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Suggestionata; Hard Country; Camp; Shakka; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Hvor er liget, Møller?; Gang wan bu ping jing; Fathers & Daughters; Chao qian zou, mo hui tou; Temple; Zhi jie yu xiang long; No Reservations; Bi kong yin hua; Te shu ren wu; Reign Over Me; (mehr...)

I don giovanni della Costa Azzurra, Kinofilm, 1962 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: Alessandro58

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Also known as:

  • Les Don Juan de la Côte d'Azur (France)
  • Paradis des femmes (France)
  • Beach Casanova (USA)

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Alessandro58 CH

2016-09-21 15:04


[Image: _00_00_09-2083-04-16-03h27m48s343.jpg]

[Image: _00_35_50-8306-07-20-03h11m30s691.jpg] [Image: _00_50_48-8339-01-18-01h43m18s769.jpg] [Image: _00_50_49-3079-10-07-01h00m42s092.jpg]

For impdb.org:
[Image: _00_00_48-0449-02-25-10h35m52s717.jpg] [Image: _00_01_25-0340-01-27-01h04m54s190.jpg] [Image: _00_01_44-0541-03-08-08h54m59s372.jpg] [Image: _00_01_52-7052-07-21-01h44m14s108.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2016-09-21 16:51:13

62imperial US

2016-09-22 07:42


Alessandro58 wrote
For impdb.org:
[Image: _00_01_25-0340-01-27-01h04m54s190.jpg] [Image: _00_01_44-0541-03-08-08h54m59s372.jpg]

Caravelle III s/n 37, reg. F-BHRM, Air France fleet name Quercy. Served with Air France until 1979. Stored at Lyon and used for fire-fighter training until being scrapped in the summer of 2011. Photos here: Link to "www.planepictures.net"

62imperial US

2016-09-22 08:16


Alessandro58 wrote [Image: _00_01_52-7052-07-21-01h44m14s108.jpg]

Breguet 763 "Deux-Ponts" c/n 5, reg. F-BASR, flown by Air France from June 9, 1953 to February 25, 1965. Transferred to the French Air Force, scrapped circa 1972.

sixcyl FR

2016-10-09 16:53


Alessandro58 wrote [Image: _00_01_44-0541-03-08-08h54m59s372.jpg]

Unusual view, the right door on Caravelles never served for passengers unboarding... too low for this purpose, which was service only. Probably a choice of the cineast for a better light :)

sixcyl FR

2017-10-08 18:19


Aircraft at Link to "impdb.org"

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