53.7480.jpg][Image: egg55.6375.jpg][Image: egg58.8126.jpg][Image: egg59.8522.jpg]

nzcarnerd NZ

2009-08-26 11:27


The bikes are all partly obscured so it is difficult to pick them accurately. Top left pic; the closest bike is probably a BSA Lightning. Top centre; the bike on the left is a European two stroke single off-roader - possibly a Maico?? I think that behind it is the same bike as in the pic top right which looks to me from the style of forks to be a 1971-ish Triumph. Are you sure this was made in 1968? Bottom left; the blur is the same bike as in the pic above with the woman in orange in the foreground. I think it is something Italian because of the size of the front brake which looks big for the size of bike. Middle pic bottom; the bike on the right is the same BSA in the top left pic. The blue bike on the left could be a late 1960s Triumph. Bottom right pic; The bike in the centre is a two stroke twin with high pipes - possibly a Suzuki T20 and on the right the blue bike is a Yamaha twin - maybe another YD3.

ProwlerX US

2009-08-26 16:52


Any chases here?

tv boy US

2009-08-26 18:06


There's kind of a wild and woolly one in about the last 20 minutes of the movie. It involves the Harley Davidson Servi-Car, a Ford pickup w/camper, a bunch of hippies on motorcycles and a Ford Custom police car, not to mention the road-raging driver of a chicken truck.

-- Last edit: 2009-08-26 18:28:57

tv boy US

2009-08-26 18:09


nzcarnerd wrote looks to me from the style of forks to be a 1971-ish Triumph. Are you sure this was made in 1968?

It was definitely released in 1968 but the presence of so many 1967 vehicles (like the Ford convertible and the Dodge wagon) makes me think it was actually shot in 1967.

This was Doris Day's last starring movie by the way, at least partly because she had a TV series that began in 1968.

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