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Les quatre vérités, Kinofilm, 1962 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: vilero

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Also known as:

  • De 4 Waarheden (Belgium)
  • Die vier Wahrheiten (Germany)
  • Las cuatro verdades (Spain)
  • Vallattomat vietit (Finland)
  • Le quattro verità (Italy)
  • As Três Verdades (Portugal)
  • Three Fables of Love (USA)

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vilero ES

2011-03-01 20:30


[Image: 290720-CuatroVerdades00004.jpg]

This movie is divided in four parts and each part is one of Jean de La Fontaine's Fables. I've added, as an episodes TV Series, the number of each part in the pictures submited.

Part 1: Le corbeau et le renard AKA The fox and the crow AKA El cuervo y el zorro, was directed by Hervé Bromberger
[Image: 290721-CuatroVerdades00009.jpg] [Image: 290722-CuatroVerdades00008.jpg]

Part 2: Le lièvre et la tortue AKA The Tortoise and the Hare AKA La liebre y la tortuga by italian Alessandro Blasetti
[Image: 290723-CuatroVerdades00026.jpg] [Image: 290724-CuatroVerdades00006.jpg]

Part 3: La mort et le bûcheron AKA The woodcutter and Mercury (AKA in french Le bûcheron et Mercure) AKA La muerte y el leñador, was directed by spaniard Luis Gª Berlanga
[Image: 290726-CuatroVerdades00040.jpg] [Image: 290727-CuatroVerdades00007.jpg]

And Part 4: Les deux pigeons AKA The Two Pigeons AKA Los dos pichones by the master among masters René Clair
[Image: 290728-CuatroVerdades00049.jpg] [Image: 290729-CuatroVerdades00005.jpg]

[Image: 290730-CuatroVerdades1bis1.jpg][Image: 290731-CuatroVerdades1.jpg][Image: 290732-CuatroVerdades1bis2.jpg][Image: 290733-CuatroVerdades1bis3.jpg][Image: 290734-CuatroVerdades1bis4.jpg]

It seems for Portugal and USA only three parts were showed.

-- Last edit: 2011-03-01 20:31:00

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