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The Rewrite, Kinofilm, 2014 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: concave, LVCDC

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Also known as:

  • Wie schreibt man Liebe? (Germany)
  • ¿Cómo se escribe amor? (Spain)
  • Les Mots pour lui dire (France)
  • Professore per amore (Italy)

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2017-12-05 15:07


What about aircraft ?
Read this IMPDB page to know all about.

About cars, this page should be completed.
Some missing among a great number of backgrounds.
For example this Mack : [Image: therewrite_c06.jpg]
which looks like this CS300P, isn't it ?

Two stars if not three for the Greyhound bus in which the main character is traveling.
[Image: therewrite_c08b.jpg]

I would say the same thing about the car in which Marisa Tomei brings home Hugh Grant despite we see it mostly from the inside (the other car used nightly).

edit :
And Jim's car is too mising (you know ; the guy with a dog ...) [sorry! it's too late I makes a screenshot).

-- Last edit: 2017-12-05 16:09:33

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