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Playmobil: The Movie, Trickfilm, 2019 IMDB

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opal TH

2018-12-27 19:04


Movie Complete, set in New York.
[Image: bv1.3.jpg] [Image: bv2.41.jpg] [Image: bv3.30.jpg]

[Image: gv1.5.jpg] [Image: gv2.84.jpg] [Image: gv3.72.jpg] [Image: gv4.65.jpg] [Image: gv5.54.jpg] [Image: gv6.49.jpg] [Image: gv7.41.jpg] [Image: gv8.30.jpg] [Image: gv10.26.jpg] [Image: gv9.28.jpg] [Image: gv11.16.jpg] [Image: gv12.16.jpg] [Image: gv13.11.jpg] [Image: gv1.6.jpg] [Image: gv2.85.jpg] [Image: gv3.73.jpg] [Image: gv4.66.jpg] [Image: gv5.55.jpg] [Image: gv6.50.jpg] [Image: gv7.42.jpg] [Image: gv8.31.jpg]

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mannofnope PH

2018-12-29 22:41


Judging by the trailer and the overall concept of the film, I bet that this would be the Emoji Movie of 2019.

Gamer DE

2019-10-25 22:16


What the heck happened to Playmobil? I grew up with it, and back then they didn't have all these licensing deals with Porsche or Dreamworks.

Baube QC

2019-10-25 22:37


when i was a kid we were used to build other things than Batman's stuff with a Lego set..
( i know, except for the shape of their hands Playmobil and Lego are not same but the fate is similar.. )

Gamer DE

2019-10-25 22:40


Ideal for planting firecrackers - the ones my uncle got his hands on are all amputees with holes in their chests and missing arms and legs. :D

The early figures were made out of much cheaper material (and I believe they were produced in West Germany) when production moved to Malta they became much more durable.

I believe the cars (I had the minivan, city bus, lifted 4x4, two convertibles and a police car) were loosely based off real models. Due to the plate suffixes on the cars, in Germany cars with that plate /vehicle_648794-Skoda-Favorit-Typ-781-1993.html were jokingly referred to as 'Playmobil cars'

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Baube QC

2019-10-25 22:55


Gamer wrote the ones my uncle got his hands on are all amputees with holes in their chests and missing arms and legs. :D

Ouch.. good thing real Lego/Playmobil figures can't feel pain..

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