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Speedway, Film, 1968 IMDB

Images fournies par : Bebert, vilero

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Titres alternatifs :

  • O Bacana do Volante (Brazil)
  • Pista de Carreras (Spain)
  • Vauhtihullut (Finland)
  • À plein tube (France)
  • O kataktitis me tin galazia koursa (Greece)
  • A tutto gas (Italy)

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vilero ES

2010-04-08 12:41


Changed all first 15 little pictures 352X145. Now original captures 720X576, reduced to 720X432 with black borders (thumbnails) and 720X418 in main pictures. Edited: Now 720x306

[Image: 234251-Speedway3.jpg] [Image: 234252-Speedway4.jpg] [Image: 234249-Speedway5.jpg]

[Image: 234254-Speedway6bis.jpg]

[Image: 234255-Speedway6.jpg]
after My Favorite Martian and before The Incredible Hulk, TV Series, 1978-1982. BTW, undone this TVSeries (only 5 pictures submited) and also undone the previous 1977 movie

-- Last edit: 2010-04-08 22:08:32

vilero ES

2010-04-08 12:44


Before Pulp Fiction. In 2nd thumbnail a '55 Chevrolet

[Image: 234256-Speedway6bis1.jpg] [Image: 234257-Speedway6bis2.jpg]

vilero ES

2010-04-08 12:48


[Image: 234258-Speedway7.jpg] [Image: 234259-Speedway8.jpg] [Image: 234260-Speedway9.jpg]

[Image: 234261-Speedway10.jpg] [Image: 234262-Speedway11.jpg] [Image: 234263-Speedway12.jpg]

[Image: 234264-Speedway13.jpg]

vilero ES

2010-04-08 13:35


Goof: Continuity

This 2[*][*] Pace Car Convertible with blue-gray interior and with 'Miss Charlotte' on it, changes into another car. BTW, look how the 'Miss' is trying to cover the (real NASCAR?) filming camera

[Image: 234286-Speedway25.jpg] [Image: 234287-Speedway25bis.jpg]

vilero ES

2010-04-08 16:58


A too little and not specially rare
DynaMike a écrit Hillman Minx.
chris40 a écrit Series IIIA-C, tail fins. 1959-63.
at the lower between the white 1959 Chevrolet and red truck

[Image: 234321-Speedway28.jpg]

dsl SX

2012-03-26 02:57


vilero a écrit A too little and not specially rare ......Hillman Minx....Series IIIA-C, tail fins. 1959-63..... at the lower between the white 1959 Chevrolet and red truck

It's a Mighty Minx - concepts such as "too little and not specially rare" only apply to lesser cars.... US Minx is pretty rare, S3a-c very unusual. Thumb has gone :cry: .

62imperial US

2016-10-17 12:34


vilero a écrit In 2nd thumbnail a '55 Chevrolet
[Image: 234257-Speedway6bis2.jpg]

No, it's a '56 Chevrolet Two-Ten; it has full-length side trim that slopes down at the rear.

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